Taoist with New Life: Mr Fuk's Story with Tin Yat Lineage Taoism

Raised in a foster home in Atlanta, GA, I, Mr. Fuk, harbored ambitions to follow the spiritual paths laid before me. My aspiration was to forge a new life and establish a wholesome family, breaking the cycle of negativity that had overshadowed my biological family. My upbringing in the challenging neighborhood of East Lake Meadows was punctuated by a blend of influences, including Islam, Christianity, and the secretive realm of Haitian voodoo.

As a child, nightmares and fears were frequent due to these cultural influences. Despite this, I harbored dreams of becoming a martial artist, a painter, and a spiritual guide for my community. Having learned Kung Fu and meditation from Buddhist monks by the age of 34, I still felt a void within me. My life was marked by struggles with addiction, legal issues, and negative influences extending into my family life.

During this tumultuous period, I chanced upon a YouTube video featuring Taoist Master Jee Sifu, while seeking guidance for my family of three. His teachings on Taoist magic, traditionally secretive and difficult for Westerners to grasp, provided much-needed comfort. I spent a few months observing his exorcism ceremony demonstrations and learning about the stringent discipline necessary for ordination.

Fortunately, his lineage, the Tin Yat Lineage, offered free initiation for Westerners, which proved to be a boon given my precarious situation. I soon found that his methods profoundly helped me overcome my physical, mental, and spiritual hurdles. Recognizing the value of these teachings, I wholeheartedly dedicated myself to Master Jee Sifu and the Tin Yat Lineage.

Being ordained as a Taoist under the guidance of the highly advanced Master Jee Sifu led to a significant transformation in my life. His daily support and teachings have helped me to expel negative behaviors, repel harmful supernatural forces, and enhance my prosperity, peace, and protection. Participating in the Tin Yat Lineage has allowed me to enjoy the immense benefits of adhering to a genuine and faithful Tao, without the necessity for physical travel.

Master Jee Sifu's wisdom transcends the physical dimension, and his teachings have brought about life-altering changes in me. He has been a beacon of support, a friend, and a paternal figure to all of us in the lineage. Since my ordination, I have embarked on a healthier and more pragmatic journey towards self-enlightenment, fostering my creativity and imagination under the guidance of Master Jee Sifu and the principles of Saam Law Taoism.

My encounter with Taoist Master Jee Sifu has been the most transformative experience of my life. His teachings serve as a guiding light, answering all my queries as if he were my own father. If you are in search of 'The Way', look no further than the Tin Yat Lineage. Today, my family and I exist in perfect harmony with nature, enjoying a peaceful flow in life, all thanks to the teachings of Master Jee Sifu and the Tin Yat Lineage.


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