What is Love for Your Tao

Do you love your Tao? Do you have a love for your Tao? Do you love being a Taoist? These seem to be questions that are very obvious and easy. Still, when I was in my teens, I had trouble answering them because the word “love” seemed very weird, like it just led you to think about love with another female/male, or maybe it’s just “too much,” or maybe it is too “extreme” saying you “love” a religion like you have been scammed into a cult. Adults tend to tell kids to not fall too deep into things, so they don’t get addicted to them. Being shallow with things keeps them out of danger or affects their grades in school. However, as an adult now, I feel that it is necessary to bring it up for the next generations to understand this with clarity instead of just guessing and “feeling” the answer yourself.

First of all, love is not a bad thing; it is not weird to love religion, and definitely not weird to say the word “love.”

Don’t get it as “disgusting” or “weird,” and don’t laugh at yourself or be laughed at. We all have feelings. You will either love something or hate something; you cannot be neutral. It’s just that you can love it a bit or love it a lot, hate it a bit or hate it a lot. There is no neutral as in an extreme 50:50 ratio of love and hate.

Would you like a hotdog for lunch? If you pick yes, you already said you love this idea.  If you pick no, that means you don’t love it at this moment, it means you hated it, but maybe a little bit of hate only. The better word that might sound less extreme is like and dislike. However, love and hate are just a bit more extreme-sounding. How are they different in meaning? Like doesn’t mean you want it, but you can tolerate it outside of you. Love means you want it and want to keep it with you. I love this pen; it will stay with me all the time. I like this eraser; it doesn’t mean I have to buy it to keep it.  If I love it, I will buy it no matter what you say.

Do You Love the Tao?

Do you love water? Maybe? Think about what happens if one day you don’t have water or the water is shut off from your building. That’s right; it’s just that simple. If you cannot live without it, you must love it. You don’t feel like the kiss-kiss or hug-hug kind of “romantic” with it, but true love binds you and the other side together, which means your life cannot go without them anymore. If you cannot live without water, then you love water.

Can you live without the Tao? I cannot. Can you? Some people treat the Tao like a “hobby” which they can pick up when they like and drop if they feel stressed. Sure, that means they can one day go away from it too. Many people play a sport, such as golf or a soccer, but they can live without it too. That is a hobby level of “like,” but not love. People who LOVE golf cannot live without it. They will want some golf things everywhere; they want them to be everywhere and easily accessible in their life. A mini golf game in the bedroom, golf clubs everywhere, you can imagine their underwear also has many golf balls printed all over it.

I knew there were so many spiritual entities and sorts out there; I know Tao’s power is the only thing that can deal with them. I need the Tao to keep going onward and forward; I don’t want to be one of the stupid people who ditch the Tao for stupid reasons and end up crying later and regretting it and then facing the attacks. I love the Tao, 100%+.

Making Love

If you don’t love the Tao as much yet, it is because you don’t know its value, or maybe the value is not as heavy and important to you. Just like a newbie here in the lineage won’t have experience dealing with deadly sorcery attacks, they don’t know how powerful the Tao’s power is when facing those attacks. Once they know, they will never want to go without the Tao again.

To make yourself love the Tao more, or to “make more love” for it, the best way is to learn it, use it, and eventually, you will love it. The more you use it, the more you can see the value inside it, then the more you feel the need to bind to it and not be detached anymore. Those who fail to love the Tao often know too little or have not been using the Tao’s power at all. If you never use it, you will never find its value, which means you will never see the need for it. Desire and love are built through time and experience. You need to start using what you have learned to fall in love with it.

Many disciples tell me they are “practicing” their heart spells, fu heads, and so on. I am always happy to see them doing it, but it is always a sign that they are not doing the right thing too.

It would help if you were USING it, not practicing it only. If you only practice, it will do nothing for you, and eventually, it becomes USELESS to you, and you will end up not using it, not loving it, and soon being detached from it because your heart feels that it is a waste of time to keep doing this. Imagine you got a new vacuum cleaner and don’t use it but just “practice” taking it out daily. Eventually, you see no point in doing that since it cannot be used anyway.  When there is no use for something, you will lose the feeling and love for it. Don’t just practice; USE IT!

Martial art is also commonly loved and ditched all the time. Some people practice martial arts for a few months and give up because they are just practicing stuff for nothing. You don’t use the techniques anyway, and you won’t be fighting anyone, so why even do it all the time? “Just in case” something happens never works; it will not last very long!  However, if you put your martial art to use, such as “teaching” or using it as a career skill to help people, then you have a point for doing the practice. Love will increase as you find more and more ways to use it. You don’t always have to “fight” to use martial art. Like I love my Taoist Kungfu because I use them for health building, and I see results myself!  It is useful for me for health building and fixing up my body!

Mirror Effect of Love

The gods or the Tao are like a mirror; they reflect your heart and “love” you like how you loved it. Therefore, if you don’t have love or do not love enough, the Tao will return to you with the same level of love or less. That’s scary. Imagine your gods don’t love you anymore. Then what will happen? Instead of help, they could have kicked your butt instead of helping you!  Gods have feelings too, and your action tells them everything. You stop loving your Tao; the Tao then does the same to you. As you start detaching from the Tao, the Tao also detaches from you.  Therefore, always make the Tao love you, not the other way around!

Ordain today to start learning!