Where to Find FU Talisman that Works

Where to Find FU Talisman that Works
Many people searched for things like how to draw FU talisman, where to download FU talisman manuals, and where to find FU talisman that works, and most of these searches are with people who only know they should find the FU Talisman that has the label of “Mao Shan” on it because it is ‘famous” for this kind of stuff – since that’s what movie have educated everyone.  I have to make a short article for these people coming to my blog for this kind of stuff, and I promise I will try to make it short. Read and you will be super shocked.

First – Mao Shan is not the famous one for FU Talisman. Yes, they are not. Forget it. That’s only in the movies, but not the real history. The first guy who got famous in FU Talisman is called Jeung Dao Ling who is the founder of the Five Pecks of Rice sect of Taoism, and they transformed it into ‘Zhen Yi Sect” today in China. Mao Shan kicked in much later and that isn’t even the Mao Shan you know in the movies too. The Mao Shan in the movies are mostly referring to the Mao Shan Shen Gung which kicked in only in the late Ching Dynasty, the last dynasty of China, and they were part of the rebel gangs who claimed to be “blade proof” – if their FU Talisman works, they should have been famous today for defending against the foreigners and not all dying under the foreigner’s blade. You get the idea.

Secondly, you cannot just flip a book and find some “powerful FU Talisman” and copy them then expect it to work. FU Talisman is only going to “work” if you are related to the power source/founder / lineage that created the FU Talisman. If you are not related – as in you are not a disciple in the lineage, you will not be able to use any of their FU Talismans because you are not in the system or network, therefore, you cannot get the service/power for this FU Talisman.

Just the symbols are nothing but decorations, you need a lot of things to make a FU Talisman work. The most important thing is the agreement of the original founder and the power source that approved this FU Talisman at first and say that if you use it, such and such will be happening etc. If there is no power-source, then your FU Talisman will not work, at all.

Thirdly, any sects or “master” who only copy and steal from books also won’t get things to work, especially without the proper inheriting process, and you have no idea how many fake FU Talismans there are in the market today that is sold in bookstores. They all look very cool and legit – but they are all fake and even tweaked wrong on purpose, just to make some money without breaking their own lineage’s rule of “leaking” out the real thing. If you are a fan of these books, you are off to the route of a disaster.

Self-invented FU talismans like some websites that promote the “self-inspired” and “self-created” FU talisman is pretty useless too. The fact is, you are not even understanding the proper structure of things and you don’t know the grammar of things, then you start randomly creating your own stuff – even it “worked”, it will only be like a gun that shoots tissue out of a big barrel.  There are no cultivated energies to support the FU Talisman and there is no power source, and nothing in the pre-heaven dimension that response to it and support the work, it’s basically nothing but a decoration or “art piece”.

Learning FU Talisman

The best advice I can give you is to get ordained into the lineage and start learning it for real.  There is really no other way. Not only that, FU talismans also require a power source to power it up and that will be your altar, which connects to a lineage network and a system that supports all that work you do.  At the same time, there are many secrets and detailed procedures and steps that you cannot even imagine how much it takes to just prepare the tools and things to get them ready and charged up for the job.

After the FU Talisman is finally drew and made, there is also the need of stamping, then going through a ritual to program it, activate it, and empower it – and maybe even to supercharge it with more extra work at the end.


FU Talisman that works is not easy to make, and that is why it’s powerful. The FU talisman does not have to look ‘ancient” to be powerful!  Many fake FU talisman creators knows the taste of the majority, and they make those “ancient looking style” script FU talisman manuals selling for big bucks!    A real FU talisman can really be in any script – if you understand the script, but the main point is, you got to have this FU talisman connected to a power source, and a pre-heaven party, in the other dimension and that is why it works.  FU talisman is not a picture or art piece, it is a piece of energy work between worlds and it is taken very seriously in our lineage. If you are feeling the urge to learn, maybe you are meant to start learning after this post.