Graves Dukes' Testimonial: A Spiritual Journey with Tin Yat Dragon and Jee Sifu

Graves Dukes from USA - In my search for continued spiritual enhancement, enlightenment, and elevation, I was guided to Tin Yat Dragon. After reading the website information and viewing several of the many videos which Jee Sifu has generously shared, I knew that this is where I needed to be. I followed the very clear instructions of the initiation process and immediately witnessed the power of Saam Law Jo Si through the initiation ceremony.

At the time my initiation ceremony began, I was sitting at the kitchen table on a large rubber exercise ball as I was studying. Moments later, it was like I could sense and feel energy rushing towards me. It was as if an unseen force had pushed against my chest. The energy was so real, intense, and impactful that it literally knocked me off my exercise ball.

I didn’t just fall straight to the floor, but it was like someone pushed me and I slowly fell backward, fighting to catch my balance. I had to put my hand out to stop myself from landing on the floor. Being very sensitive to energy and conscious of what was going on and why, I had no doubt that Jee Sifu, Tin Yat Dragon, and Saam Law Jo Si were where I was meant to be.

Granted, life has not stopped presenting me with tests and challenges, but my faith in Saam Law Jo Si, connection with Tin Yat Dragon, along with Jee Sifu’s energy, guidance, instructions, teachings, and heartfelt suggestions & recommendations, the support from other faithful members, as well as my continued practice of Heart Spells & Sun Kuets daily, have all contributed to making this Earth-Walk journey less challenging for me.

Thank you, Jee Sifu, for accepting the call of the Gods and being the willing Vessel of Deliverance that you allowed yourself to be. I am filled with love and gratitude for you.


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