Distance Fu Ceremony

FLY FU means to send the FU to you with magical powers, so it is a distance magic that is done to deliver the FU to a person without the person physically receiving the FU. We can do this for your order if you think the FU shipping is taking too long, or you just cannot wait. The effect will be the same, just that some people feel better with a physical thing in hand. If your faith to the gods is there, the FU will work just like it is physically there.

For disciples ordering FU HEADs, they can also write a FU HEAD (one) one their end as a carrier, and we will FLY the whole set into that one FU HEAD they made. Then, they will burn this ONE FU HEAD off into the bowl, add water, and drink. It is the same as burning all the FUs from us into a bowl.

FLY FU is also good to do for people you want to help and they don't want to or cannot receive the FU physically. Imagine someone living in an area where shipping cannot reach or they are living off grid, etc. FLY FU is a great option.

This price is for one time flying, regardless of how many FUs.