TYHQ Mega Update

MAR 23, 2023

A mega-size gift has fallen upon us from Daai Law Tin; the exciting and amazing MEGA UPDATE - The Religious Court (Gaau Ting) 教庭, which holds a system that is very similar to the Celestial Court (Tin Ting 天庭) that is located near the sun. However, this system is located much closer to our world. It is located somewhere between the atmosphere and the moon, in the spiritual dimension, D6.

RC System

We have released a lot of information on the religious court, which is a system that all disciples will use and draws power from. The system is amazingly powerful and the most attractive feature is that it will allow people mixing and blending the Saam Law Powers into their cultural practices and traditions, as well as translating the magic into different languages.

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English Taoism and more...!

The gods have observed and listened to us!  They have created and granted us the new court with one major purpose: Down to earth.

English Taoism and Taoist Magic was introduced, which means you have spells, prayers, scriptures, or even FUs all in English now...!  There could be other languages later if we have the talents to help with the translation.

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Increased Efficiency

With the religious court system, which is much closer to our world compared to the Celestial Court, it allowed the disciples to do magic with greater efficiency. It makes magic easier, faster and more fun to do!

More content will be released soon with all these updated goodies. Stay tuned!

Check the disciple blog for more details.