Taoist Magic for People with No Time

I know it is tough for some people to “squeeze” out some time to do their Taoist magic practice in a day because of “work” and crazy schedules. It could be discouraging over time too. However, this article will get you the right mindset and method to get going on your Taoist magic progress, even if you have no time in the day.

First of all, what is the goal of doing Taoist magic?

Let’s talk about the purpose of eating. We eat because we are hungry. After we eat, we are energized and feel full.

So, what is the purpose or goal of doing Taoist magic?

As Taoists, our goal is to use the Taoist magic to help us go through obstacles and hurdles in life so that we will reach the ultimate goal in the end; which is to be able to die and be united with the Tao, going to the Tao’s “heaven” and have a better life there.

To ensure that we can reach the end goal, we must know what the most important thing to do that we cannot skip or ignore is.

You are busy because you have to “go to work” – how is that related to the Tao and the gods? Not related. The god looks at you and will only see that you have 24 hours a day, and 80% of it is gone to “work,” which has nothing to do with the god. Then 20% for sleeping, you don’t have a reason to pass the exam and reach the end goal!

If I were you, I would make “going to work” a thing that relates to the Tao and the gods; that way, I spend 80% of my day on the Tao. To do that, it’s very simple – I contribute the money (fruit) that I made from working to the Tao. If I don’t go to work, I won’t have the money. The money is a fruit that I get from working, which means working is a process, and my goal is to get the money to contribute to the Tao. Your whole day of working now is closely related to the Tao; the Tao would see you as an important person because you spend all that time and energy FOR the Tao!

How much to contribute and how much to keep? Well, that depends on you! The more you contribute, the more you are “working” for the Tao. To start with, there is a formula for you to use as a basic way to judge yourself.

The percentage of your income will tell the Tao how much you contribute, which resembles your love for the Tao.  It all goes back to the 9-star theory we have explained in the eBook.

10% is a good start; it means you have the “intention” to contribute. Anything less than 10% is like you just “symbolically” connect with the Tao only.

20% means that you have a great desire for the Tao and want to be with it.

30% means you want the Tao the come to you and connect with you, and you want them to look after you all the time.

40% means you will want the Tao to have you; that is close to the goal that we were talking about.

Of course, you can go further and do 50%+, but that is unrealistic for most people. You still need the money to pay for living expenses and things too!  Therefore, don’t think of it as a dead formula; it’s just a reference. Besides using JUST money, you can also output in other ways such as giving back with your heart, showing appreciation, even being a good disciple, etc. It is not about money; it’s about your heart being shown, expressed and witnessed.  However, if you have NO TIME to do stuff, just set aside a % of your salary and use that amount as a monthly contribution to the Tao. It’s the easiest thing you can do to keep yourself “on track,” The Tao will understand you and help you reach your end goal too!

Besides the money method, you should keep doing a few things daily to stay aligned with the Tao.

  1. Heart spells and incense at the altar
  2. JING spells to clean up and purify yourself 1x a day
  3. 1st and 15th, make sure you open the altar, connect up to the celestial court, do your FU consumption, etc.
  4. From time to time, upload some food offerings to thank the gods.
  5. Always remember your identity as a Taoist and keep a positive mindset. Always be faithful and determined.

If you are BUSY and have NO TIME, at least these five things will get you glued to the right track, and you won’t miss the train when you die. I know that not everyone has the time to cultivate, but you don’t want to miss the end goal and waste your time.  It is the same with ANY religion. Do you know Christians should donate 11% of their income to their church?  It’s a very similar theory, just that they wrote that in the bible/rule book for you instead of explaining it like this. The same goes for any religious path. If you are busy, contribute in a way you can—going to work all day? Then use the fruit from work as a form of contribution!  No one can say you “only go to work all day and don’t care for the Tao” – because your work is actually for earning the fruit for the Tao later. “Work” and “Tao” are now ONE thing!