First Incense of the Year

This is the most important article you need to read for the whole year, or maybe for the year to come. Read carefully and we wish you the best of luck! It is about the “First Incense of the Year”!

The first incense of the year at the headquarter of our lineage is the most important for you as a believer or disciple for building your connection and bonding with the gods. This is the time when the gods start a new connection with us, like a fresh page of the whole book, your first incense down will mark your intention for how you want the gods to help you this year. First incense means your FIRST incense into this pot. If you missed it on CNY day 1, you can always do it within the CNY period as your “first incense” of the year too. For people who came to us in other months of the year, then basically that will become your first “incense offering” after you knew of this place.

Meaning of Wealth

Wealth, is referring to the preheaven energies, the magic power, the blessings from the gods. With the preheaven energies, you can convert it into useful things in this world like opportunities, ideas, creativity, motivation, courage, thoughts, and many more things that leads to all sorts of good happenings in reality.

I know most of you are thinking wealth is money – and many of you want money. Sure, how to make money?  Maybe your way of making money is to do business, sell products, and you need clients. With the wealth from the gods, you can have more potential clients, because your ideas are better, your promotion is more attractive, your products make people FEEL good and leading to more sales and more income, then you have more money.

Money cannot buy you good feelings, when the customer feels good, they will buy your products!

What if you are working with a stable job, fixed salary? Then you want to secure that, or boost the potentials of getting a raise, or maybe bonus, and getting the “like” from your upper so you won’t end up being in trouble for no reason and losing what you have! 

What if you are not yet working but about to get a job?  Then you need the wealth to help you find a better job, vision is everything, you need that vision to see the best opportunity in range, and be able to get that secured as your career!

Offerings and Intention

The offerings for this “first incense of the year” is set with some intentions and numbers, you can pick those as default or add more quantity to teach to customize your order. The main point is to relay the message and give the number of offerings to show your heart.  Make the god like you more and see your heart. It’s a once-a-year thing, let the gods know how much you wanted their help.

Remember wealth is referring to the god’s blessings and magic power, their preheaven energies. For example, 168 – wealth keeps blossoming. What is “blossom”? It means when the wealth is delivered to you and you used the wealth in reality. 168 means the blessings keep helping and powering you up non-stop.

You can choose other numbers to represent an intention of your own too, but the fact is, you are showing the gods your heart!

Burn your first incense of the year now!