Why do We Need a Tao?

A Tao 道 is NOT the way, but it is something greater than you which can lead you the way. Imagine you are one of those people who are stuck in an emergency inside your apartment unit, and the elevator is not working for days; how does it feel? You might be fine the first day or two, but food in the fridge will run out, and eventually, you will be left with nothing but water, or maybe water would be out too, who knows.

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A Tao is like you in this emergency, and there is a way for someone outside to deliver resources into your home. If the elevator doesn’t work, they will use a helicopter to deliver your food and packages as if Santa were alive. Do you feel joy? The feeling of having resources cut off is horrible. If you have watched those people in China during the first two years of the covid breakout, you will see people even suicide in this situation because they ran out of food and supplies.

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Being a Taoist is not about getting food or water, but it is something even more important, and that is the power that supports your life and helps you continue your life after you die. So many people fear death because they don’t know what death is about, and they don’t know what is ahead.

I don’t want to make it a long post; this is my first “short” blog post. Hence I will be direct and straight to the point. If you want to read lengthy articles, I have a “Long Blog” for you!

I am a Taoist master who has been going through a lot, saving people, including myself, from spiritual attacks. I can see into the other worlds, including where we would go after we die. You are wrong if you think life is game over after a blackout. Blackout is just a transition; then you will eventually go to a place, depending on your condition—details on my “Ghost world” and “Moon” articles.

Being a Taoist, you have the powerful gods and lineage to take care of you when you are alive, protecting you from spiritual attacks and magic attacks, which you could face daily without realizing they are that common. After you die, you will enter the place that the lineage calls the celestial court, and the gods will take care of you so that you won’t be a lost and panicking soul.

Have you ever heard people saying that dead people would see the “light” at the end of a tunnel?  It’s not a tunnel, but the route you would go to reach your spiritual planet (Yuen Sun 元神). However, if you have not cultivated it well, you are no different from entering the “hell” you created. Once you are there, it’s too late. 

Oh, mine, so how do you ensure the place is nice and not a hell? It would be best to have a Tao because you would learn to cultivate your Yuen Sun when you are a Taoist. Many people would want to know about this spiritual planet. Well, then, we will see you in the next post!

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