Chinese New Year Guide

Why shall you care about the Chinese New Year even if you are not Chinese? This is because this is the “lunar New Year,” which relates to how our Yuen Sun cycles. This new year affects everyone’s luck throughout the year. Pay attention to the details, and we will professionally explain all these in this article.


The General Purpose of CNY

Why shall you care about CNY? Because this is the first lunar month which sets off the pattern for the whole year. To be exact, the first 15 days of the first month only. The lunar new year ends on the 15th day, and the pattern is set for luck this year. If you do everything you could do to make the new year a complete and fulfilled event, your year will become smoother and better than it should be. 

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Pre-CNY Practice

The last month of the year (The lunar 12th month) is the time to prepare for the CNY. Starting on the lunar Dec 24th, we will clean up the house and get ready for CNY.

Lunar Dec 28th is the day to complete all the cleaning, and you will do the last garbage disposal of the year on the 29th.

During New Year’s Eve, you will mostly be not sleeping and having a fun night to pull through the first day of the new year. This practice is impossible for some people who need to work, so you can skip this but try to sleep a bit later and stay awake before 1 am.  Don’t get up late; make sure you are up before 7 am to catch the new year’s energy.

Official CNY Practice

On the first day of the Chinese New Year, you would mostly stay home to be together with your house, soaking in the good preheaven energies that came in on this auspicious day. Avoid throwing garbage out of the house for today; bag it up and save it somewhere in the garage or sealed container. You can finally sleep and get a good rest at night.

The second day of CNY is a good time to receive things from the upper, which is why many kids will visit their grandparents for red packets. However, it is also a good day to buy, consume, watch, and absorb things. Watching movies, feasting, and learning new things will all be on the “good to do” list!

The third day of CNY is to connect with the outside world, build your social network, and refresh your connection with people you know. Make calls, send messages, spam chatrooms, and build connections with people you know! However, you should also AVOID connecting to people you hate or dislike so that they won’t be able to spoil your new year’s magic!

The fourth day of CNY is an inner work day. Time to tidy up and organize the house, think of plans, and do some annual planning to fire up the brain. It’s also a day to plan for the year and set some goals you want to achieve.

The fifth day is the best day for a wealth boost; make sure you usher wealth your way. What do you want for the year? Place something that symbolizes it at the entrance area of your house today. For example, if you want more business to come in, you can put a stack of business cards at the entrance area for one day, then take it back the next day. Nature’s energy will charge this stack of cards. You can also do more things related to what you want to have success with on this special day. For example, if you want better success in school, focus more on schoolwork today. Oh yes, you can throw the garbage out today too!

The sixth day is a day to stay home, review your plans and hold back on actions. Keep quiet, talk less, and be humble. It’s a day to gather and group your energies. Good day to recover your body from the long new year week! Today is also a good day to get rid of things you don’t want or even get rid of “people” you don’t want in your life. See what you got from the new year shopping, filter out things that are not as good as you wanted, and throw them out!

The seventh day is the day to go out, take action, launch your projects and do things to make your plans come true. It’s also a physical day, so exercise more and focus on health!  After this day, you have a few days of rest and recovery.

The 15th day is the end of the Chinese New Year, so make sure you celebrate and have a happy and fun day to conclude the event, which gives your whole year a “happy ending”!

Taoist and CNY

For Taoists, it means a lot more! If you are a disciple or a believer, you should read this part carefully!

During the end of the year, starting from the lunar Dec 24th, it is time to clean up the house, bag up unwanted things and trash them out. At the same time, you should do your last cleansing and exorcism for the house to clean up the energies. Gods will also depart from altars and return to the celestial court to report their duties. That means your altar is going to be vacant for a while. Some might ask, what if we got attacked by evil magic or something during this period? That is right; that’s why we have protection FU and magical tools to cover us for the period. If anything, you can always use your heart spells and magic to protect yourself.

On the lunar Dec 28th, you should clean up your altar and incense pot, clear the sticks and polish your statues and such to prepare them for the new year. This is the day to do the last clean-up for the altar before the gods come back.

On New Year’s Eve, that is the night to stay up and open the altar to invoke the gods at midnight sharp. The gods from the celestial court will be sent to the altars, and you should prepare a good welcoming meal for the gods! Place offerings and do your welcoming ceremony to let the gods enjoy a good new year with you.

There are anniversaries for the different gods throughout the 15 days of Chinese New Year, which we will celebrate by uploading incense, submitting letters, and giving offerings. You can join our worshipping through our website too. Make sure you request the CNY Channelling FU from the website. It will be a super boost for your altar for the whole year!

On the 15th, remember to open the altar and invoke the gods again to conclude the new year with the gods. Starting from the 15th, the local deities will be back to work from their “holiday,” which means you can welcome the landlord, door guardian, washroom deity, kitchen deity and so on back to their altars if you have them set up.

If you do not have an altar yet, remember to do all the worshipping through the HQ altar on the website. This will allow you to participate and take advantage of the blessings from the above!

For disciples who can write FU, it is good to hand out free FUs as gifts throughout the CNY period to spread the Tao. If you don’t know how to write FU yet, you can also get our FREE FU for CNY downloaded, print them out and sanctified by Jee Sifu, then hand them out to people you care for. Remember to get your FTS FU if you need one!

For those who are not ordained yet, feel free to ORDAIN during the CNY to make the gods extra happy!