Representative in Taoism Distance Magic Work

Representative in Taoism Distance Magic Work

representative magic

A “representative” Is used in all kinds of Taoist magic work, and it is not only when you need to curse someone or poke a doll to make them ouch. In fact, it can be as simple as helping someone to get some blessings from your altar (if you are our disciple)!  Here we will talk about the theory behind it and explain the mechanics. After that, we will give our newbie disciples a few methods that you can use right away and you will be shocked how nice this method is!

Basically, representative Is really just what it sounds like. If someone cannot be here, we take this thing and it represents him, and now he is here. But wait, you can’t just take anything and pretend someone is here right?  Of course, you cannot, it doesn’t work just that easily!  


How Does Representative Magic Work?

A representative requires a container, and something to stuff inside that is from the person you are trying to connect to and represent.  After that is done, you need “heart” energy that is set into this to mark what this representative is for and so that it has a “life”. With all 3 elements, you will have a complete representative.

You cannot physically be here, and so we will need 2 things that can represent you. One is the physical item, which can be a piece of paper with your name or info on it too. Sometimes we can use a photo, or just a paper with a nickname that can allow you to link with the person being connected to. Imagine we are trying to fight some evil sorcerers in the spiritual world, you can’t email them and tell them to send you a photo or real name first, so you can target them nicely, right?  Make up a name while you think of them, and that’s the name which can connect. It will work for sure, no worries, because YOU can connect to him/her.

The next is the non-physical part, which is the “soul” energy of this person. The soul can be summoned in and captured by using spells, and can even be as simple as calling the name of this person at least 3 times (close your eyes while doing so). However, we do it professionally with spells and tools at the altar to make sure the soul is captured and pushed into the paper nicely.

However, just having energy inside a container is only a “dead object”, it is missing a heart, which is the energy of life, like the energy of your heart, or mind. For this, you will use your magic power and also program it into the representative, and now this whole thing is complete. 

After you are done with all the work you need to do, burn it and the energy will release out of the representative. Due to the fact that the person’s soul is there, it will act as a tracking device and track back to the person, bringing all the stuff that you have done to the person, and they will instantly get all the magic effect.

The physical element is tricky, and we must choose one that fits our need. For example, you can be using a piece of paper, a strawman, or even a doll and such. 


Practical Examples of Representative Magic

Here are some baby-examples of the representative magic, using minimal tools and skills, a newbie can do these too! Ask about it on LINE and get the details!

Burning Incense for Someone

Take a red piece of paper and write the name of the person on the paper with black ink, using the FU brush. Stamp in the center with Saam Law Stamp. Consecrate it (chick it) and don’t forget to use the HT spell to infuse into the paper first. Now the paper is ready, wrap it around the incense stem with the writing face inside, and wrap it clockwise. Secure it with string or a piece of tape. Do your incense as how you do it for your normal incense and stab the incense in the pot, and now this incense is done “for” the person. After incense is done burning, you can take the paper out and burn it, then everything will send over to them by distance.

Sending a FU / Help to Someone

Make the representative paper as previous example, but use yellow paper and black text. After the paper is done and chick’d you can now burn FU to infuse FU into it, or do rites or spells to it as if this is an object that will contain all your magic work. After all done, burn it out and it will send the magic all to the other side.

Empowering Someone

Same method as above, but using red paper and black text. You can leave the paper on your altar or somewhere near the altar, and let it absorb the energy there for X amount of days. Every time you do incense, rites, and all that work, the energy will be also going to this representative. When you burn it out, the magic will all go to him/her. You can also inject heart spells or other spells into the paper and send it off too. Remember you are just stuffing different things into the package, and then send it off, with the “stuff” being later released and absorbed back to the person. What you put in there will be what they will be getting and soaked with. You can even put the representative on the altar and do JING spells to bring them some empowerment.

The more advanced you are in magic, the more complete and effective representative you can create, and send them more things.  The concept is simple and easy to understand, but executing it will take skills, experience and more knowledge to make it better and better. The better the representative is made, the more effective the magic can be and the better it is deployed on the target, which results in more effect, better accuracy and a happier ending.

Get ordained today to start learning our Taoist magic for real, and send help to people you love, liked or care about with your powerful altar!