Problems from Your Past Life

Everyone hates to hear that they are born with something negative from their past life, and they all feel like they should not be suffering from these things since they don’t even know about it and it’s a new life already etc. People are just finding a way to “shift blames.” I wouldn’t say I liked this idea when I was younger. Still, now that I have learned through my experience and the experience of helping other people to solve their problems, I am more than convinced that this is the case for most people and not about shifting blame at all.

I know that you will feel like you are already in a “new” life, so you should have a fresh start. However, nature doesn’t work like that. Just think about why you are born into the family you are in now. Do you get the choose your parents? Nope. Nature will not match you up with your parents randomly; there is always a reason why things happen that way. We cannot control it anymore, but it is not for us to ignore and brush it away.

Being born into a low-income family isn’t a sign of bad luck because those born into a rich family can be full of sadness and troubles too. Happiness is not measured by money, so please don’t think having a good past life record will result in being born with rich parents and family; that is not how it works.

Instead of looking at how the “natural system” does it matchmaking for the cycle of life, we are going to take another approach toward this subject.  Let’s say no one can tell you why you have all this “crap” in this life anyway, so why to bother to find out the reasons. You are born with problems and “crap,” and your job is to deal with it. Even if you don’t believe in this “theory” of past life, you still need to deal with the problems.

This is what I have learned from the gods that taught me. They said that it is useless to dig into the reasons and history of why you get the problems today from the past life or lives because it doesn’t change the fact that you need to deal with the problem now or later. Just like a doctor doesn’t need to know why or where you got the flu, they need to know what your problem is now, then prescribe the medicine, and you will get well soon. It doesn’t matter where you get the flu or how you got it; the medicine is what you need.

So, how to deal with the problems you have now, then? Given that they are related to a past life with non-trackable reasons.

All the things you have done in the past life or lives are linked to your Yuen Sun 元神, the spiritual planetary body. You can imagine it is like your personal planet, but it is not a physical one that you can travel to with a spacecraft. This planet can have all kinds of crap that can cause trouble for you in this world, and they are all a result of your previous life or lives. If you want to deal with the problem, you must fix this planet.

It is a long process, but there is a way in our Taoist magic! There is a scripture called the “Three Officials Scripture,” which is the medicine for this kind of problem.

In the past, I used to fix the problem by going to the Yuen Sun and battling through the crap like a hunting journey. You find problems or the “bad guys” and then kick their butt and destroy the enemy or fix the planet by dealing with its condition, etc. It’s much work, and it does work, but it cannot be something I want to do for everyone. There is a huge price to pay by doing this, too, because much energy is being used for soul travelling and magic battles; it will also greatly damage my health if I am overdoing these sessions for people. When I was helping many people doing their Yuen Sun repair back then, I was also absorbing their problems into my Yuen Sun, and later it ended up that I had to deal with all the health issues myself because it was a big sacrifice. That’s what happens when you don’t know the right way to do things yet!  I am so glad that Saam Law Tao has brought me on the right path now, and I have a much better way for myself and everyone else to get their Yuen Sun repaired without all the scary sacrificing.

The scripture chanting will channel the power from the gods above, which was specially cultivated to fix the Yuen Sun and past life’s issues. When you are done chanting, all that power will be put into a bowl of FU water, then you drink it, and the energy goes into your body, which allows your soul to send them back to the Yuen Sun when you sleep. This allows the gods to deploy their powers into your Yuen Sun, and the whole “package” of power will unpack itself when it arrives at the Yuen Sun, which then pushes the Yuen Sun to make changes (just like how your soul energy dumping would).

The magical power from the gods will help you cut the connections to past-lives matter-related sources (like enemies!) and exorcise the planet so that evils will not be able to stay inside. It will clean up the energy of the place to improve the living condition, harmonize the planet to promote growth and life, and most importantly, detox and push out the obstructed or clogged energies in the planet that is making the whole system “stuck.” Some magical power will also create a barrier and some guards to secure the Yuen Sun from further invasion. How nice, all in one package! Much better than my previous method!

However, another question is how much power you can get from chanting the scripture book once. How strong is your altar, how well is your relationship with the gods, and how much have you learned and practiced etc.? It all adds up to determine the amount of power you can get out of the ceremony. No worry, though; as long as you keep doing it and keep learning and improving proactively, you will surely get the power you want and get your Yuen Sun fixed over time. It’s not going to be a quickie for sure, but this is bringing the possibility to everyone, which is why I am typing this post to encourage you to learn and start doing the magic as a disciple! Get your Yuen Sun back in good condition, and your future will be much better!

If you want to learn how to go about doing this, let’s break down the whole process into three phases:

  1. You will want to do prayers to the gods (Three Officials) to build up the power.
  2. You will have to practise the scripture and learn to chant it by doing the tag-along with the eBook and mp3 files.
  3. Set a time to talk to me and discuss a “treatment plan” so you can do the rite for X consecutive days, accumulate all that power, and send it up to your Yuen Sun at once. (for example, 7 days)

Chanting is not reading, it is not by reading the words from the book like a robot! If you want all this power for fixing up the Yuen Sun, you have to commit and earn the power you want.

Still needs to be ordained? Well, it’s not too late to do so now!  After that, you can start chanting and fixing your Yuen Sun immediately!