Memorizing the I Ching?

Memorizing the I Ching?

A lot of spiritual seekers who came by the I ching will want to find a way to “memorize the I ching”, and turn out it might take them years to do so, and the most disappointing thing is that they will soon find out that they have been only a robot of a book they have trusted because of its popularity and not really understanding anything at all besides quotes like people trying to memorize lines from a novel or legend. Is that really how it’s learned?  Is that the real I ching wisdom? 

Yes, we do I Ching divination service, and are profession in this. Therefore, we are also teaching it to our disciples so they can use it to help themselves too. This post is to share you the real learning experience of how it should be learned, and how it should not be learned.

Chinese, especially the ancient Chinese, has a very enclosed culture, and that is why they accept disciples and not students. There are not much you can learn from a master without being their disciple, living with them, working for them, and even have to beg for knowledge while doing your chores. A lot of movies today does bring out that old fashion culture to the westerners today, but people sort of not realize that it’s really how it works in learning these deep wisdom from the masters. If everyone can just buy a book and start memorizing then call themselves a master, then the whole Chinese population is all full of masters everywhere. It’s not that easy, and what they have exposed is only the surface, for promotion, and not even the meat of their teachings. Yet, many might have thought it is amazing and it worked for them already, but you aren’t even seeing the real deal yet.

Learning how to cook from a cookbook is hard, but you do it robotically and memorize formulas as you go. Learning how to cook from a real chef is harsh and not hard, but you really learn it without having to memorize a book, because it’s hands-on and it’s practical, and most importantly, it’s taught to you by a real master who doesn't need books, because he is the book. Have you seen how a real chef puts his oil, salt, sugar and wine into the skillet? They say “oh screw it, a bit of this, a bit of that, and here we go, beautiful dishes, delicious!”  There are no measurements because he knows it already by feeling and not by reading. You might go by the spoons and measuring cups, but did you really learn it by tasting or you are just trusting that measuring spoon?

No matter it’s Taoism, Taoist magic or I ching, it’s the same way that is used to inherit the wisdom and knowledge, and you don’t need to memorize much when you are really learning it under a sifu.  You learn by understanding patterns, knowledge, and there goes your own I ching that you can think and rewrite it out already. However, there is a lot of things not written in the book of I ching because there are too many variations and too many changes that can happen in one process, and so the book only lays out the basic for the newbies to use as a reference guide.

I guess you can think about it this way. We all know how to live a life, every day you go through about the same routine. And you eat about 3-4 meals a day, with some breaks and work session in between. If you try to write a book of how one day should be spent, you can also write it out easily, but is that the only way how a day could be spent?  There are zillions of variations and tweaks you can do and tons of things you can observe around you to change that schedule around. For example, you need to look at the sky for dark clouds, or feel the wind outside, maybe even see if there are any traffic jams, etc. There are tons of variables that needs your logic senses to interpret and not a dead book to tell you what to do.


I Ching is Alive

I Ching, most people call it the book of change but seems like a lot of people not really understanding this concept at all. The I ching is not about a set and programmed way of how nature works!  Nature changes every day, and even the weather is not the same for all four seasons every year. Sometimes we get a longer winter, and sometimes a shorter summer, maybe even snowing in summer month by chance. I Ching lays out the basics, but the disciples who learned the essence of it should know how to apply the basics to variables and understand how to really use it for real, and not memorizing lines.

The basics of I Ching does not start from Bagwa, it starts for Yin and Yang. When you learn about I Ching, you don’t start by memorizing or studying the Bagwa, but the theory of Yin and Yang, plus the missing puzzle piece “St”. .

This is the word that means “start to flow”. Yin and Yang are the two extremes, but what about when things throughs through from Yang to Yin or from Yin back to Yang?  The world is not just as simple as two sides.  If you never heard of the third elements, there goes the secret puzzle piece you have been missing to make it possible to learn the wisdom of Yin and Yang properly.


Structure of I Ching

The structure of I Ching is all about the 3 or 6 lines of Yin and Yang, and if you understand what we call the nine stars theory, which we have explained in the article of “Pre and Post-Heaven”, it’s exactly telling you the status of stage 1 to stage 6 of a happening. By just looking at the lines yourself, combine the theory of 9 with the Yin and Yang, most mostly will already understand what is happening and what this symbol means right away without flipping a page or memorizing any quotes.

To learn the I Ching, it does not require anyone to memorize the ancient text of I Ching, and it can be all learned by you even without knowing Chinese. I teach my disciples these theories and knowledge in the lineage because they are really like ABCs of Taoist magic foundation, it’s baby stuff. How hard is it to understand I Ching or Bagwa? It’s so easy!  It’s only hard and it takes years to get it because you went the wrong direction and took the hard way by drilling into the wall for an exit!  There is a door, it just requires some pointers and guidance to find the secret button that opens up the sliding door! 


How to Learn I Ching Secrets

To learn I Ching and its secrets, you must know why you need to learn I Ching. If you think I Ching is just a divination tool, you have only got the surface of it.  I Ching is not just used for divination!  While I Ching can be used for divination as most would have done, it is also a magic tool which can be used to help you channel in Pre-Heaven energies. You don’t just take the symbols and draw it here and there, of course, it’s not that simple. The symbols itself have no magical powers, it’s when you understand about it more, you will see the same knowledge being used to understand how the energy field works and how the Pre-Heaven energy flows, then you will understand how we pick a date to write FU, to do magic work, and why some days we don’t do FU writing and such. It’s I ching put to real use, and not just for a divination. In Taoist magic, we learn to observe nature to do our magic or energy work, and there is a lot of reasons behind things. 

I Ching can be learned by digging into a path that teaches it for real and uses it for real. In our lineage, we teach this wisdom like it’s our ABCs, because it’s used in Taoist magic and how you can understand Pre-Heaven energy flowing pattern and how to decode all the magic workings in the later stages. It’s a foundation to understand the internal programming of magic, and it explains everything beyond your imagination and limitation. If you want to experience how it’s like when learning under a lineage, you can get ordained today by contacting us.  Remember to ask for teachings when you ordain, because we don’t know you what you like to learn more and we mostly go by a basic outline to guide the new disciples. If you are seeking for I ching knowledge, you better ask more questions about these things when you get to chat with the sifu(s) on LINE chat after you ordain, and your questions will reward you with answers. Talking back and forth, you will learn without realizing, and you don’t even need a book of I ching for the I ching to be stamped into your head. It’s just so natural, so simple because it’s real.