A Physical to Mental Benefit from Taoist Chanting Exercise

Every day, Taoists like us will do a lot of chanting no matter at the altar or away from the altar. It’s a kind of practice and exercise that we do to commit to the Tao, which also benefits our health mentally and physically. When I was young, I never understood chanting and why we needed to do that or what can it do just by singing or saying some words. Now I am a master and have all figured it out; I wished someone would tell me this back then. Therefore, I decided to write a post here to tell you guys the benefit so you can start early and put some serious effort into it.

The Benefit of Chanting

When chanting is done right, it has a lot of benefits besides just the magical side. Even physically, you will greatly impact your health after a month or two of disciplined chanting practice. What I mean by “done right” is you are not just reading the words out like a robot and trying to “get it done asap” and “get it over with.” Instead, it would be best if you learned how to chant or sing it along with the master’s recording (like those I posted online for my disciples). You should also learn them in parts to focus on the melody and learn them by heart over time. When you are chanting it right, with the singing method, feelings, and passion, the benefit will also come to you.

The benefit of chanting fits what we need in the covid-era these days. It will strengthen our organs and increase your lung capacity and the power for the other organs. No joke, you will also see your digestive system getting better, leading to better sleep!  Have you ever had problems getting a night of good sleep or even falling asleep at night? Chanting can help your organs to exercise a lot while you don’t realize it, improving your sleeping quality greatly.

Newbies playing wind instruments like the flute will always “faint” and run out of air easily. It’s not because their lung is weak, but more about controlling their breathing and how you can keep the system running smoothly without the hiccups. Chanting can also help you improve and make you feel much more awake, alert and energetic throughout the day because of the internal workout.

Besides physical health, you will also see an increase in your intuition power, confidence, self-awareness and ability to stay focused when doing other things. For example, you find yourself side-tracked to other things and lose focus to the main task, or you jot down the notes but cannot follow your notes later. These could be getting better with some chanting practice!

While you are chanting, you are not thinking about anything, and that state of mind gets you into using the heart instead of the “brain.” Therefore, you are becoming more connected to your heart and your preheaven energy body, which is why all those benefits will follow. The key to a good chanting session is to dive 100% into the chanting and stop thinking about the words. You make the sounds of the words and sing it like a foreign song, that’s it.

When we chant, we are also bringing preheaven energy to us, which will benefit the space around us. Your house will have better energy, which can lead to fewer fights and disharmony, better relationships, and even better-behaving pets and kids.

How to Start

To start learning how to chant, you must first go through our free initiation or start by getting ordained. Without connection, any chanting or spells are not going to work.

After your power is connected, move on to our “Download page” and select a rite or scripture to start chanting. I suggest the morning rite or the purifying spell book. Learn how to chant in our monthly JLG classes or go to our special disciple page to download the MP3s. Every day, set a timer and start chanting for about 1 hour or more. You can do some in the morning and some at night too. However, you should set a schedule and go by it, don’t just randomly chant some here and some there. A disciplined schedule is a key to getting good results.

Remember to NEVER chant with an empty stomach. If you feel hungry or need to eat, eat first and chant later. Chanting with an empty stomach will be dangerous and unhealthy in the long run. A car needs fuel to burn before it can run, and so is your body!

Get started today and start chanting!