Fan Tai Sui Fu

For the Year of the Black Rabbit (2023) which begin on Jan 22, 2023, Fan Tai Sui people are as follow:

  • Rabbit 犯太歳
  • Chicken 沖太歳
  • Rat 刑太歳
  • Dragon 害太歳
  • Horse 破太歳

If you fall into the list of Fan Tai Sui people for the year, you must carry this FU to deal with the FTS problem. If you have other FUs on your body, such as the protection FU, these FU can be carried together in the same pouch/carrying case. In case you want to avoid physical damage to the FU throughout the year, you can burn this FU over a jade or metal pendant to conceal the FU into the object. FTS issue will not kill you in one go, but it is like a slow poison. Imagine someone stealing $2 from you daily. Maybe it seems like not a lot, yet over the year, it will add up, and the impact will be there.

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