A Long Taoist Magic Upgrading Lesson

This is a very important lesson for all disciples, or maybe even our clients/believers because it will let you understand a secret ingredient that will change your view on how magic works. Be patient, and read without skimming. This is a lesson on magic’s three essential elements, the preheaven energies.

  • Time is the first element; the colour code is white.
  • Energy is the second element, colour code black.
  • The heart is the third element, the colour code yellow.

The more time you let the magic have, the more potential can be given. For example, if you give 15mins to the gods to empower a FU, then you take it away; it will have more power than a FU that only has 5mins of time to be empowered, given that it is the same altar and the person doing the work. If this person makes a FU for someone and puts it on the altar for a week before shipping it out, the FU will have more power than the 15mins one.

Time is not enough; the energy being given over time matters too. Just like saying you have stayed in the library today for an hour, but you have not output much energy, so you only slack off and watch TikTok. Nothing much is achieved with that hour spent.  Another guy spent an hour, with much energy spent studying, then his one hour will have much value compared to yours. If you have sanctified a FU at the altar and just let the FU sit for 5mins and take it down, the FU will work, but it’s not going to be as powerful as if you have done a whole scripture and chanting session to empower the FU. Your effort to spend more energy in the period will result in more power being channelled down to the magic.

The heart is the most important ingredient, which sets the direction of the magic. This is like your intention and passion for the magic. Why are you doing it, and for what purpose? Do you really want to make this happen or not? How faithful are you to the magic to success? If the heart element fails, the whole magic will fail no matter how much time you spend. It’s like you are firing many bullets without aiming the gun, or the gun has no sights to aim with, and all the bullets sprayed out are just doing nothing. If the person doing the magic doesn’t believe the magic will work (not faithful), then the magic will not work either. The power of the heart sets the direction and focus; if you don’t believe it, the energies will not go out. Just like you tell your son to do something, but you don’t trust them at all, the kid will not want to go and do it too. The energy listens to your heart, so you must be faithful for it to work!

More things can determine if your magic will be stronger or weaker, but these three things matter the most and can be controlled by you.

You can put more time into the magic work, do more things to output more energy for the magic work and increase your faith level.

However, is it true that you can put the FU on the altar for more time, then it will just indefinitely increase in power? Of course not. There is also a limit to your magic power too. Just like filling the air from an air tank to another air tank, if the source only has that much air, you can’t get more air even if you try to leave the connection on for a longer time. Once the maximum amount is reached, the air will stop flowing. Your FU will also stop getting more power once the maximum is reached.  How to know? Well, that is why we have the divination tools!

Sometimes I would leave the FU on the altar to “charge” for a few days if it is not a rush. Every day, I would burn incense, then do some empowerment chanting. Depending on the situation, different empowerments will be used to customize the powers in the FU. If the client can wait, the FU will often be more powerful. However, most clients would like the FU to be shipped ASAP, so it is not common that I get a chance to do this for clients.

Putting the FU on the altar and asking your god to “charge” it up is a way to get empowerment, but some people also forget to set a time for the god. That is why we burn incense or use other methods, such as the hourglass, to tell god how much time to invest into empowerment. It cannot be unlimited time; so after the incense is burnt out, the gods are just “keeping your FU” safe on the altar; nothing is being charged onto the FU. Therefore, if you only asked for empowerment once on day one and then left the FU there for a week, there is only one incense worth of time: the actual empowerment. The rest of the week is just “safekeeping” time. You can change this by burning incense once a day and chanting after it, telling your gods to empower it again that day. This will give you more empowerment sessions.

Some people asked me what the difference is between a spell and a scripture; why are scriptures always so lengthy compared to a spell?

Chanting a scripture is time-consuming compared to spells, which are often done in a second or two. Scripture is like the longer version of a spell. Just like you can tell a story in a few lines or write a whole series of books to elaborate on the details. If you ask a person what’s the story of Journey to the West about, they can tell you, “It’s about a monk going on a journey with the three disciples and a horse; they go through hurdles and fight their way till the end and stayed strong together.” Then you can search for this tv show series; it has like 60x 1+ hours episodes which you can watch for weeks. The answer, in short, is a spell; the tv show is the scripture. They both tell you the same thing but in different forms.

The questions you might have in your mind now would be, “why is there a need for the short and long versions of the same thing?”

Spells can call the power from the gods for simple and quick help, such as protection, purification, exorcism, etc. It’s easy to do, and you just need a quick “shot” of magic; there is no need to do something that requires 1 hour of chanting. Just like we can clean the table by giving it a quick wipe, no one will need to strip the paint off, sandblast the whole thing, sandpaper it down, and then re-stain the wood, buff it with wax and polish with the machine etc.

Sometimes scriptures are given from the gods first; then, a few spells will be given afterward. For example, an exorcism scripture is given, with many details inside. Then, a few spells are given following the scripture, just in case you encounter a problem and need some quick help one day.

Sometimes, a spell is given without a scripture because it’s just a short command of an agreement to call the gods for something fast.

It’s not which one is more powerful; it’s about which one fit the need and purpose. However, if you have to compare, doing a scripture will cost more time and energy, so more power will be channelled down than a short spell that only takes a few seconds to recite. It’s not always more power the better; just like we are trying to cut paper in half, there is no need for a chainsaw, even if it’s more powerful.

Doing a spell with a mice-level volume will have less energy output than a spell with a more forceful and loud volume, which is why I tell people to project their voices all the time when chanting. You are mumbling; your energy is also doing the same, and so what kind of power do you expect to have when you are not even outputting much effort? The louder and more hype you have, the more powerful chanting is. Observe the other sorcerer or religious chanting; people get very “high,” chanting loudly with lots of confidence as if they are singing on the stage with millions of people watching the show. That is something many disciples failed to do.

If you compare two Taoists to empower their FU, one chanted 1 hour to empower the FU, and their voice is like a mumbling mouse; compared to the other Taoist who chanted 1 hour with a confident and loud voice, no doubt the second one will have more power channelled down. Given the same amount of time as an investment, the energy and heart make the difference.

The heart element is the hardest because it involves many factors, such as your trust, faith and determination toward your Tao, master, magic, gods, etc. You might think the heart is invisible and non-measurable, but it is not. What counts is what has been physically expressed. Your voice is an expression of your confidence level; your movements and body gestures tell how much you believe in yourself; your action shows your heart, and the action matters at the very end. You say you have faith and passion for the Tao, but physically you are not taking much action for the Tao, then the heart element is weak.  A disciple who contributed a lot of the lineage physically, such as money support, will mean that their “heart” element is greater than those who have not actually contributed. What has been done is what counts in nature, not what you say or feel inside. If you have the heart and faith etc., show it, demonstrate it, and that’s what the final result count on. It sounds a bit materialistic, but that is how nature works. You say you believe in the gods, so what have you done or output for them? When it is their anniversary, what have you done for them? No one can lie to nature, and your action tells the truth at the very end. You can lie to yourself and say you believe, but if your physical action shows another version of the story, it’s the physical version that counts, not the one in your heart. Therefore, learn to SHOW and DEMONSTRATE your heart if you want 100% of your potential to be counted toward the magic at the end.

Finally, I would like to give you an example of how we test our disciples for quality. One of the highest masters of our lineage is in Hong Kong; she helps with most of the backend work and handles the disciple’s purchases of magic supplies like incense pots, stamps, robes, etc. Whenever a disciple ordered from her, she would test them in three stages. One is to give them a quote but let them wait so we can see how this disciple behaves while waiting patiently. Second is when the person pays the invoice, she will order supplies and have them empowered and placed at her altar area to do daily empowerments for some time. During this period, the disciple often doesn’t know the supplies were already bought and waiting, but it is another test of patience again. Then, when supplies were shipped, the final test kicks in: the magical power unleashing out of the package. That’s much magical power given to them as a gift, but can they handle it?  If the disciples are bad inside, the great amount of power as a gift will backfire, and what happens is that the disciple will explode and want to quit or withdraw. If the disciple is good, they will be hyped and enjoy the package. This test is very scary but also freakily accurate. Many bad disciples cannot pass the challenge, showing us their true colours right after the exam. This is a test given to the disciples to quality check on them and decide whether they deserve to go up a level. We have lost many disciples because of this exam, but the gods said it is needed, or our lineage will only be full of worms and leeches. I agree, but it is painful to watch. I hope more disciples will be qualified, so I have emphasized teaching the newbies virtues much more now.

This article is lengthy; we even went side-track a bit into the disciple exam! I hope you liked the journey and that I am being “real” to you here, so I don’t bother to edit and cut down the article. I want you to have a full experience as if you are sitting here talking to me. That’s how I teach!  Not yet ordained?  Well, do so now and become a Taoist!