Anyone Can Do Taoist Magic?

Anyone can do Taoist magic already, without even learning Taoist magic, can you believe that? Well, the question Is – what defines Taoist magic? In our article of “What is Taoism”, we have defined this clearly. Taoist magic is magic that is done with the Tao’s power, and what is your ‘Tao”?

The Tao, as explained in the linked article above have explained, is something that can lead a leader or a “head”. It’s sort of like saying the father is the head of the family, he is like the boss at home. Well, who leads the dad? Maybe the boss from the company that he works for. That’s the boss of boss!

Taoist magic utilizes the ‘Tao”’s power, and what is the “Tao” that everyone is linked to, or referring to, is the biggest question. For a person who are not ordained into any sects or lineages, their Tao stays within their own system.

As explained in the article of the “three pure ones”, everyone have a Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body), a soul body, and their physical body.

The Yuen Sun is the Tao 道 that sets the life on a direction, and the soul is the “Ging - processor 經” which converts these energy from the Yuen Sun into energy that powers up the body, thoughts and such. At last, the body is the teacher, the Si 師, who acts and teach the “Tao” to adjust its output and such. 

For example, if the Yuen Sun is pushing you to become a doctor, but you physically acted to show you hate this path, then your Yuen Sun will stop giving you the same direction. That is why one should act honestly even toward themselves, or else the Yuen Sun doesn’t know it needs to change for you!

Magic, as defined in our earlier article, is to input the intention, the heart energy, and kick something to happen, or to change, and make it go forward, to happen.

For example, two people are not harmonized, they get into fights and never like each other. With magic, you can push in intention and energy to change this situation, make them think and feel differently, and there goes the harmonizing magic, which allows them to move on and be friends again.

Taoist magic withdraws the power from the Tao, which for a normal person, they withdraw energy from the Yuen Sun, and apply it on things with their intention, and “heart” that sets the program.

How is it done? No one taught you, but yourself. Check out this video below that talks about how people can be cursing and doing magic to people with knowing they are actually doing harm on their friends!



The Real Taoist Magic

While we are doing tons of unintentional or “accidental” magic here and there, that’s not what we learn in Taoism.We are classified as the professional type of magic sects, which does things the professional way.

The difference between just someone randomly cursing people and us, is that our Tao is not the ordinary Tao. When you ordain into a lineage, you ordain to the “Tao” that is greater than yourself, which you have fate with, and the Tao accepts you, then you can get the power from it. As explained in the article of “What is Taoism”, every sects of Taoism is not the same, and that is because they are all connected to something different from the beginning.

The “Tao”, or the leading forces, is not the same for everyone in Taoism. Some sects believe they follow the Tao of ABC God, some like the idea of XYZ God, some like to follow the Tao of Saam Law (our path). Whatever path you have chosen, means that you are then connected to this path as your Tao, and all other paths then detach from you, since you have made the decision. If you are still shopping around, and your heart is here and there, it means you have still not yet get your “one”.

In Taoism, there is a saying – Tao got “one” and connects. It means things will “start” when A connects to B with their heart.  However, if you have not decided where to connect to yet, then nothing will happen or start. Imagine you are trying to decide where to go or what to do, and you are still deciding, then you will go nowhere, because you have not made your decision! We understand this from our daily life, it’s just common sense!

This is what's in Tao Te Ching -


It translates simply to  - the sky got connected and will clears itself (rain will come down), ground got connected then it will get peace (because it pushes things out of the system, therefore it will be peaceful inside the ground when things are released). The power got connected, then it will start to transmit - like when the power from your mouth connected to something, you will keep talking and the meaning inside your words will keep flowing over to the other person listening to you. 

Therefore, when a person decided to ordain into a sect of Taoism, they willmake the cut, meaning that they will decide to commit. When the disciple fully and honestly made their decision, they will have to ask the Tao to accept them, which is to request for the ordination, and the master will have to check with the Tao to see if the higher powers of the lineage is open to accept this person. If yes, the disciple will be accepted and be given an identity in the lineage, with a Taoist name.

Once the disciple is “in the Tao”, which means they belongs to the family, the sect, the lineage, then they will be able to get energy and power from this higher power instead of using the things from their own “Tao” – which is the Yuen Sun.

At the same time, this Tao of the lineage will have its own communication methods, and its own language, which the disciple will need to learn, in order to communicate with the powers. For example, in our lineage, you will learn to use the spells, the codes, and the symbols of our lineage etc. Things in our system does not work in another, because we do not share the same language. The methods and such are all like a language system that the higher power have given to the human beings to use for communicating and interacting with the Tao’s power.

Taoist greet 

Benefit of Being a Real Taoist

Your Yuen Sun might not have all that wisdom, magic methods, and even power for you to take. Therefore, even you are a “Taoist” of your own Tao, you are pretty much just like trying to fight without learning martial arts.

A real Taoist ordains to a different Tao, a greater Tao than their own. That is like going into a company that is bigger and greater than yourself, then you can make use of the new elements there to benefit yourself, and even fill up the patches of your own Yuen Sun. As you can see, being a real Taoist not only get you out of that “blind mode”, but also opens up a lot of potentials growth for you that will make your life better than it should be.

None of the Taoist sects are connected to the same paths, and the ugly truth is that no one likes to bring this up because it stirs up fights in the society – your is crappy, mine is better, etc. Therefore, the people try to mellow it out and make up stories to say that “they are all the same” or “they are similar, trying to achieve the same or similar things”. It sounds like to the ears, but its definitely poison for your brain.

Let’s say, all families have parents and children, so do you give back to your mom by feeding the other homeless moms out there? Just because they are all mom(s), it doesn’t mean you can just feed any mom to pay back your real mom’s love and care! In our lineage, our disciples ordaininto Saam Law Tao, and will only give back to Saam Law and nothing else, because it is Saam Law that gave us this awesome gift!