Proud to Be a Taoist! Always Prepared!

Proud to Be a Taoist! Always Prepared!

power of taoist magic

In our article about “concluding magic”, we talked about the basic concept and importance of Tao and Te. Basically, the concept is all about cultivating the Tao, which is to take and get from the Tao, like a student trying to learn better, absorb more, etc. After you have gotten things from the Tao, you got your benefit and you give back to the Tao, which means you giver back something the Tao needs, and there goes a complete cycle. When you give back to the Tao, It promotes the Tao to be able to give you more in the next cycle, just like you take from a farm, you give back to the same farm you took from, and that means more fruits to take later on. Imagine what happens if you keep grabbing the apples from a tree and never help the tree back?  It will eventually die out and no more apples will be there for you. It’s a simple metaphor, and we all understand the importance of take and give back, it’s just common sense to everyone. 

However, people these days are too extreme in their “give back” and they start to just give back to anything they can find, which is totally not working at all.  Hey, let’s think about this for a second. If you are a mother, and you gave your love and care to your son, then he grew up and start to give back to another mom, not you…!  How does it feel?  Remember the essence of this Tao and te cycle is – A give to B and B give back to A, not C, not D, not Z.

Giving Back

In order for one to really benefit from our Taoist magic, we must require the client or patient to output something for what he wants first. For example, we will charge them with a price tag. This then marks the exchange between the client and us, and will also balance out the amount of “help” they can get from us. However, this money only pays for the service, the work done by us human beings.  We did the work, but how much can they really benefit as a final result?  That all depends on the other factors that lie between us and the client themselves.  For example, how much have they “given back” to us after the service is provided?  We are not talking about the give back in money now, but giving back the feedback, the trust and faith, how much they are cooperating with us, and are they really putting their hope into our service or not, or are they using our FU talismans the way we told them etc. All this “give back” will determine the amount of benefit they can really get from our service. 

Sometimes the work is done 100% properly and fully on our side, but the client is not giving his full trust, and he is testing us etc. Well, if that is what he is “giving back” after our service is provided, then the benefit for him is for sure not going to be there. As you can see, the way of giving back is not always money, sometimes it can be something that we need from them (the provider needs), such as trust, faith, appreciation and such.  Think about how your mom and you work in this kind of cycle?  She baked you a cake, do you pay her cash?  You show her you are happy, you enjoy eating it and you talk with her to tell her how nice it is and how delicious it is etc.  After she hears all that words and sees your smile, she will want to bake you a cake again, right?  Mom gave you a cake, you take the cake, and you give back all these appreciation and feedback, which is what the mom wants.  Same situation with our service here with Taoist magic. We did the service, we provide you a report, and what did you give back to us as a client?  Some clients just ignore the email and pretend they vanished, some clients will type me a nice message about how they feel and how much they appreciate the work and such.  There are even clients who want to give some more money for appreciation and support our lineage too.  This give-back will affect the final benefit that they will receive.

The Wisdom of Giving

My disciples then asked me, if someone must give back or give something in order to have our magic work for them, then how can we just help anyone who is in need?  What if they are poor and cannot pay anything? 

First of all, having the heart to help people is good, but you must always keep in mind that you should not help others on behalf of yourself. When you are helping someone on behalf of yourself, you are drawing resources to help them from your own account, your own energy heart, your own life essence, and that is not going to be good for you in the long run. The more you draw power from yourself and help people, the more you will see yourself wear out and your health will go dramatically down the hill. Don’t do that!

The smart way to help people is to do it on behalf of Saam Law Jo Si, the higher power of the lineage. When you draw heart spells and such, you are drawing power from the higher power of the lineage to help people. Having said that, you are now just the middle person, like a bridge, connecting the Tao (your Tao) to someone else. For example, there is this little boy named John, and you want to help him by using some Taoist magic?  Sure!  You can!  Remember, you are helping him by requesting power from Saam Law Jo Si to pump help over to John, NOT YOURSELF.

The Tao provides to John, and John will get the benefit right away, without costing you anything, and without draining your own life resources out for this magic. Now John might or might not show appreciation or give back.  If you tell him that you have used the magic power from the lineage to help him, and he say thank you or show you some smile and good feedback, he is already starting to give back.  The more he appreciates you, the more he is appreciating the lineage and Saam Law Jo Si, because you represent the lineage, and Saam Law Jo Si at the same time.

This is not hard to understand, just imagine how a policeman and you interact. You are injured by some gun shots on the street and the policeman came and rescued you – on behalf of the police force of whatever country.  You appreciate his help so much and what’s next?  Instantly you will love the police force a lot, you will think the whole police force is like a bunch of superheroes and you will always trust police from then on. Why so?  It’s all because the police show you that he represents the police force, and not himself.  When you are helping others with your magic, always tell them you are a disciple of Saam Law Taoism, Tin Yat Lineage, show them your identity and let them know what is the Tao that is helping them, not yourself, but the higher power that you have connection to.

If the person feels it in the heart, and he likes the lineage and Saam Law because of you, that is a small “TE” (give back).  If the person says it out and appreciates you, thanks you, and praises you etc, that is a medium “TE”.  If the person gives you something back such as a form of gift or money or whatever that you can take (can even be a painting or drawing from the kid too), that is a big “TE”.  The word TE, means to output the intention and action to give back and plant something back into the heart of where you have taken from.  After you have gotten the feedback from this person who you just helped, now it is your turn to transfer the give back to the lineage.

To do the transfer, you must remember there are places to transfer back to. Number 1 is yourself. Yes, you heard it right, you have to transfer the message or gift from your memory back to your heart, feel it, and smile, appreciate your own work, and love the lineage more by your heart because you have used the power and helped someone, and the someone felt it too!  This is the first thing to do, reflect and think about it again, love the lineage more, smile, and feel it again.

The second transfer is to the masters, go back on LINE and tell your story, thank the lineage, and share the joy, because this is where you got your knowledge and powers, right?  Your success can help others, and motivate others to do like what you have done too!  Giving back to the lineage is very important!

The biggest and last transfer is your altar, or if you don’t have an altar yet, you can do the “sky method” as you have been doing on day 1.  Burn incense (or sum heung) to relay the message back to the Jo Si, and you can even give the “gift” to the altar, such as the food or even a drawing from the person you helped etc. Put it on the altar to show and share.  After the altar is closed down, you can take it down and eat it, tape it on the wall, etc. 

Now that your part is done and concluded, then the whole cycle is nicely completed.  The more you help people like this, on behalf of the name of Saam Law Jo Si or other Jo Si (higher powers), the better your magic will get, because you are always coming back with the “give back” to the lineage, which promotes your potentials and will help you to increase your TAO and TE power in the lineage.

Do More, Grow More

All our disciples should USE the magic more and more, help yourself, help others, and don’t hold back in helping. At the same time, don’t just blindly “help”, remember to learn how to help, and help smart!  You can’t just go around the mall and hand out some vitamin C pills and call that helping people, right?  The more knowledge, skill, and power you have, the more helpful your help is. Just like a policeman with more skills will be able to help you much more than a newbie policeman who doesn’t even know how to shoot his gun or use the walkie talkie properly, right?  Improve and keep improving, because everyday you are preparing, and cultivating.  What are you preparing for as a Saam Law Taoist?  You are preparing for yourself, and also for your family, and maybe even anyone who you might encounter in the future which you can help them with your power.

Let’s think about a situation which is close to something I have personally witnessed.  One family went to a cruise for vacation, and everything seems nice and pretty, until the night when something strange happened.  The mom, who is a 56 year old doctor, went into her room and want to take a nap before the buffet started.  After a while, she started hearing noises and things start to rattle around, then she saw this scary “thing’ that pops into her vision and she blacked out. After a few hours, people finally realized she was missing and the family searched for her.  After searching, they found her room door is locked, and the keys won't work. They bang open the door and the lady was passed out on the bed, with the body ice cold.

Everyone was shocked and they try to rescue her, and finally got her back, but she is already seeing visuals and going crazy.  If you are there, with the Taoist magic power, you can be the one to give her a hand, knock out that spirit who possessed her, and pump her life back to normal. However, people don’t know what to do, and this lady went back to her hometown, and was put to a hospital with a label of mental illness that the doctors couldn't help with. Imagine that is your mom, how do you feel?  There can be anything like that which can pop out by surprise, and surprises NEVER wait for you to say “please let me find my notes first”.  If you are not ready, you are not ready!  As a Taoist in our lineage, we are like Saam Law soldiers who are always on standby for anything that can happen out of the blue which the physical methods fail to help or deal with.  Even a bad bleeding situation can be very hard to deal with, and magic can at least help the patient to calm down, and get the bleeding to stop faster. 

Learning our Taoist magic is awesome, and as our beloved disciples who have ordained, you should never hesitate to help people, and always learn more, improve your skills and power to provide better help to others!  You are like a police force, you can help others, but you must also learn and polish your skills in order to be not become one of those fat-pig-police!   If you are not yet ordained, we welcome you to join our lineage, and embrace the power of Saam Law Taoist Magic!