Punish the Evils to Promote the Good

How can people know something is GOOD? Taoism’s way is natural and easy; all you need to do is punish the evil ones, then people will know what not to do, which means they will be on the good side already. There are many spirits and entities out there; not all are bad, but many are doing bad things that harm people and break the law of nature. As Taoists, we must punish the evils and let others know what NOT to do. The more we do our job, the better the world will be since the other spirits will see that there is someone who can “kick their butt” here; they will not dare to do bad things anymore. This is what Taoists should be doing; hence, we are professional exorcists!

If you are a Taoist and don’t do your best to get more powerful and skilful and gear up with more powerful tools, you will be kicked in the butt instead. Maybe instead of punishing the evils, you will always be punished by the evil! Do you see how important it is for us to keep pushing forward and not just stay in one comfortable zone only?

The power of a Taoist is rooted in the lineage and granted by the Tao. That means if the Taoists are doing well with their virtue and commandments and following the doctrine of the lineage, they will be rooted well, and the power will flow to them whenever they need it. This is the first step to becoming a powerful Taoist, which is to know and follow the guidelines given by the Tao.

The skills of a Taoist are learned from the master and earned by spending your time and effort to practice them. If Taoists only learn in class and do not practice daily, their skills will not get better. If Taoists don’t learn from a class, they will have nothing to use when things happen. Staying in one comfort zone and not learning new things will be like a student always staying in grade one. When trouble comes, they are going to run out of ideas.

Last but not least, magical treasures and tools are accumulated over time and cultivated with effort. If Taoists didn’t have magical tools, it would be like a car mechanic with only a pair of hands. Even if they know what to do, their hands cannot do the job because they lack tools. Taoist need tools to do the job properly too!  Therefore, a good Taoist should upgrade their tools and altar over time, getting new gears and cultivating new tools etc. This is one of the most important things. Never stay minimalist!  No robe? No sword? No bell? Oh, mine, prepare to lose every battle you face.  Some disciples might learn a lot of spells and FUs, but after a few years, they still have a bare and newbie altar with minimal tools. That is scary; if evil spirits come to challenge, this altar is busted.

The key point is that every Taoist should be like a superhero to save the world. But to become one, you must also put your heart, effort and time into the training. Just because you have entered a good lineage and have powerful Tao doesn’t mean you are automatically powerful. Some people think that if they have entered a big martial art school and learned a famous style, it must mean that they can beat anyone up after three classes. It’s not like that! 

Want to start learning and become one of the super Taoists in our lineage? Ordain today and get started!