Mr. Jing's Road to Recovery with Tin Yat Dragon Lineage

My name is Mr. Jing from the USA, and I would like to share a deeply personal account of growth and recovery, involving sensitive medical details.

In 2017, I discovered Jee Sifu’s online temple website and YouTube channel, but I held back from joining. My journey with his lineage began in earnest in 2021, prompted by a need to tackle a personal health issue. I had been struggling with habitual masturbation and its resultant condition, Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome. Despite numerous attempts, I found it challenging to refrain from the habit for more than a few days.

In 2021, I approached Tin Yat Dragon, seeking their assistance in breaking this cycle. I requested and funded a Fly FU ritual, hoping it would help me permanently quit masturbation. To my astonishment, after Tin Yat Dragon completed the FU and sent it my way, I managed to refrain from the habit for an extended period of 37 days.

In the past, I had sought help from various healthcare professionals, including a dietitian, a family doctor, and a psychologist, but to little avail. However, the successful outcome after receiving the FU left both me and my healthcare team surprised, given my previous unsuccessful attempts.

It was three weeks ago when I decided to take a significant step forward and ordain into the Tin Yat Dragon Lineage, taking lessons directly from Jee Sifu. His patience, kindness, and the personal attention he gave, including recording three videos to instruct me in using Taoist Magic to overcome my issues, have been pivotal in my progress.

Now, I apply Jee Sifu's teachings in Taoist Magic to manage my issues and improve my psychological wellbeing. I am thankful for the significant changes I have seen and attribute them to the guidance of the Tin Yat Dragon Lineage.


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