How to Spot Evil Energy Contamination

When we talk about “evil” energy, it could be from anyone, intentionally or unintentionally. It is so common; that it is even more common than the flu. You might already have something on you now, but you don’t even realize how much of yourself is the real you and how much this evil energy affects you. However, once you spotted it and cleared it out, you can see it again, almost immediately.

What is Evil Energy

Evil energy, we call them “E” in general, can be any spiritual energy that attaches to people and affects you mentally and spiritually and even lead you to do things that can cause harm to yourself, such as saying the wrong words, falling into traps, and hurting yourself.

I have a great example for you. A couple got E attacked, and after the attack, the couple fought daily around 12-6 pm. The fight can be sparked by anything from a tissue misplaced to how each other looks or the knife is not sharp etc. It’s crazy. The topics are not important, it’s more like finding an excuse to blast at each other for no reason, and it is hard to stop. After the E was cleared with magic, the fighting stopped, and it never happened again. How magical and how unbelievable. Imagine how many of you had these things happening in your life and thought it was normal. This example above was from my disciple, and it is only one of the many common ones!

E comes from many places and doesn’t have to be from someone doing evil magic or praying to evil spirits. Evil energy is evil to us because it is energy that “went out of order” in nature. In short, when energy cannot cycle properly, they become E after a while, just like food at home cannot cycle properly (as if you cannot eat them on time), they will go bad and start to grow moles get disgusting.

E can also be from evil magic, sorcery, and so on. That is too obvious, so we don’t need to introduce that type here.

How Does it Spread

Let’s say someone got scolded by the boss at work; they cannot vent their anger and frustrations anywhere. The energy gets stuck in their energy body and cannot go out. After some suppression, the energy gets “stuck” inside and will start to become “E.” Later, the person walks to another place and talks to some friends; the E will vent out while the person talks and the energy will stick to other people. This energy that gets on other people will slowly blend in with the victim’s energy, and the others start to feel the effect. It could be a light effect or a big impact, depending on how strong the E is.

The scary thing is the cross-contamination of some stronger E. You got contaminated, went home, then vent it on your wife, and the wife starts to go crazy too. Later, the two of you fight and somehow drag the kids in, and the kids become victims. Things can go very wrong if you cannot stop them. Many couples divorce, friendships can break, you might even quit your job by doing something crazy etc. E can make you go nuts, and your logic is all thrown aside when E is in control.

How to Handle Evil Energy

To spot “E,” you must immediately stop and tell yourself to STOP everything you are doing. Remember to not “think,” do not reason things out, and do not try to “think” of logic to make sense of this and that because the more you “think,” the more that E can act up.

The best way to spot any E is to use magic to cleanse and purify yourself first. It’s like saying if you don’t know if anyone in the room is invisible now, fire your gun and spray bullets all around. Someone must get shot!  After that, if you feel the difference, you know someone was there before!

It would help if you had gone through our free initiation; then, you have access to learn the Cleansing Spells. Learn the magic that goes with it and start doing the magic, chant the spells, and see how you feel later. Just do the magic and go through a day to see how it goes. If you see everything is better and calmer, then what you suspected is true, there were E around!

The more experienced disciples could spot the E immediately, then apply the specific magic to clean it up. However, spotting the E on the spot takes some time to learn, so it is always a good idea to do all the cleansing spells in the morning and night to ensure you get a cleanse daily after waking up and before you sleep. Don’t let E stay in your body for too long because they will get stronger or even contaminate you deeply, which can also result in long-term damage to your soul.

If you want to get more powerful with your daily cleansing, being able to cleanse more powerful “E,” then you should consider ordaining and get your altar setup to use the bigger powers that Taoists have access to. This will allow you to help not only yourself but also others who might be in need of help!