Learning Taoism is Hard Because it is in Chinese

If you come here to learn about Taoism, or Taoist magic, you are at the right place for sure, because we are not teaching you “history” or “historical” Taoism here, but JUST Taoism. Many people will make this excuse about “learning Taoism is HARD” because “it is in Chinese”. Oh I have to learn to say this spell, this prayer, this scripture, or even write this FU in Chinese etc. Well, this article will get you sorted out for good.


Real Taoism is not a Chinese-thing, it is about Taoism itself, which can be put into any language, dialect, if needed. The problem is that if I start to teach a lot of “English Spells” people will think I am going crazy and “HarryPottering” Taoism. For the normal people, you still need the “authentic” vibe with the Chinese side, however, the fact is that it doesn’t need to be.

Taoist magic works even you don’t understand a thing about what you are saying, as long as you follow the “pinyin” in the book and say the spells etc. It’s like trying to say something in a language that you never learned, but because the other side knows the language, you will be fine, they get it. Spells and scriptures are just like you talking to your computer in codes. Have you ever tried to do web designing with the HTML and JAVA codes? Most of the time we don’t even know a thing about coding, we just copy and paste a bunch of stuff that we got from here and there and then somehow the page just worked the way we wanted. That’s exactly what a spell is, you just copy and paste, and it will work just like that, because the god understands, not you.

FUs (written in Chinese) is also like those codes, you don’t have to be an artist to make the FU work. The “intention” matters the most, because gods only read your THOUGHTS. Even your words look like worms and snakes, it’s fine. It’s like a kid trying to write while they are not even one year old, it’s fine, they have “thoughts” in the lines, it’s ok!  Writing the FU more and practicing it makes it neat and pretty, it’s good to do, but it is not needed to get your FU to work. Anyone with no background can just copy the FU with their best effort, even a human cannot read it, god can read it, because it’s the thoughts and intention that they read, not the physical words. You might think it is “so hard” to copy all that characters, it’s kind of like telling me to copy ancient Greek letters, which I know nothing about. What can you do in that case? “Do whatever you can to imitate” and it will be fine. As long as the “word does resemble the stuff you see” – it is all good. Don’t worry!  God is not going to help you less because your Chinese writing sucks. However even your Chinese writing is A+ grade, god won’t help you because he dislike you.

My FU can look like this - which we call preheaven script. You can't even see a single CHINESE character.

taoism fu

What can make god dislike you? Your HEART is everything. Virtue, faith and loyalty. That is the essence, of every religion, not just Taoism. It is not the Chinese, it is not the writing, it’s your HEART that matters. Are you faithful? Are you keeping your words? Are you loyal? Are you saying one thing and do another? Well, all your actions shows what kind of person you are, it doesn’t matter how you try to make excuses to cover it up, god knows.

No fear the Chinese, come in and learn, I will get you going and you will see how easy it is learning Taoism here.