Representative in Taoism Distance Magic

A representative is very important for casting distance magic on people, no matter to help or to harm them. Think about how the guy that curses you can put the magic on you without seeing you in person. They will need to connect to you in a way, in order for the magic power to be delivered onto you. How did they do it? Understanding this will allow you to not be naive and ignorant to this matter because you are really more vulnerable than you think.

A Representative of You

First, you need to understand the “soul” and then you can understand how this whole mechanic of magic works. I will put it in a simple way here, a physical body is like a balloon, the air inside is the soul. If you want to put the magic on someone, it’s like you want to hack into their body, and inject your air into it.

Let’s say we are casting magic on a person named Tom. In order to do so, you will first need a piece of the air inside Tom’s body. Once we got that, we put that “Tom’s soul fragment” into a body here that represents him, which can be one of those creepy grass dolls or anything that is physical, such as a piece of paper.  Then, we do the magic and spells to this paper or doll which we can hold onto.  After we are done doing everything we wanted to do (maybe continue doing it for 7 days or more), then we will destroy the body by burning the paper. The balloon is broken, and the whole bunch of air (soul) needs a new home. Because Tom’s soul was in there, it will pull everything to fly and travel back to that “Tom”, the real person, and reunite with the body. Now, the magic AND the soul fragments are both back into Tom’s body, and the magical power has been successfully delivered.

How to Get the Soul Fragments?

If you read the article on the souls, you should know that there are 3 types of souls; neutral, negative, and positive. You need all three in order to combine it together to become a real soul that can track down the subject.

The neutral soul of a person is born when you have the negative and positive even out. Therefore, you just need 2 parts, negative and positive, then you got all three.

To get the negative soul, it is about the thinking, the intention, and the “energy” of someone. If you have a way to connect with this person by thoughts, you can get this soul already; like if this is someone who you had a fight with, you just need to think about the fight and that person in the scene.  

To get the negative soul, it is about the look, the physical things, which you can also get by visualizing anything that links to them. It is even better if you have something that belongs to them and they have touched. However, you can also be closing your eyes and visualize their face or body, which will also get the soul connected too. It can even be their website, their house, anything physical being visualized.

Simplifying this whole thing, you can take a piece of paper, hold a pen, and close your eyes, think of this person and why you want to connect to them, then open your eyes and write their name or scribble in a nickname for them. Hammer the non-writing end of the pen 3x on the paper, and now your representative is complete.  Ridiculously easy, right? You can have more things to add, such as a picture, a date of birth, or whatever else that make you connect to this person.

If this is a doll like the one in the picture, you can do the same by drawing their name over the doll or drawing it on paper then wrapping the paper around the doll etc, it can be done in many ways.

Now your representative is made, you can do any magic to it and then burn it off when you are done. The magic will fly to that person in no time, and the magic Is done.

Professional Way

For us, this method works but is not secured. The fact that you have to do all that yourself using yourself as the connection medium, what if the other side backfires you and kicks your butt?  Then all the magic will backfire to the one making this representative, which is you!

We have a god named Sun Lung Jo Si, he is responsible for the sending of magic by distance for us. If we need help, any disciple from Sun Lung stage and up can use their last heart spell and some other methods combined to send the magic into the lineage’s system and have Sun Lung Jo Si help you deliver the magic to the subject. One way it is safer for you is because no one can track you down anymore. Secondly is that Sun Lung Jo Si can help you make sure the target can be tracked down and you won’t have any oops moment missing the target at the end. Especially if you are in magic warfare, you will lose very badly if your representative failed and the whole package of magic backfired on you.

Ordain today to start learning and do the magic right, don’t goof around and try this and that. Nothing can compare to the power that our lineage can offer you for doing magic to yourself and your loved ones.