The Package Challenge from Your Dai Sifu

Hey disciples, I am writing this blog post and lesson to let you know why you need to get stuff from your Dai Sifu and not just buying things yourself from the webstore etc. There is one thing that you cannot buy, and that is the exam from the celestial court.

It has been many years that we have been seeing the same pattern over and over again – people get the packages, then hurdles happen to just pop up and test their faith, maybe it is evil attack, maybe it is heart devil, or maybe it is just their weak-spot that got poked and they snapped or want to give up. Then, no matter what’s in the package, these disciples will magically disappear or “quit” on their own. It’s funny, because the package is not cheap too, but they will give up because of some magical reasons. 99.9% of the time, it is all about their heart devils, or being poked at their weak spot that they are not willing to change for their faith. Well, too bad, you failed the exam from the Tao, and there goes your consequence.

Your Dai Sifu don’t make any profit from these packages, it’s a lot of work, energy and time output, with so little coming in, it’s not even enough to cover the packing cost sometimes. However, the magical side is that she is doing all these for you because you re a disciple here and she don’t do this for a normal “outsider” client. Everything bought for you are cleansed, empowered and also registered into the celestial court as your “upgrades”. If you get them in hand, they will really “level up” your magic power and such immediately, if you passed the exam from the celestial court. You have to EARN your upgrade too. For some people, it’s easy, because their faith is strong and mindset is aligned. For some people, it’s hard, because they have weak spots that they have not dealt with, and their faith is MAYBE not strong enough, or they could be just not aligned with the right mindset yet.

Some people can’t even manage to buy the first package from Dai Sifu, because they cannot save up enough or they are not willing to spend. You see, your Dai Sifu does not want to ship you a $5 item with the shipping at $20, that’s purely wasting time and being stupid. Therefore, she will only take orders that are reasonable, and order that is worth doing. If you want to order incense, don’t get one but 4 or 5. You will use up the incense over time anyway, they don’t get expired like food. You will want to buy fu paper, but maybe also more ink, and then plus the stamp and statue etc. I have seen disciple trying to request for just a few things, total about $10-20 and the shipping is already double of that amount because it’s oversea shipping. When you are about to put a package together, the best way to do it is to ask on LINE – tell me what you want to get and what ELSE is good to get along with the package, maybe give a budget range so we can plan for you.

So, are you ready for your challenge from the celestial court? From experience, we can see that the Tao doesn’t just give out the power easily to anyone, you got to earn it by showing your faith power too. What is faith again?  Faith, is to believe without the need of any evidence or supportive points. You basically blindly believe for no reason but just to believe. Every religion is like that, and if you cannot do it, then you will fail in EVERY spiritual path no matter where you go, it’s not just Taoism here. Don’t waste your time, because weaklings with a weak heart doesn’t deserves a spot in the spiritual world.

Okay, good, now you might admit you are a weakling – how to STRENGTHEN up the faith then? If you are already weak, do you just give up?  Of course not. Just like you can do some exercise to strengthen up the arms and legs, you can also do things to strengthen up the faith too.

Faith is strengthened by being TOGETHER more with the other party, with TIME, and INTERACTION. Just like you want to have faith in your child, then you will be with him all the time. The more you are with someone, and interacting with them, the more you will believe them in the heart. Therefore, BE with your Tao and us here more, show up on LINE, talk more, PLAY with us, join our interactions, show up on ZOOM classes, or even join our TAO-gaming group, when you have MANY things that you are DOING with us, you will feel like you are together with the group, and faith will be strengthen in no time. Many disciples went through hurdles and heart devils, they always think so negative and such at the back. After awhile, we got on zoom and started talking in real time, then in seconds, the disciple felt completely different and the faith is back again. That’s right, negative and heart devils only cook up when you are AWAY from the Tao.  When you are face to face with me, those heart devils will dissolve away. Therefore, always seek for ways to interact and talk to me, and join the chat with the big group etc. Never try to be stupid and ISOLATE yourself, because that is ONLY going to lead you to nothing but quitting very soon, since you decided to DETACH from the TAO.  The more you PUSH yourself away from the Tao, the more likely you will be gone soon.

I have another important point here – some disciples have this heart devil when they are facing the challenge, they will think that they are doing not good now, so maybe they don’t fit being in this position, maybe they can just “go back down” to be a newbie or something lower so they don’t look so bad as an “upper” or “senior”. You know what, that’s call “escaping from your responsibility”, and is only the act of weaklings. Imagine you are already a father/mother, and then you screwed up when you try to change your children’s diaper, then you said you will just ditch the baby and go back being a child of your parent instead. Can you even do that?  These disciples who chose to be a weakling, they might indeed “go back down” to the newbie stage, but eventually, they will be vanished and fade out, then eventually give up everything. The fact is, they are pushing themselves AWAY from the Tao, you are going the opposite direction of the way you should be going, of course you will end up failing. In the 10 commandments, there is already this rule of “take responsibility of your actions”, it is not put there just for fun. If you start breaking the 10 commandments, you will eventually be losing your grip and falling off the tree too. It’s all there to make you realize what it takes to be a strong and faithful Taoist.

Being a Taoist is not easy, and the Tao do exam people to make sure they are fit to be a Taoist here. If the disciple is too weak, the challenge is meant to teach them and make them stronger. Even you are weak, faith will save your butt. If you lose faith, then BUILD faith as I have taught above. Whatever you are facing, you have to stand back up and face reality, face the problem, and not escape from it. Wish you all the best with your next package from your Dai Sifu!