Unveiling Taoism with Tin Yat Lineage - Insights from Fai Hung

My name is Fai Hung. After discovering my Cantonese roots through a 23andme test, I felt compelled to delve deeper into my ancestry and religion. I grew up in Southeast Asia amidst Buddhist traditions, but Taoist rituals always intrigued me. My curiosity was initially sparked by Taoist elements in popular culture, from Jackie Chan adventures and Lego Ninjago to Kung Fu Panda, which subsequently blossomed into a deeper interest during adulthood.

Drawn to Chinese history, particularly the religions practiced before the Communist era, I was further inspired by the epic series, Journey to the West. Discovering that my grandfather was a Taoist felt like a sign, leading me to embrace Taoism at the age of 30. The poignant experiences of the elderly during the COVID pandemic, brought me closer to my own lineage and instilled a deeper sense of connection with my grandfather.

Guidance in this spiritual journey came through Jee Sifu's insightful videos on Youtube and TikTok. The immediate connection I felt with the content, reminiscent of my friends in Hong Kong, cemented my decision to ordain in Taoism. I was fascinated by the intermingling of Taoism with Taichi and Wudang martial arts, evident in Jin Yong's Condor Heroes, which seamlessly merged ancient Taoist principles against the backdrop of the Song Dynasty.

My inherited Taoist traditions were initially hazy, and I regrettably overlooked praying to my ancestors during the last Chinese New Year. This lapse, I believe, led to a series of unfortunate events, including a hospitalization. Amidst the relentless stress of working during the pandemic, I have come to appreciate the importance of Taoist rituals like burning paper money and praying during 清明節 to maintain harmony with my heritage and keep our ancestors' spirits at peace.

Joining the Tin Yat Lineage has been an enlightening journey. Jee Sifu's wealth of knowledge and wisdom has been instrumental in shaping my understanding of Taoism. Their teachings have been a beacon, guiding me through my explorations, and I eagerly anticipate learning more about the rituals. My goal is to pass on this knowledge to my family, to ensure we continue to honor our grandfather's religious heritage. By embracing the Taoist way, I have discovered not just a spiritual path but also a deeper connection to my roots. I wholeheartedly recommend the Tin Yat Lineage to anyone wishing to delve into Taoism's rich teachings and wisdom under the guidance of the knowledgeable and insightful Jee Sifu.


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