What is Evil in Taoism’s Definition

What is evil

Taoism talks about evil with a precise definition, and there is indeed a standard for one to understand what is evil for them and is evil really as bad as you might have thought. We are all grown up learning how to not go evil, and evil is for sure bad and ugly, but is that really the case with Taoism? Here we will present you the wisdom of Saam Law Sun Gung, and our lineage, opening you up to a whole new world of wisdom.

In order to understand what is evil in Taoism’s definition, you must understand what is good first. As we say, without light, you don’t know what is dark. There are always two extremes to things, in order for something to exist. 

In Taoism, we talk about the “Tao”. As explained in our article on “What is Taoism”, the Tao, in short, is the essence that carries and lead a system/universe to a certain direction. The word “Tao” itself does not have any subject defined, and it’s just a pattern that can be put into everything. At the same time, there is indeed a definition of what Tao is about in Taoism. It’s easy to understand when you got a person who really knows his stuff showing you the way. Let’s dig in!


What are Tao and Taoism

The Tao of a family is the father that gives his essence to lead the family in a direction, the mother takes the essence (sperm) and processes it, giving birth to a child. The family will then go toward a certain direction, which all based on how the father is. Imagine if the sperm is contaminated with a virus, it could have led to a family with a child that is born with defects and such, leading them to a totally different future.

The Tao of a company can be the president or whoever is in charge at the very top, or even the founder because this person’s intention is what leads the company to a certain focus or direction.

The Tao of your body is your head, and it carries all the essence that allows your body to do things. If your head is changed, you are not you anymore.

The pattern of what Tao can mean is very easy to understand, isn’t it? It’s like the boss or leader of a unit or system. The Tao of Taoism is about the Tao of a person’s life, which is what we called the Yuen Sun元神(see details). The Yuen Sun is your own personal spiritual planetary body that takes in Pre-Heaven essences and processes it, push it to your soul, and the soul will deliver it to your physical body here, giving you your potentials for your life in reality. In another word, it’s like your bank account or treasure box of life. A Taoist cultivates mainly around two things. One is to strengthen and repair the bridge between the Yuen Sun and themselves here in the physical life. By doing so, they can get their life’s potentials and live a better life. Just juicing up your resources is not going to be good for the long run, and so the second part of Taoism cultivation is to conclude by giving back to the Yuen Sun for more to come in the future. That basically sums up the definition of the cultivation of Tao and Te in Taoism within a few lines. You do not need to do this for other things that are not related to yourself because it is not even related to Taoism or yourself.  Taoism is a religion, and you join the religion to learn things for your own benefit, to make life better.


What is Good and Evil?

There is not a solid definition of good and evil by the word itself, but there is a solid definition when you understand what you are talking about. Just like the Tao word, it can mean different things depending on what you are talking about, and we must be very sure about what the subject is, in order to use the words correctly and precisely.

Good is anything that flows with the way of the Tao, meaning the Yuen Sun’s flow to your body. Anything that helps and flow with what your Yuen Sun is doing or leading you toward is good.

Evil is the opposite, which is anything that puts resistance to, stops, interfere, drag, or damage your flow from the Tao is evil. In another word, things like luck stealing magic which stops your Yuen Sun delivery to your body is evil.

Good things help you to grow and empower you. Bad things will destroy you or break you up into pieces and push you to “death” and so that you can cycle back to neutral again.

If you are a Taoist, then you should be in a lineage that you have ordained to. You have your own Tao which is your Yuen Sun as the Tao of your life. At the same time, you also have the lineage’s Tao that is leading you toward a destiny. The lineage’s power is also your Tao that brings you to a certain direction. At the same time, your sifu in the lineage is also your Tao, because he gave birth to your Taoist life and carries you, or brings you to the path of cultivation. As you can see, you have a few Tao’s here to look at. Anything that goes against them, or isn’t going their way, is evil. For example, if you are in lineage ABC, and you step your foot in lineage XYZ at the same time, they don’t go the same way, then you are having both feet placing on two boats in the water, one or the other needs to go, and so where do you want to go? If you want to go to ABC’s direction, XYZ will be your evil. If you want XYZ, then ABC becomes your evil. As you can see from the principle of nature, you can’t have two paths at the same time.

Anything that does harm or gives resistance to your Yuen Sun, stopping it from giving you the Pre-Heaven energies and resources, is also evil.


Is Evil Always Bad?

Nope, it is not. Evil is not always bad, depending on the situation and how you are using “evil”. For example, when we are doing an exorcism, you can say that you are doing “evil” magic too, because of the power properties that you used is to destroy the evil spirit and not to “help and empowers” it. If the spirit has taken over a person’s body, and the spirit is now the boss of the body, it is the “Tao” of the body already, but we need to go “against it” in order to save the person’s life. Therefore, going evil in this case isn’t so bad, right?

When you are teaching your kids, you must also learn to use both ways and cannot just use the “good way” and go with his flow. Let’s say your kid have been hanging out with some gangsters and punks lately, picking up some new hobbies of smoking and abusively taking drugs. His “Tao” (intention) have changed completely, and his own “way” is now very screwed up, shall we still use the “good” tactic on him and promote him to do more, empowers him, help him, toward this path that he is heading toward? Or shall we go evil by smacking his face, scolding him and breaking up his intention or motivations so he will stop doing it as soon as possible and change the other way around?  Evil is sometimes very useful in a good way too.


Why Should One Care About Evil?

Evil or good is not always good or bad, we must see the whole situation to determine is it good or bad. Just like people saying someone “killed a person”, everyone will think that it’s a bad thing, but what if he killed a person that is shooting people in a massacre?

The word evil, just like the word for “Tao” or “ghost” as we have explained before, has no absolute subject glued to them, and we must know what the subject is, in order to apply the patterns to things and see what the real meaning is.

For a Taoist of our lineage, Saam Law Sun Gung, you know your Tao(s) are your Yuen Sun, our lineage and your sifu here. Anything going against or give resistance to these are evil. As explained before, luck stealing magic or any sorcery that harms your Yuen Sun or stop your Yuen Sun from giving you your potential is evil and they are going to harm you or give you negative impacts in life, which is what you don’t want. At the same time, another other religious path is also considered the same, because you cannot put two feet on different boats and expect it to work out.


Saam Law Disciples Must-Know

As a disciple of our lineage, you are ordained into the lineage as a Taoist of this path. While it is not really going to work out if you go multi-paths, we will allow our stage one disciples to still be on their “multi-paths” experimenting stage, because we want people to all to have a chance to learn something from our lineage and have the chance to decide what they really like. When the disciple have decided to go real and get serious, they can step up to stage two in our lineage, and commit to one path only, with the others pushed away.  Our stage 2 disciples and our sifu(s) all only have one religious path and that is the Saam Law Tin Si Tao that we are in.

To be honest, there are not even any Taoist sects that can allow you to be in a few sects at the same time unless the ordination is fake and you aren’t really going anywhere at the end. Every sect or lineage has their ultimate goal and destiny, with their own ‘Tao” of the lineage leading you one way. By undergoing their cultivation system, you will advance onward toward “that” specific path of the sect. Even they are all labeled as “Taoism” in general, like our lineage, we are not the same when you dig into the deeper side of things. Look-alike or similar in some ways does not mean they are the same inside. Just like twins sisters who are born identical in appearance, you might get married to the older sister but that doesn’t make the younger sister also your wife at the end. Knowing what is evil to you is important as a Taoist because you will then understand what is not good to do for yourself, and what is going to harm you in the long run.  

The word evil itself does not have any absolute, but given your own situation, your own decision of which path you want to take, the word “evil” now has a much stronger and precise meaning for you. Our disciples understand what is good for them, and what is evil for them because they are now sure about their Tao and the true definition of “evil”. Something evil to me might be not evil to you, and so when we call something evil (for ourselves) it might be something “good” for others because they “want” that path instead of ours. It’s fine because we are all born to make choices, decisions and that is what sets our destiny. Knowing what you want can change your destiny greatly. If you like our path and theories, you might “want” to also ordainand learn Saam Law Sun Gung too! It can indeed change your destiny – the good way!