God Statue Consecration FU Set

Altar FU

Upon downloading our Gods Picture Pack, you can print them out on your end and frame them up. Request a set of FU, and you would be able to make this picture a real god statue at home for worship. You can then put the picture on an altar and worship it for real.

One set of FU is made for ONE GOD only. If you want to activate more than one god, please purchase more sets and tell us by email about which gods' picture you plan to consecrate.

If you plan to discard or not worship anymore, you can talk to the god at your altar, then burn the picture to send the god back to the celestial court. Don't hesitate to contact us for help.

*There is a PRO VERSION if you need more power than this.

Power and Purpose

By having a consecrated statue/picture of the god or goddess at home, it allows you to communicate with them and build a relationship with them while they can give you blessings and protection. If you already have an Saam Law Tao altar established, you can also put the pictures on the altar as well. There are picture frames with storage at the back which you can put all the gods picture inside and only display the one you want to talk to or worship at that time. The other ones can be placed inside the storage when not in use! This will be space saving and can even be great for travel use! Bring a frame with you and you have every gods inside!

How to Use

1. Channelling FU - Fold this FU outward vertically, burn the top and circle the flame over the picture 3x CW, dot 1x into the center, and let the FU finish burning in a bowl. This injects the FU into the picture and allow the picture to be an embodiment of the god, activating its channelling power with the god.

2. Features Sanctifying FU - Fold this FU outward vertically, burn the bottom and let it burn into a dry and empty bowl. Add water. Using a new Chinese calligraphy brush, dip the water, and dot all features 1x symbolically (no need to get it very wet, just a light touch is fine). In order, dot these features: left eye, right eye, nose, mouth, left ear, right ear, heart, tummy, left hand, right hand, right feet/knee, left feet/knee, forehead center. After dotting, leave the brush on the altar. This brush can be used for consecrating other gods later too. This process allows the feature to "work" and do what they should do with this body.

3. Consecration FU - Fold this FU outward vertically, burn the bottom and use the flame the circle over the picture 3x CW, dot 1x in the center, then let it finish burning in a bowl. Now your picture is LIVE and activated. Please treat it with respect as if the god is there physically. Place the picture on the altar and worship like how you would with a normal altar. This process allows the god above to witness your picture and gives it the final approval and blessings, which makes your picture official and LIVE.

For basic worship, burning incense daily, offering 3 cups of tea, and occasionally offering food is fine. Feel free to email us to inquire.


It is strongly suggested that you put up a set of Altar Protection FU for the altar to protect it against any evil entities who might want to come and loot your energy. We have offered an option of 3 basic altar protection FUs for the price of ONE FU in this page. This should be sufficient for most believer and beginner disciples. Altar FUs should be replaced if physically damaged, wet, or broken. They should also be replaced annually to ensure their power is sufficient for the job. If you have went through a huge hurdle, it is always a good idea to replace your altar FU with a new and powerful set since the old ones must have done a lot of work and worn out already.

Also, read about "Power Upgrade Option."