Hoi Gwong 開光 – Consecration in Taoism

The topic we will be talking about here is called “Hoi Gwong” (opening the light) or maybe translated as “Consecration” for the general term. The word “consecration” might not be exactly fitting the word we are trying to say, so let’s make it clear here for our disciples.

Hoi 開 is open, Gwong 光 is light. Imagine you have a package coming from amazon, it is in a box, and the actual product that you bought is inside. How can you “open” it for the object to be exposed to the “light” so that you can see it? Simple unbox it, and reveal the item!  Presenting the box to different people and “Hoi Gwong” to them will means different thing. For example, your box being Hoi Gwong’d by the custom, you will get it checked by them and maybe seized by them too. Let’s say a thief Hoi Gwong’d your box, you might got the item stolen. The same box being Hoi Gwong’d to different people, it result in different result because of who they are and what they will do to it.  Hoi Gwong is like presenting it to someone, and then letting them “see” it.

Why do we do “Hoi Gwong” in Taoist magic?

After a FU is sanctified, we need to Hoi Gwong it to the gods at the end, to get the final approval from the gods so that the power is granted for real. The whole ceremony getting the FU sanctified is like putting in all work to say what this FU is supposed to do and what power it should be drawing etc – yet, no one actually signed the cheque yet, who is paying the bill?  The god needs to see it and sign it for it to be real. Hoi Gwong is the last and most important thing. You must Hoi Gwong to the right god for the right thing too.

In our “Hoi Gwong Spell” book, you can see a series of spells that we use for doing the Hoi Gwong magic.  The first few are the general Hoi Gwong spells that are used for the magic that you have done with the specific level of power. For example, Tin Yat Stage power empowered FU will need the Tin Yat Stage Hoi Gwong spell at the end. It’s very clear and you cannot mess up. It’s like food goes to the kitchen and clothing goes into closet, you cannot mix it up.

After that, you will see some other spells that are for boost/empowerments to empower the magic or even things and people. These Hoi Gwong spells allows the power to shine on the subject and give them a boost with 9 types of different preheaven powers. It is related to the “nine stars theory” in our lineage. To execute these “boosters” you must cultivate the spells and learn to “make” these energies in the practice to be able to manipulate them. This is one simple yet powerful magic, which takes some time to cultivate and learn, it’s not just like saying the spell will get you the power.

Following these 9 boosters, you will find a bunch of spells that is very different. We call them the dragon dance, which was talked about in an earlier post!

As you can see, Hoi Gwong is not that hard to understand, but it is definitely not something you can learn by reading a book or a post. There are many theories you need to understand in order to master the subject. It’s something you need to learn in the real live classes so that you can ask questions and clarify what you think you knew at the moment – and 90% could be wrong, who knows.

The most important thing is that Hoi Gwong means to present something to the gods so they can see it and then "do whatever you have requested" for you, such as approving the powers, granting you a wish, blessing you for something etc. Without Hoi Gwong, your magic is like a fake cheque with no one signing it, resulting in nothing happening at the end because the gods have not even seen what you have done. The question is, do you HAVE a god at home or a connection to a god yet? Is that the god that is supposed to deal with THIS matter you are presenting?  Many people just "copy" and "collect" spells here and there to "Hoi Gwong" their things, and at the end their gods don't even know what they are trying to do, because that's not the spell their gods have agreed to, it's from another place!

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