Where to Find FU Talisman that Works

What does it mean when people say which FU Talisman “work” or is “real”? In this article, you will learn about the theory of how FU works and why they work, or how they work. At least you will not be guessing anymore or be fooled by those genuine-looking scams anymore.


Why FU Works

A FU, as explained in the Taoism FU 101 article, is a ticket of request that communicate with the gods and asks the god for help on certain things. The key point is, you need to be connected to some gods or else the FU is not even a real FU.  

There are a lot of people who just take a brush or pen, and start scribbling things on the paper, and then that’s it. They pack it and ship it out. That’s not a real FU, there is no gods involved.

There are people who believes that a FU is to use their OWN energy and “mind power” to write out some scribbles. That is also fake, because there are no gods involved.

There are some FUs that are printed and not written, and they don’t even do any magic to it. These are nothing but a scam.  You can see these selling at a cheap price, and you are just buying an overpriced printed piece of paper.

Remember, the FU works, because there is the communication with a god, and not because of how it looks or what is written on it,


Can Printed FU Work

FU is a ticket of request that the gods accept and then give you the magic power in return. The FU itself can be almost anything from paper to objects like our FU TAGs or a piece of clothing. The FU (on paper) can also be burnt and transfer into the new body such as the objects mentioned above. Therefore, a printed FU can be a fake FU but serves as a body for the real FU to transfer its power into.  So printed FU can work too if the magic work is done right.

Imagine you must use magic on 1000 people, and they all need a protection FU. To do this, we take one FU and sanctify it so that the god agreed and gave us the powers for the 1000 people. Then we will burn this FU over a stack of card, this card contains just some designs and a name etc. It’s fine, the FU power will distribute into them, and it will still work just as good as the physical FU. You look at the card and will think that it is a fake FU. But in fact, it is not fake, because there is a god in there, and magic has been done to it.

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To make Taoism FU that works, get ordained today and you can start learning already. Magic will work as long as your gods are there giving you the help you requested for.