Taoist Magic Smartphone and Camera

There were no cameras or smartphones in ancient times, so you cannot find any historical record of Taoists using these to do their “magic.” However, as a Taoist in 2023, how can you not know how to utilize these everyday tools with your Taoist magic? I am excited to type this lesson for my disciples because they need it immediately.

Taking a photo means you want to “capture the moment” and save the memory to review later. You take a photo and send it to a friend, then the friend can see it. You tell your friend about a happy thing, then send him a photo of it, and the friend then “gets it” 100% instead of just trying to imagine it in their head. The photo gives you a visual, which we call “the light” or “D1” property. How about consecrating the phone to send the “light” or photo to your god instead? Um! Every photo you take could be a message telling god what you want to have in the future. A way to communicate with god!

Imagine that you want a nice car later, then you start taking photos of cars you like, then god will know what kind of car you want. Then you take photos of the colours you like, and now god knows which colour you like more for your new car. You can take photos of designs, patterns, and materials and relay the message to your god about your preference, like giving the god inspiration for helping you create your future toward your preference!

The photo is nice, but the video is even better because you have the sound element, the “D2” or “the wind/energy.” Imagine you send a photo to a friend and show them a cake; they might know it is a cake. If you show a video and talk with the cake, the friend knows what you want to say and feels the cake much more. If you only use photos to relay the message to god, god will know what you want. However, with a video, you can relay more messages and details to emphasize further and elaborate, which helps the god to align itself toward your true meaning.

You might now be worried about one thing- how can god know which photo is for him and which are “just for fun”?

Remember the most important element?  The heart, D5, intention. If you can answer “Why” you took this photo or video, that is the intention. The intention is done without thinking, but “why” you did something from the beginning. If your answer is because you want to show the god, it will go to the god. Simple! After taking the photo or video, you can decide if something is worth sending to the god by creating a photo or album. Anything is for the god; you can save it into a folder, then that would help you categorize which one is “for the god” as final and which is just sitting there for no purpose. The folder or album is like god’s email; you can even name it with a god’s name, such as “Saam Law Jo SI” or “Jo Si” or “Martial Deity” etc., Now you can immediately send things to different gods with a drag and drop.

What about setting a letter? Save a document into the folder. BAM! Genius! Remember that all it takes to reach the god is a “flash moment” of the heart because there is no TIME restriction in PreHeaven. One flash delivers the message, just like fibre optics for our internet!

You can utilize your google drive for this magic; all you need is to align your intention when opening those folders; then, you can send the gods “digital” things easily. The files will not go to the god because your eyes and ears are the god’s eyes and ears. When you see the photo or listen to the video, that is what god will see later. Putting the files into the folder is just a command which sets the intention of “ok, this can go” and officially marks that video or photo to be sent to god. When you sleep at night, the actual memory will go to PreHeaven and reach your gods or even the Yuen Sun if you want to send it to the Yuen Sun. You can use your common name to name the Yuen Sun’s folder, which connects to the Yuen Sun directly!

Another way is to open a google photo album or use a social media platform and make it private, so you are uploading videos/photos just for the gods. The intention is the key.

With the phone's camera, you can capture whatever you love, like, or consider important. Video or photo, or both, and keep them. Then after a while, you can review and see which one you like the most, then put them into the god’s folder so they can help you to shape your future better!

What if this was taught in ancient times? Well, you got to write the message with a calligraphy brush, paint with a brush, and burn the artwork for the gods. It’s time-consuming, hard to do, and not as fun. A real Taoist should know how to utilize our advantage and not keep trying to stick to the ancient low-tech disadvantage. If you know what Taoist magic is and how all these things work, why would you not be able to blend it into everyday things like cameras and phones?  A friend once said, “only fools don’t change.”

Ordain today and become one of us, the cool Taoists who can do magic with modern tools!