Bagwa Army Taoist Magic Practical Lesson

Bagwa Army Practical Usage

The Bagwa Army is very useful, you can use these FU/ flags/ magical tools to help you with your everyday life. Let us dig into how to use the different camps specifically for helping you with all sorts of things. 

First of all, here are the BAGWAs in order again:



First of all, you need to know what is your problem. Is it a pre-heaven issue or post-heaven issue? Simply said, is it something that hasn’t happened yet, or something that happened already.

Pre-heaven issue examples:

1. Finding a job opportunity and nothing is in sight now.

2. Looking for a girlfriend but not being able to date anyone or have any partner choice(s) in mind now.

3. About to invest into some sort of business but not sure yet.

Post-heaven issue examples:

1. Someone sued you and there is already a lawsuit case opened.

2. Being attacked by evil magic!

3. House is facing a lot of bad fungshui issue(s) this month and many things are breaking.

After finding out whether you have a pre or post heaven issue, then you can find your army and call that army for the specific kind of help. For example, we will pick one example from the ones listed above to see how the pre and post heaven Bagwa can help.

Pre-heaven Bagwa

CASE: About to invest into some sort of business but not sure yet.

KIN ARMY – Helps you stay connected to the TAO and make sure that your VISION is bright. It ensures your VISION, and potentials are going to pick the RIGHT one.

DUI ARMY – Helps you research, compare, and see if this is actually the right business, or even to search for elements and information about the business before you invest your money in.

LEI ARMY – Helps you push the button and INVEST, be confident and make the right decision, fight self-doubting issue, and helps you MAKE THE CALL.

JUNN ARMY – Helps you hold onto your own ideas and thoughts, and not be shaken by anything trying to change your mind. It also empowers your courage and makes you confident and feel stronger.

SHUN ARMY - Helps you push the ideas you have into the actual investment case and lets you think, ponder, and shift resources around to make things happen.

HUM ARMY – Helps you open the opportunity for real; this is when you interact with the business and start the contract.

GUN ARMY – Helps you while you put down your investment and accumulate resources into the business.

KWUN ARMY – Helps you complete the transaction and conclude it, and makes sure nothing goes wrong with your investment.

Post-heaven Bagwa Example:

Case: Being attacked by evil magic!

KIN ARMY – Keeps the connection with HQ, so HQ knows I need support and help!

HUM ARMY – Makes way and clears the pathway for troops to come in and protect me or help me fight.

GUN ARMY – Accumulates troops in my area. More people and guns = more power.

JUNN ARMY – Empowers and weaponizes my troops to fight.

SHUN ARMY – Pushes the troops to the right spot to do the right job.

LEI ARMY – Gives the command for troops to START to fight.

KWUN ARMY – Troops go INTO the task and finish off the enemy, killing them.

DUI ARMY – Channels and communicates with HQ again; reports back about what is done and what needs help etc.

At certain times, command the specific troop to work and/or even carry the specific army FU with you, and you will get the help from that army for your specific need(s). For specific cases, please consultwith us to get the most suited power for your need!