Intention is Everything for Magic

For doing any kinds of magic, not just Taoist magic, you need to know one key point, and that is INTENTION. What is intention to be exact? Is it really JUST intention is everything? Yes, and no. I have heard, and saw a lot of magic practitioners saying this out there, and they all think that having the right intention is the key point for magic to work. I would say yes to that point, and also giving a no to them for a warning. Let’s dig into this deep and interesting topic. Let’s start with the yes part first.

Yes, Intention is Everything.

First of all, what is Intention? To be specific here, what I mean by intention is the reason why you started something. For example, why did you paint your nail blue?  You don’t know, you just felt like it, that means you have no intention.  Susan knows, she painted her nails red because she wants to be more outstanding in the show today. Sure, that’s the intention. What you “want” from doing something, or the purpose of doing something is the intention.

However, sometimes people mistaken intention and “non-stop thinking about something”. For example, Joe thought of an intention is to remove evil spirits by lighting a candle. Then, he took the candle and lighter and kept reciting “remove evils, remove evils, remove evils….” For 30mins and going, he is still repeating that thought in his head and with his mouth, like chanting a spell!  That is not intention!

Intention is fast, it comes like lightning, a snap, a flash, and it is there already. As long as you have a desire for something, and then you took action for that desire, the intention is already there and EMBEDDED into your action.

Intention is in the HEART; it is in the preheaven energy body. Imagine yourself as a ball, and once you have intention for something, this intention will create a seed/mini-ball inside your “big ball” body. Then, it will grow and a root-like line will grow out from that mini-ball and start to reach out to the surface and eventually, the root perks out of the big-ball’s surface and become the leaf, flower, and fruit, like how plants grow. The fruit is your end result that you wanted, and it will be there, because you once had that seed.

The question is, how did this SEED come to exist? It is very simple, the seed is generated by the big-ball energy body itself, by the HEART. When you “command” the heart, taking the role of a “boss” and making the call to say “what I want” then the heart will be pumping out a seed, which is the spark of the intention.

The intention allows your energy body to have a point in the heart that draws the juice from the heart and out to the soul, then soul to the physical body, and to whatever you touch and interact with. In another word, intention allows you to draws the heart’s power out and deploy it into things; which means you are doing MAGIC already, in the most natural way.

Most people would think that magic is like burning some candles and incense, praying to gods and such. The fact is, that’s not the case!  Everyone can do MAGIC in this world, without even learning how to do it. It’s a natural thing that we do all the time, just that no one teaches you how it works.

Magic, is when one puts their life-forces (the heart power) into an intention, and guide it toward a direction, so that whatever they do will be fueled by this power, leading making something happening toward their favor.  It’s like saying “making something you wished come true”.

However, you cannot wish for the star in the sky to fall down then expect that to happen with your intention, that’s call daydreaming and trying to be stupid. Magic can help something come true with a greater chance, it cannot turn stone into water or make you become 12 feet tall etc. For example, you can use magic for a job interview for greater chance to be hired, that is possible (of course not possible if your resume sucks and you are doing everything wrong.)

So, we can all do MAGIC now. It’s just easy as intention, do something for that intention, and have faith for something to happen, or hope for something to happen.  Let’s try a few examples:

  1. Draw or even BUY/print a picture of a speedy car, like a race car, and then tape it somewhere near your working desk, for the purpose of boosting productivity.
  2. Hang the Taoist shower curtain up, for the purpose of helping you trap all the evil and negative energy inside the area you shower, and let it be flushed away with the magical bath.
  3. Wear the Taoist Disciple T-Shirt, for the purpose of gaining protection against negative energies.

You see how easy it is to “do magic” naturally even without a single spell or FU or ritual. This is NATURAL magic that people are doing all the time without realizing. It works, as long as you have the right INTENTION, and have TRUST and FAITH for this power.

If you don’t have faith in yourself, like you don’t even think it will happen, then the magic will fail right away. Therefore, NEVER lose faith, and never doubt yourself.

NO, Intention is not Everything.

Now that we knew how cool and easy it is to do “natural magic” with the intention, you can see how a lot of western magic paths uses the same idea and just customize it with their own “skin” over by making more ritual and things to make it more “unique”. The core concept is the same thing, just different packaging and styles etc.

Here, I am warning you that intention is NOT everything. The fact is that you are doing magic easily like this, and other people ARE ALSO DO SO as well. Imagine you did “magic” for the interview, how about the other people also in the same competition? They are also doing magic, and that is why it is already a magic battle there!

Whoever win the magic battle gets the final prize, and those who lost will be sucked away. The heart power that you have output for the magic will be sucked away by the winner, and not come back anymore. That is why many kids will start to lose confident and feel very weak-hearted when they start to lose a lot in games and such. It Is because their heart juice has been looted away too much, and is not growing fast enough to replenish the amount they have lost.

What’s even worse, is that this heart energy is your life-force, and if you have too little of this, you will want to die too, since the desire to “stay alive” will be gone as well.  That is also why losing confident can also lead to suicide!

Doing magic is great, but losing a magic battle is not fun, that is why I said “intention is not everything”. Just like saying you have a good heart to help people, this good heart is good, but it is not everything, you also need the skills and talent as well. Imagine a guy try to help you clean the house and he really suck at it. I remembered the first time I cleaned the car window for an uncle when I was a kid, I don’t know how to use the window cleaning thing in the gas station, and end up I just wiped the window all over with the foam part and made everything very foamy and I have no idea how to make it clear again!  I was “helping” but definitely not helpful!  I had a good heart, yet my heart didn’t match with my skills too! Later on, the uncle did the squeegee part and I finally realized what was missing!

Doing magic is easy, doing magic that wins is hard, and being able to PROTECT your magic with a greater power is even harder. That is why we have TAOIST MAGIC. The Tao is the greater power that help us to empower our magic, and also to PROTECT our magic that we have done. In case of people trying to win over you, at least there is a padding to take the load for us, and also to refuel us back after we have lost, unlike most people who just suffer the loss and going downhill non-stop in life. The power of the TAO is something you cannot have naturally, because it’s like a phone service, it’s something built and cultivated by much higher power, and you cannot just “make one yourself”.

Join the lineage and become a Taoist today, then you will know how this powerful power-source works!