Repaying Someone Who Helped You Before

As a Taoist, we always know better than average people in terms of virtue and how energy work or can even backfires on ourselves if we are not doing the right thing in life. How about if someone helped you before in your journey of Taoism, like maybe giving you a hand to level you up or gear you up when your budget is insufficient?  Or maybe when you are hit by evil spirits and not able to get rid of it with your power, this senior just happens to save your butt by giving you a hand? The key point is, someone has helped you before, you don’t just forget about it and take it for granted.  If you don’t repay, nature will make you pay, by taking away things from you – including your Taoist journey ticket, and eventually that is how many disciples have became quiet, fading out and gave up cultivating. 

 Paying back someone is easy, but it is definitely not giving back money when people used money to help you. What we mean by paying is giving back something that goes into the HEART of that person who gave you before. ONLY things that goes into the HEART of that person COUNTS as a real repayment. When it goes into their heart, their heart opens – and they are happy. In short, you need to do something that makes them happy for helping you before.

 Imagine young kid getting $20 from the parents for going out with his friends. What will make the parents happy afterward?  The kid paying the parents back that $20?  Or showing the parents that he had a great day and is super happy about the trip? 

Another common example - a Taoist isn’t doing well with the money side, but he has the interest and heart to advance in learning. Sure, there goes a senior disciple helping this newbie out, the senior disciple paid for his altar tools and got him advanced into another stage by gifting him the money. Wow, what a nice gift!  However, would it be nice for this disciple to give back the same amount or more of that money to the senior?  The senior would hate to see that, because what the senior wants to see is the FRUIT and not the money. Fruit, as in the achievements and happiness etc from the help!

All disciples will eventually enter a period of heart-devil hurdle, someone or something will pull you away from your Tao-cultivation and make you feel not as motivated to advance forward. You will eventually have to fight this kind of battle to earn your real power in the Tao path. It is just like love, people can be sweet and gluey at first, but eventually you have to face the plain and simple side of life with the other half and life is not about excitement 24/7. Real love is about being together with someone, living an ordinary and plain life, it’s not a movie, not a novel, not a storybook. Tao cultivation is like that too, it has the plain and simple side, and it’s not always supposed to be wow and exciting. However, many people gave up when they start to taper down the interest, and that’s the challenge from nature.

When you are about to hit that mark, feeling loosen up with the Tao, you should always think back in times, see how many people here, or even me, have helped you and given you so much before, and how are you repaying back?  By giving up? By being weak? By being like a kid who lose interest after 1 month playing the game?  I have seen many disciples with the same issue – starting strong, then dying out fast, because they fall into that same pattern of “excitement driven”. Maybe some are not “excitement driven” but they came to a point that they feel “some” things in the way is not something they “expected” or “wanted”, then they start to loosen themselves from the path. Just like how you might be in love with this lady because of her style and the way she eat with you, but then later you find out that she have some interest or things that you disliked or not feel very “clicked” with, then you start to lose interest in her and taper down your love gear. There is no perfect wife or husband, and maybe its you who need to make changes to bond with them too, not the other way around. Afterall, a relationship should be worked out together and not supposed to be perfect for granted.

When you fall into these grooves in your tao-path, make sure you think about how much people have helped you before, and what you should actually be doing today. Don’t repay people by acting like a child, playing emotional games, or just give up because of difficulties. That’s very pathetic. Everyone who wants to be good at something needs to output their heart, energy and effort. There is no exception. Don’t let difficulties kill your heart, you should fight the hurdle instead and get through it. Repent, reflect, then take action to make changes. It is never too late to make changes the positive way and save your own butt from falling off the Tao Mountain.

You Need Empowerment

Maybe you think or feel that it is too hard to do it, and it is too hard to pick up again. Well, that’s true, a lot of you are weaklings to begin with, and that is why you are learning and getting the help from the gods. You should not rely on your OWN power to get back on track, because you already failed. As a Taoist, you should know what to do – seek help from the uppers, from the gods and deities, from the Tao.

Tell your master (me), and start doing some chanting to channel down the power from the gods. The key point here is to chant with the mouth with ONLY one intention in mind, nothing more. The intention should be to kill all the heart devil and get back on track. Intention is not like you have to think about it all the time too. Intention means you do something FOR that purpose, and once you set it, it’s good enough, no need to think about it again, just focus on DOING the chanting from then on. When you are chanting, FOCUS on the words, and completing the whole thing accordingly. DO NOT think about what the words means, DO NOT think about what’s next step, DO NOT think about if you can do it or not. What you need is purely just DO IT and don’t think. Use your mouth to chant, the eyes to see and read the book, that’s it.

I suggest you to read the Golden Power Zen Scripture ebook, it’s really the best medicine for this kind of situation, for fighting against heart devils and clearing out hurdles in the heart. There is a spell at the end too, you can recite the spell with the beads and wear the beads with you when you walk around. This is a good magical tool for you to fight heart devils and such too.