Time Does Not Exist in Heaven

In the Taoist’s Heaven, what we call Dai Law Tin, there is one thing that you might not understand, and that is they have the ability to overcome the restriction of “time”. Imagine you are editing a video, the video is in a “timeline” format in your graphical interface, and you are now like the god, you can snap to any point in the video that you want to see, and there goes the video playing. You can jump to the ending and play the ending, or you can jump back to the beginning too. However, the timeline is not exactly like a video, but more like a dynamic video that is constantly changing because of every interaction and decision made in every block of the video timeline. Once something is changed at the 4mins time mark, everything following after it will also have the related changes as well. You can say that the god can see everything, but also cannot see everything in absolute, because there is always a possibility of change.

In the world of the gods, there are basically 2 sides of life, but also one that is like the” backend” mode which they can kind of “jump out of the normal life” and enter this no-time-zone and do whatever they need and then jump back into the “time-flowing” life.

Here, human beings are used to only working in this physical world, and when we are tired, we need to sleep. When we are sleeping, it’s like we are being a useless piece of meat laying down, doing nothing, and our thinking power all stops.

For the gods, they don’t have to “sleep”. When they are tired, they do go into a “sleep”, but that is only for them to enter the other side of the world, which you can call it to “spiritual world” or what we call the “D6”, dimension 6. It’s not a science term, don’t have to look around and research, it’s just a term we use in the lineage. In this state, everything is still like a real world for them, it doesn’t feel like unreal/dream-like. But the difference is that the matter and properties of things are very different in this world, it’s like a fantasy world to us.

Imagine you can think of a car and then make the car appear right away, like making things with your imagination. You don’t even need to travel by walking, because now you can fly or even just “snap” and appear somewhere far away. Distance is not a restriction anymore, you feel like a superhero, but this is not that fun, because everyone has the same power too, not just you. People have their own society, business, friends and such in this world, and they are linked with the physical world side as well, just like how our “internet world” is linked with our reality world. When you are tired in this world, you “sleep” and go back to the reality side, which we call D8, dimension 8.

It seems like you can just flip between D6 and D8 and never have to be “tired” for real. However, every god can also go into their preheaven planetary body for a “no-time-zone” trip. Once they enter this world or dimension, they can do anything there, but when they come out of the zone the time is just at when they “enter” that zone, it’s like you just froze the reality and enter that zone yourself. Imagine your teacher said you are late for this project, then you can go into this zone to finish it up and come back to reality and hand it in, seems like you won’t ever be late for assignments anymore. When time doesn’t mean anything much to you anymore because of these rules in the god’s world, everyone’s vision and mindset for life is different. You won’t be so “time oriented” and even “rush” this and that or put “time” as a thing to measure value etc.

For the gods interacting with us here, like when we are doing divination or asking for magic help etc., it is very hard for us to understand how it works, because we never know how this timeless-zone works and how they got their “answers” for us.

For example, I asked the god by using divination method “is this car good to purchase?” The god can use just 0.000001 second of our reality time and already see our future, come back with an answer, and gave us an answer so that our divination tool shows such and such result. It sounds like some sci-fi movie, but that’s how fast it is for the gods to “sneak peek” the future for us with a “potential prediction” or “forecast”, because they don’t see things like we do, they jump and snap to a point in time with the possibility, and can come back in a snap and such. It’s like human are fish and we don’t understand how human can walk outside of water, and we never imagine they can even fly in the sky with all those crazy invention-like jets and planes or rockets. It’s out of our imagination.

It’s funny to think about God is like running a “cheat mode” of the life-game here. If I asked the gods to help me protect the house against thieves, and then the god saw a bad guy coming in 2 days, they could have done things to the guy already and make them change their mind or influence them to change their mind before they even got to your house. Imagine you are the god, you can zoom in and out, pan and swipe, and see every angle of this world’s life like a game or a 360 move. It’s just like that, so amazing.

However, there are restrictions for the gods too. It’s like even you can do this and that, you cannot just mess up the world with your powers, there are restrictions.  For example, gods cannot DIRECTLY tell us the message, and so that is why gods always come with hints, signs, and signals etc. We have to learn to read their message by decoding and then going back and forth to verify and confirm is that the right message. Sometimes the gods cannot directly tell you what is right too, so they will lead you to bang into all the wrongs to figure out the right one yourself. If gods want you to know which is the right path, they might show you all the wrong ones!  If you have trust and faith in the god, you would not doubt the god but appreciate that he has shown you the wrongs, SO THAT YOU CAN SEE THE RIGHT ONE!  Without the process, you will never get to the right one!

Yet, many disciples are so weak hearted, and they will doubt this and that easily or think that God should just shove them the final answer right away and skip all that process. It’s true, we wished, but it can never happen, because nature have its rules and gods also need to obey the rules too.

Ghosts and spirits VS GODs

Now we know about gods, they can go “timeless” mode, ghost s and spirits cannot. They are in the D6 property world, so they are not restricted by DISTANCE only, but not time. A ghost can travel from Hong Kong to Africa and to Greek or to Mars in 2 seconds, but they cannot freeze time and go into that mode the gods use.  As long as the ghost or spirit want to go somewhere, the intention will snap them thee right away like a flash, it’s super-fast too, but time is still flowing like usual and they have no power to look forward or backward in time like the gods does.

So how does spirits and gods “claim” to be able to tell the future for people? Simple, you scam and create the future you claim! The trick is to tell you something and then make it happen or force it to happen by manipulating the people and factors that is related to it. For example, the ghost can tell you that you will have a car accident in 2 weeks, then you really crashed in 2 weeks – because the ghost made you crash the car right on the date they claimed. Just like how scammer and con artist do things, they make up a story for you and then make the story come true for you, then you will fall into it completely.

Evil gods, ghosts, and spirits are very scary, because they can always manipulate people into these scams, and it is VERY FREAKILY ACCURATE. They tell you ABC and then you see ABC. It’s because they MADE it happen. While the gods cannot do that, and so people think the gods are not as powerful because they cannot be so “accurate” and “precise”. Yet, they fail to even know that the gods are the good guys, just that they CANNOT tell you the truth because it IS the truth.

It is very easy to be tempted by evil spirits like those who worship some baby ghosts to win lottery or gamble etc. It is like a short cut, or a quick way to win over people in life. However, there is a catch. When ghosts and evils help you, they want something back in return, and that is your soul energy.  In their world, soul energy is like “money”, the more soul energy they have the more things they can create in that world, and that’s how they can become more powerful and richer in that world.

There are people who will say “but I don’t feel anything after worshiping this ghost though” – right, the ghost won’t suck you up, because you are the master and feeder, they will suck your wife, your son, your friends and even your employees up. It’s just like a scammer, they use you as a medium to attract more victim, then scam those people and grab the loot.  You feel fine, the others are doing worse and worse, and you don’t bother to even care, because you are “fine”. Praying to evil gods and such is just like making a deal with the devil, you must give up something, and they will loot it themselves even you don’t give it to them. Once the evil is hooked onto you, there is no way to get out.

Did your little brain got fried after all these?  Maybe you would want to ordain to learn more about these fun things and even be able to communicate with the gods at your altar too. No joke, with years of experience talking to gods, and even being able to enter their worlds myself, it is mind-blowing for 99.999% of the people in this world. It’s way out of your imagination.