Stepping into the Spiritual Realm 101

In our Taoist magic rituals, we got something called “Stepping into the spiritual realm” or Bu Qyue 步虛. This is a very important step for the ritual to WORK! Let’s dig into this in this article.

You can get it like the gods, and we have different “frequencies” (a metaphor), and for our words to be heard by the gods from far away, such as the celestial court, you must tune the space to a certain frequency channel. It’s like the radio frequencies, like FM 88.9; you must tune into the right frequencies to hear what’s being broadcast on the channel. Walkie-talkies also work like that too!

When we do the spell and ritual for this “Bu Qyue,” we mark the area we use for the ritual and change the whole “frequency” to match the celestial court. After this is done, things you say inside the area will then be heard by the celestial court, just like we have tuned in to the same channel on the walkie-talkies. You can mark the area by stepping around in circles in front of the altar, which marks the perimeter for the channelling zone. We also use a magical instrument called the Yunn Hing, which we hit while walking and chanting to channel the power down as we chant.

After this part of the ritual, we can do our other spells, such as the god-invoking spells, and the gods from the celestial court will then be able to hear our words!  If you don’t do this part, it’s like you are just screaming to the air, no one is responding, and no gods will be invoked!

Besides using this for a ritual or chanting, it can also be used on special occasions when we are doing magic that requires extra help from the celestial court above. For example, I might be at the client’s house doing exorcism, and suddenly, the evils decide to go wild and attack me; then, I could mark an area with this magic and put the clients into the protected circle while I deal with the evil thing. This way, the celestial court can give us help and protection for the time being and lend us the power to handle those stronger entities.

If we are trying to pray or talk to the gods above using prayer, we could also do this magic first, which ensures our words can be heard and we are not just talking to the air while wasting our time and energy!  You don’t want to be talking to the wall after 30 mins of effort.

There are also other “stepping magic” for channelling the higher powers into our body for special purposes. If no Bu Qyue is done before the stepping magic, everything you do will not work because you have to connect to the right frequency yet; just like a phone is not connected to the service, no matter what number you dial, it won’t go anywhere.

As you can see, Bu Qyue is the most important step to ensure that ANY magic that channels to the celestial court will work. Start learning by using our MP3 tag-along, and you can find the text in our ebooks, such as the morning rite and other rites books.