Ordained Taoist Three Treasures

Congratulation to those who have ordained and become Saam Law Taoists. This is a short lesson on ordaining and the three treasures you got from it.

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Ordaining will officially allow the Tao to accept you into its lineage, being a family member of the Tao. Three treasures were granted to you from this ceremony, which will last you a lifetime if you don’t give up.

Tao 道 is the first treasure, which means you now have Saam Law Tao being your way and have a new destination after this life ends. Your life now has a purpose: reaching the Taoist heaven, Daai Law Tin 大羅天. This is much better than an ordinary person who dies and becomes a ghost or wandering soul with no one looking after them.

Ging 經 is the method such as the magic you can learn and use to solve problems in life. These are tools that are needed to get you to the destination successfully. There will be so many things making your cultivation difficult. These are like the toolbox that will help you deal with every situation.

SI 師 is the master, which is me, and the god sent to you to help you whenever needed. The master’s job is to guide, teach, pass things to you and correct you when you are off track or wrong. As long as you listen and follow your master’s teachings, you will never go wrong. Not to forget that the master also protects you and ensures you will not fail in this journey too.

Three gods also take care of you and represent the three treasures. They are the “Saam Ching” you can read in the longer blog post!

Always remember these three things and cherish them.

You cherish the Tao by being determined, never giving up, or even saying you will give up.

You cherish the Ging by being faithful, believing and using the magic without questioning or hesitation.

You cherish the Si by being honest, never lying, betraying or hiding from your masters. The more transparent you are, the better it is.

Daily recite the three ordain and twelve wishes in chanting books such as the Daily Rite. You can also find the MP3 for tag-along and learn to chant the rite and start cultivating daily. Doing the rite daily and not giving up or failing a day or two is a way to show your determination to the Tao. Doing it once is easy, but doing it a lifetime is not, but that is how Taoists show their heart to the Tao.