Heart Spell Cultivation

This is the article that you should read after reading the first introduction to Heart Spell. In this article, we will focus on the cultivation of heart spell. You will really need to read this article if you are a disciple no matter you just initiated, or you are ordained.

Goal of the Cultivation

Heart spell is all about using the heart to connect to the gods of different types or levels. If you cannot use the heart, or not fully using the heart, then your spell is not working or not working completely. That results in poor connectivity, channeling, and communication with the gods, meaning that your magic power will be weakened and even not effective at all.

To ensure you can use the heart to do the heart spell, you must understand how the heart works and what we mean by the heart here. The heart is referring to the energy heart that is used to feel things, and not the organ that pumps blood.

The perfect example of using the heart is typing. When you are good at typing, your eyes just look at the monitor, your inside talks, and the hand just go on their own and move on the keyboard while you don’t even need to think. That’s right, “no thinking” is the key. Once you think, you are using the soul, which is when the heart stops working too. The key point is “When the heart is working, the soul doesn’t. When the soul is working, the heart stops.”

How to use the Heart

To make yourself using the heart to do something, it’s like mastering something over time. You must keep doing it and doing it non-stop to the point that you can then do it in the “auto” mode. Just like a chef trying to chop their veggies, they eventually do it so many times that they can close their eyes and keep chopping like they are a robot. Pianist can play the piano without thinking too, and their fingers travel very fast which no one can really understand how they can do it. The answer is very simple, practice and practice and practice.

Heart spells are no exception, you grind it more and more, then it will get to that point where you can say it with your heart.  How many times and days you need to get there?  Everyone is different, but you might try to use the standard schedule which is 108 days with 108x repeats of the spell each day. You can count by finger or beads. You don’t have to be super exact about the counting, it’s the goal that matters the most, so doing more is better.

BEWARE – Read Before Grinding

Some people are so excited, they just go straight to reciting it millions of times. Not yet guys, wait.

You don’t want to practice the spell with a WRONG pronunciation (pinyin). The spells are in Saamlawnese, and you need to make sure you get the words down before you practice A LOT, or else it would be hell to correct yourself back later.

We strongly suggest you send us an audio through LINE to make sure you get the QC (quality check) first. We will make sure you get it right to a certain standard, then you can go on your own and keep grinding.

The Bead Cultivation

You can get a chain of wrist beads like that one in our shop, and then daily just use it to count when you do your heart spell cultivation. Hold the bead in your right hand and start from the “marker” which is usually a different “thing” or a bigger bead. Then keep pushing the beads one per spell. After one cycle, you can choose to stop or continue, set your goal and focus on finishing the goal you have set.

DO NOT pay attention to all the sensations, feelings, or visuals etc. Even you are seeing this and that, feeling numb and hot etc., they are irrelevant. Your goal is setting a number, finishing it, and that’s it. FOCUS on your goal, anything else is just nothing but distraction.

The bead will be your magical charm too. If you are ordained, you can sanctify it, and then make it your magical tool. Then whenever you need more power in channelling such as if you are on a sick day or something, you can wear the bead on the left hand to take the power you have stored in when cultivating on your ordinary days. That way it become a power-bank, giving you extra power for channel and such when your body is not in condition.

Ordain today to learn more! Learning Taoist magic from home have never been that easy and fun!