Taoist Palm Divination Method

Many of you might have seen people doing it in the movies, where a Taoist starts dotting his fingers, and suddenly, he can foresee what’s coming. Is it that powerful in the real world? Does it exist? How does palm divination work? In this article, we will introduce the real deal version while bringing you a 101 lesson on this super fun and practical subject which you can learn immediately.

The purpose of the palm divination method is to have a way to do “divination” with the most easily accessible tool. It’s meant to be a quick and easy way to get answers. When I mean quick, you shall never need a clock, a calendar, or a chart to get the elements you need for the divination session. Some methods out there require you to get the element for the time, month, date etc., and that’s not making any sense because who would know of all those elements right away when they are walking on the street?

Divination means to get an answer from the “divine.” You are talking to a preheaven party, which can give you guidance and answers. We can talk to the gods to get answers with the tools we consecrate at the altar. When using the palm divination method, we are talking to the preheaven power inside ourselves, which is our heart.

Why is the heart a good source of answers?

The heart represents your Yuen Sun (your spiritual planetary body). They are both a preheaven element, meaning they are both “entangled” and “sync” simultaneously. If you want to ask your Yuen Sun for advice, then you can ask the heart, and answers can be given to you from then Yuen Sun’s side. In short, asking the heart is like asking the Yuen Sun for answers. The Yuen Sun is like your “god of time” that you are born with; it is where all your life force power originates from and controls your luck and future. If you follow Yuen Sun’s guidance, it will be at least the best of what you can do right now.

Another important factor is that you and your Yuen Sun have not been “talking” to each other. When you do divination and ask your Yuen Sun for advice, it could result in some decisions that are not going to be what you like or prefer. For example, you asked what the best choice for today’s lunch is, and the answer is the chicken wing. You ordered it, and it turns out the wings are too spicy for you and not what you liked. It’s okay because you need to give feedback to the Yuen Sun afterward and say that’s not what you liked. When you do this over and over again, you are like training the AI on your phone, the Yuen Sun then get to know you better, and its advice will get more and more “tuned up” to your preference.

The Biggest Misunderstanding of Divination

You might think divination means predicting the future, so you can roll a dice and ask for answers. Hey, why is it not ACCURATE? Sorry to disappoint you; divination is not like that!  Your Yuen Sun gives you guidance in life and can give you advice, like how a person gives you suggestions based on what they see and know at the moment. It’s a way to communicate with your Yuen Sun, like talking to someone, not challenging them in a guessing game.

Divination is not about “accurate” but more like a relationship-building method between you and the answering party. You are talking to your Yuen Sun back and forth, getting answers, and getting to know the Yuen Sun while the Yuen Sun also gets to know about you.

When the Yuen Sun knows you better, it will give you the preheaven energies that suit your need to improve and empower your life, which means your luck will be changing for the better!  Divination is not just about the answers but also a way to improve your luck!

Upgrading the Divination Power

The more you do the divination, the stronger it gets, and the better the answers will be for you. However, if you are a disciple in the lineage, you get a lot more power from the lineage to enhance divination. Some gods are put into your body when you ordain, and these gods stay inside your heart. When you are doing your divination with the heart, these gods are also triggered, and they will have a lot more wisdom and knowledge embedded in them. Just imagine someone sends you an upgrade package file to your AI bot, and immediately the AI bot knows many more things because it’s like you have given it some wisdom.

The more you cultivate into the heart, the stronger this divination power gets because you put more ingredients into the resource pool. Your heart will also greatly upgrade when you learn things, get smarter, etc. Don’t stop learning; keep investing in your heart!

Start Learning the Divination Method

Go to our eBook and start learning, there are many methods in the book, and you will need much time to learn them one by one. I suggest you start with the simplest one, only to get the YIN, YANG and ST answers from the three fingertips. This is the best one because you can keep asking questions back and forth. However, it is also very easy to fall into the trap of “playing with yourself” by asking too many things at once, and then the results go weird because you are not talking to the heart anymore.

Divination requires you to use the heart, which means you must completely shut off the power of thinking. The heart can start working when the soul/brain is not working.  There are many ways to use learn how to use the heart. If you live in the modern era, you should understand how it feels to type on the keyboard without looking for keys. Your mind speaks, and the hand will type automatically, just like they have eyes and can sense where the keys are. You are not thinking; the hands can then be driven by the heart to move. Like divination, you must not think while you do the divination process, or else your heart cannot do its job and “talk” to you.

Another thing that can stop your divination from working is a lack of confidence. The divination will also turn out weird when you are skeptical, questioning, doubtful or not confident about yourself.  You want your heart to “output,” but if you are scared or not confident, the energy goes inward instead of outward, which means the divination is not working. If the heart needs to talk, energies must also go outward and not inward.

Today, empower this natural divination ability you are born with and let the Tao be with you all the time. Get better guidance and advice from the stronger power, the Tao. Get ordained.