Dei Law Jo Si 地羅祖師

In our Saam Law Taoism, we honor Dei Law Jo Si (地羅祖師), or Di Noh Ju Cia in Saamlawnese. She stands as the Goddess of the Ground and doubles as the deity of darkness. Now, don't get it twisted—darkness doesn’t mean something evil or bad here! Her special day is celebrated on the lunar March 6th.

Who Needs This God?

Ever been plagued by bad luck, negative vibes, or ghostly disturbances wishing for a cosmic vacuum to whisk them away? Or perhaps you've wanted to keep something out of prying eyes, like concealing a parcel from thieves. Or maybe you're loaded with thoughts needing an ear? All these concerns fall right under Dei Law Jo Si’s domain!

The God’s Power

Dei Law Jo Si is endowed with what we term as the dark force energy. This potent force can shroud objects, acting like a veil, rendering them hidden from malevolent forces. This same dark energy can engulf anything harmful into the Religious Court’s lockup, ensuring all sorts of malevolent spirits are securely detained! Whether it's persistent bad energies causing mishap after mishap, or vile entities wreaking havoc, this goddess can effortlessly transport them to preheaven. And if your mind's burdened and you're in dire need of venting, you can always reach out to this deity, spill your guts, offload your worries, and let her carry the load!

A True Story

I've got this disciple, living in a place notorious for its high crime rate. With Christmas around the corner, package thefts skyrocketed, with deliveries disappearing in the blink of an eye as if the thieves had inside info on delivery schedules! This disciple had already suffered from theft twice in as many weeks. So, I decided to switch tactics. Rather than deploying our door guardian deities in their usual repelling role, I invoked Dei Law Jo Si’s power to cloak these parcels, making them virtually invisible to thieves. Miraculously, it worked, safeguarding several packages for hours—a genuine sigh of relief!

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