What is Evil in Taoism’s Definition

Evil is anything that goes against your Tao. The word for evil is 邪. The opposite of this is 正 Jing which means “aligned”. Anything that aligns with the direction of your Tao is good, anything that doesn’t is bad and evil for you. It’s so simple, isn’t it?

What is the Tao

We said “align” with the Tao, so what is the Tao and how is our Tao like. This article is written for newbies, so I suggest you read “what is Taoism” first to understand what the “Tao” is.  If you are a Saam Law Taoist, then your Tao is Saam Law. You need to know if things are aligned with your Tao?  Easy!  Just read up on the teachings given to you, learn about the 5 virtues, 10 commandments, and so on. Anything that push you to go against these teachings is evil, anything that make you go against your Tao is evil, anything that makes you loses your virtues taught by the Tao such as loyalty, righteousness, and benevolence is evil. If you see yourself starting to act and behave in a way that is breaking these commandments you know your energy is totally “off” from the Tao’s too. That is evil energy on you.

Evil from Daily Life

You will face evil energy daily as part of the challenge in life. A lot of people and things around you might carry energies that are not aligned with your Tao and if you don’t clean them up, you will feel, think and act weird, leading you to see how it all manifest into reality and make you become the next evil thing in town.

People don’t need to even intend to harm you to spray evil energy on you. Sometimes they just picked up some evil energy here or there, then you started to talk to them, then they contaminate you and you start to go evil too.

Evil energy could be felt, like you might feel headache kicks in out of nowhere, or suddenly you get very sleepy and tired etc. Sometimes it’s like someone came to your house, then after they are gone, you felt so awful and sad or depress – evil energy!

Exorcising Evils

To exorcise and kill evils, you need to have 3 things. One is that you must truthfully accept that this is evil, so that you are not doing magic because you were TOLD to, but you really have to WANT to kick that evil thing’s butt.

Second is you need to have the right method, sometimes a spell works, sometimes you need to go with the tools and get bigger powers.

Thirdly is that you need to execute the magic right. Sometimes the FU is right, the spell is right, but it is for cleansing the house and not bathing, somehow you went for the bath and didn’t clean up the house etc. Deploying the magic right, is very important.

The main point is, if you are not even truthfully really hating that evil thing much, then even you did exorcism to it, the magic won’t work, because it is lacking FAITH.

Evil is everywhere, and they don’t have to be “intended” to harm you, but they will cause problems once attached to you. As Taoist, we do some daily cleansing daily to dust off any evil energy that could build up and cause a big bomb later. Check out the purifying spells for example, that’s one of the daily thing we do to cleanse the evil energy out. There is another post on the FU BATH too!

You might be thinking, what about evil spirits? Well, good question! You should check out our "First Taoism Book" to read up on those!

Ordain today to start learning!  Clean up yourself and your home, you will see that life will be much better with less evils around!