What is Fa Jee in Taoist Magic (Symbols)

Fa Jee 花字 are very important symbols in Taoist magic, it is not the same as what most call “sigils” in English. Fa 花 is flower, it is a metaphor that say, “when power is projected to make changes”. Jee 字 is word or characters. In short, Fa Jee(s) are commands that you write, and they are coded symbols, which the gods agreed to. Once you connected to a certain god, you can write Fa Jee to tell the god what to do for you. It works, because there is a god; it doesn’t work if you cannot channel to a god yet because you have no heart spells and is not part of the system. To be even more accurate, every lineage or sect has their own system of Fa Jee too, so using the code of sect A doesn’t work in sect B, unless they have the same code in their system as well (including the meaning of the code).

Essentials Elements

The Fa Jee consist of 3 elements that must be there for it to work:

  • The connection to a god
  • The meaning of the symbol (what it is for)
  • The form and spells combined, accurately.

To connect to a god, you need to be ordained and have heart spells etc. To know the meaning of the symbol you just need a master to teach you, like me. But the form and spell are the hard part that needs you to practice and “drill” to get good at.

Fa Jee is a coded symbol, part of the code is in the form, which is what you are writing, and part of it is in the spell which are the words you say with the mouth. The spells don’t have to “mean” what the code does, it’s just like a password for the strokes. If your intention is right, the password and strokes combined will work.


Fa Jee vs Taoism FU

You might ask why not use a FU instead and must use Fa Jee? You are on the right track. Fa Jee are indeed used inside a FU as parts, but it can also be used separately as a Fa Jee too. Fa Jee are quick commands, FU is a series of commands, and such put together. You need both for different situations. 

We also have Fa Jee on stickers, you can get these for using them as real magical tools too – however, you would need to learn how to sanctify them after you get ordained or have us do the activation magic for you by distance to make them a real magical tool!

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