What is Fung Shui

What is Fung Shui

Fung Shui 風水 is not a superstitious belief, but actually, a very important knowledge in Taoism that teaches us about the relationship and patterns of nature, and how things are created, affected or changed in reality, based on the creation energies in the pre-heaven dimension.

You can see our world here in the reality or physical dimension is like only one side of the hourglass, and there is another side of the universe with another “world” or dimension that holds something which will transfer or flow to our world later on. One world provides the essence and energy, the other world uses and do things to execute the work to create the final result.

Fung Shui is wind and water, but not the wind and water you see in this world.  The wind and water are referring to the two Chinese words, which means the pushing and delivery or transportation of energies or elements. Just like how the sun can push out its energy and deliver it to our world here, and we get the sunlight and heat. What happens if there is blocking in the way? Then we don’t get the sunlight, and plants can die, bacteria can be growing faster, and things can go wrong.

Basic Concept of Fung Shui

Fung Shui is not just about looking at the arrangement of a house, or an office place. Real Fung Shui applies to three major types of Fung Shui.

Sky Element – The resources and essences from the pre-heaven going to us, which is where all our potentials came from. This type of Fung Shui deals with our Yuen Sun or Yuan Shen, the spiritual planetary body of us.

Ground/Earth Element – The house, office or any place for the operation to take process, which is the most commonly known kind of Fung Shui today.

Human Element – Fung Shui in the final process, of how we bring the energy to physical work or doings, such as how we talk, eat, live, dress, interact with people, doing things, and even the way we sleep!

Most people only know about fixing the house and office Fung Shui, which is all about a very shallow kind of Fung Shui, and I can guarantee you that no one can be successful or happy with just doing that kind of Fung Shui fixing. When you learn the real deal Fung Shui, you will learn about a lot of theories and patterns of how nature works, and these things will show up everywhere. If you understand the colors and how their energy works in nature, you know how to pick your clothing, choose the right shoes, and even when to drink and eat or sleep to be able to make the energy flow back to pre-heaven better.

Fung Shui Energy is Unique and Special

Never believe a person saying that Fung Shui is just some natural energy like the sunlight and wind outside. It is not!  Fung Shui is about nature’s energy of creation, a form of pre-heaven energy which we call “dragon energy” in Chinese, Lung Hei 龍氣.

Dragon energy is not about any animals, but it is a word used to describe the kind of chained up essence that give birth to things, just like a sperm is a little dragon, it holds the chain of things there that can allow the birth of things to happen. This dragon energy is powerful, and it can create all things to happen in nature. It cannot create things as in instantly make things appear, but it can trigger people’s feeling to influence people to change the things they want to create or do.

For example, every day, you wake up, and you have a feeling in the mind of what you want to do later, that feeling is actually the senses you got from the “dragon energy” that comes from yourself. The “heart” energy is the energy that triggers our “feeling”. You can be together with someone just because of this energy, and you “feel” you want to be in a relationship with the person already.

The scary side of things can be like when you just “feel” you are hopeless when you look at your debts, and you suicide just because of that crazy feeling. As you can see, this creation energy is so powerful, and it can change the whole world. Imagine your dog can wake up and start chewing up the pillow or even your arm, just because the heart energy feels like doing so, there is no reasoning required, how scary is that?

When Fung Shui energy is doing well, you get a better mood, you choose better friends, make better decisions, and it inspires you to do the right thing, say the right word, and do things at the right time, and making your whole future different in a positive way.

Fung Shui cannot make you rich instantly, but it can help you to make your life better for sure. At least if you are doing a resume and you want to make sure that resume writing process is full of good and useful ideas, the Fung Shui energy can help you achieve that. At least you won’t be spending 4 hours on the computer with nothing coming out at the end but crap and frustration. 

Someone can be looking at your resume for 2 seconds, and they already chose to dislike you and not hire you, because your “pre-heaven energy” is bad, and they just “feel” that energy and everything else is not important anymore. They will not hire you even you are the best option, just because of this stupid “feeling” in their mind.

Fung Shui Essence

Fung Shui energy is about the pre-heaven energy, a form of creation energy. This energy is not like the post-heaven energies in this world, like wind and fire, which is created and moved by ‘physical matters” only. In the pre-heaven dimension, these energies are moved by thoughts, just like saying your brainwaves can move them around if you know what they are and how to command them around. Yes, you do not just change colors and rearrange furniture and call that Fung Shui.

In real Fung Shui consultation, we will go to a person’s house and measure the door and different places with a Fung Shui compass. What it does is allow us to see the already existing “routings” of the energy flow, and what kind of energy came in from this direction. However, most people do not understand the real purpose of this compass.

Many people only think that the Fung Shui compass is a device for measuring directions and collecting data, yet they don’t know that it is a Fung Shui programming device to tweak and change the routings of the house’s Fung Shui flowing pattern. After we have got the data measured and it does not fit what we want, or the energy coming in is not so great, we can change it by using the compass, shifting here and there, then do our Taoist magicto connect the pre-heaven energy in through the compass as a filter, and now the house will start to take in energy from this changed route instead, while the post-heaven factors (physical things) are remaining the same. This is the secret of Fung Shui that is not leaked to the outsiders, and that is why most people do not understand why we need the special compass and cannot just use a normal one because the compass has all kinds of secrets embedded into the “programming device”.

To learn the real Fung Shui, and the Taoist magic that is required to tweak and work with Fung Shui energies, you can get ordained and start learning today by distance. You do not need to travel out of your house to learn it, however, you do need to communicate with us to really learn like how you would learn from a real person!  Learning the real Fung Shui brings you to see the truth behind Fung Shui and how this “science” works. It is deep and powerful!