Daily Essential Incense Burning for Taoist

Daily Essential Incense Burning for Taoist

incense burning in taoism

When you get ordained into our lineage for learning Taoist magic, you will quickly learn to do 2 types of incense magic at the altar – which we call Ching incense and Jing incense – 清香,淨香. These incense magics are very easy to do, but understanding what you are doing and why you are burning incense is even more important. In this article, we will explain the theory behind the two incense magics, but don’t forget to read up on the “yellow and red incense” and the “incense pot” article too.


Ching and Jing 清淨

To Ching is to transfer something into a system, like to give only, and nothing is required to be done. After Ching, we have Jing , which is to pass on something for the other party to absorb and digest. Look at it as giving you food to swallow, versus having swallowed the food and the digestive system starts to work, process it, and absorb the good stuff from the food. 

With the altar, we practice the Ching and Jing incense daily, which is like a way to feed the altar. Ching incense will feed it by giving, and Jing incense will exercise the altar to make it process and absorb the contained essence from you, which helps to develop power. What happen if you just eat but not digest? You eat chicken, poop out chicken, your body doesn’t benefit from it, right?

Doing the incense is easy, it takes just a minute or less to do, but knowing what is going on is the important part.

When we do Ching incense, we are personally connecting to the Tao with our body, and channeling in the pre-heaven essence from the Tao by using our heart spell. The essence is like a “seed” form in this stage, which is not unpacked yet, hence you can give it to the altar to keep.  It is like giving the altar the capital resources for the altar to have resources to use for doing things later. Ching incense seems very easy to do, but is definitely the most important thing to do for your everyday cultivation.  If you do not do Ching incense, your altar is like a farm with no water and no air, nothing can be grown out of it.  Ching incense let your altar have more capital resources, like how you give more money to someone, so they can use it later. However, just money alone cannot be consumed like food, but it can be used later for buying food. 

When we do Jing incense, we are firing up the altar’s internal energy and pushing it to purify, to digest, to blend and absorb, which will now take the essence from the altar and from you and digest it, burn the essence for energy, and now the power will be developed because it used up the essence inside the system.  The Jing incense can also help your altar to remove clogs and obstacles, because it is processing and digesting, just like if you have dirty things in your system, pooping it out is one good method to get those bacteria out of the system too.   

When you do Ching and Jing incense, the incense smoke travels everywhere, and everything that the smoke and odor can reach will also have the magical benefit too. Therefore. if you are doing Jing incense, your house will also get these pre-heaven energies packed into its energy body and get purified too. 

Just Ching and no Jing will make your altar store up a lot of resources, but it can also make your altar “fat and clumsy” with many energies stuck here and there, slowing down the system and such.  Jing incense help your altar exercise and make it develop power by using those essence inside. 

Just Jing and no Ching will make your altar weak because it's like you keep exercising your organs but not feeding them with food and drinks.

The Baisc Rule

As a even more general outline, you can say that your altar needs to have things fed into it daily, be it incense, food offerings, or other forms of “feeding”.  At the same time, you must also use up the energy of the altar in some whatever ways, doing magic work, etc.  You cannot just eat and sleep, that’s not healthy, and it applies to your altar too.

Just like we said in the concluding article, Tao and Te is important, you must remember to feed the altar stuff, and also to use the stuff up, for a better future to come. You cannot just feed and not use up the resources.  Making money is good, but spending it will bring you the things that you can really use and consume. Just making money won't bring you happiness.

While your altar is getting stronger, developing a good foundation, you will be able to now start your “alchemy” with it.  If you cannot upkeep the altar with its basic needs, its like trying to raise cows for milk but not taking care of the cows.  The cows are useful and powerful, but you failed to upkeep them, how can you complain when there is no milk or beef later?

There is a lot more to learn about basic altar maintenance and upkeep, ordain to learn today and know about how a Taoist magic altar work!