Creating a God is Easy but Also Dangerous

You heard it right; we can all create gods without learning it from anyone; it’s a natural ability we can all do. What is a god? That’s what you do not understand, which is why it sounds ridiculous to “create” a god.

God is a preheaven energy containing “light,” which is not ordinary like the light from your light bulb or the sun. The light lets you “see” things in life, like the vision that lets you see the future. For example, you have a very wise friend, and you ask him for advice for a chess game, and he can somehow teach you how to make every move to win against the opponent. You cannot even understand how he did it, but he keeps winning!  You ask him how he knows what to do next, and he says, “Well, I make this move, then I already can see his next seven moves; how can I not win?” This is the “vision” he has for the game!  You can also imagine the vision of a good CEO of a big company, he can have many ideas that ordinary people won’t even think about, and that is why he makes the big bucks and you cannot!  This is the “light” and “vision” I am talking about.

So, what is god again, and how can you create one? When you have “hope” for something, a god can be created. For example, you want to be doing well on your exam. Once your intention is there, and your faith is there to believe this will happen, the “god” is already born. When the intention is up, the god is in the “spiritual embryo” state, which is like a light orb, and the energy then manifests into other forms to help you achieve that goal as you physically do what it takes to do better in the exam. This is the “god” that anyone can create, and it’s naturally done even if you don’t have a religion or never learned how to do it.

However, a professional version of god that we use in religion is more sophisticated and powerful because we cultivate a god instead of just brewing one up whenever we have an intention. We cultivate it like growing the god inside a container; everyone can contribute to the same pool of energy, making the god stronger and bigger as time goes on. Instead of a “one time only” god that most people create and use, this is like growing a big tree that can give birth to many for the long term; it’s a much more powerful thing that can be cultivated, grown, and used by many others.

The gods that ordinary people make are still “real,” not that they are not real, but they are not as powerful as professionally cultivated ones. It’s enough for what they are for but not enough to fight evil spirits or defend against evil magic attacks.

To communicate with the gods, you treat them like human beings and talk to them inside just like you talk to yourself!  Even if you are talking to the religious gods, it’s the same, and that is why all the gods have a human-looking profile to them, as if we treat them like a person. They are not people (human beings etc.), but if you treat them as one, you can communicate with this special power.

Now that you know how the gods are created, let’s talk about how dangerous it can get…!

Just like a child might create their god by treating their teddy bear as a “friend” and start talking to it. This will allow the child to create their god inside the teddy bear, and when the god is mature, the feeling will grow between the child and the bear. As a result, the child will feel that this bear is talking to them, or they might sense the emotions that the bear is giving off. This is not an illusion; it’s a real god created by the child!  However, if the bear is being attacked by some spiritual “hackers” out there, like evil spirits looking for prey, this child is in trouble. The “hacker” can pretend to be the god inside as if they are the “bear” and start manipulating the child by talking to them, telling them things, and leading them to do things that the evil spirit wants them to do. The child doesn’t know what’s wrong with the bear, so they will be tricked and eventually fall into the trap and dip themselves into a big pool of trouble.

Creating a god is easy, just like creating a shelter in the forest is not hard too!  All you need is to build some boundary, and there goes a “shelter.” However, do you have the power to defend and protect it? Do you know how to tell if someone is invading it? Do you have the power to identify if the god is being hacked? Like many people who use computers these days, many are still unaware of scams and viruses in their email inboxes, which is why scammers are still actively using the same trick all the time! Creating a god is good and helpful, but it can also mean trouble coming your way if you don’t have the knowledge and power to defend and protect yourself.

Since creating a god is a natural thing that we do even if we don’t know we are doing it, evils are hacking many people in the spiritual realm without even realizing it. Many people love to “listen to their heart” and the “inner voice,” If some evil spirits are hacking them, these voices will lead them the wrong way. For example, some people will listen to the voices and start to go on drugs to hook themselves up with more illusions!  Some people will listen to the voice and start doing weird practices and body modifications! Some people will listen to the inner voice (hacked) and start doing weird diets or very disgusting things.  I am using some more extreme examples, but there are also many “righteous looking” things that people can do, which can be evil and wrong too, and those are harder to spot for ordinary people!  For example, a victim could suddenly be doing 4 hours or 5 hours of meditation a day and sit there doing nothing, going vegan, and maybe start reading a book every day… turn out they got tricked by the evil thing at the back and end up doing all these useless things wasting their life for nothing in return.  What was the goal of the evil thing then?  Maybe to change your mindset, put you on a spin, or even weaken your soul energy so you will not be able to resist their energy-stealing work when they loot your soul energy away later.

How do you prevent this from happening? Well, you need to become a Taoist and have protection power!  Ordinary human beings are exposed to these evil attacks, just like ordinary computers without anti-virus are open for hackers to attack too. If you want protection, you need to install an anti-virus, just like you need to become a Taoist and have the magic power to defend against these things. To me, religion is a necessity for everyone, not an option. The fact is that there are many evil spiritual beings out there looking for prey, and you should not make yourself the weaker one who can be easily hacked! Embrace the power of the Tao today, get ordained, and you will learn to protect yourself and use the PRO version of “god” instead of the ordinary power!