How to Learn Taoist Magic Spells

Taoist magic spells could be hard for many people because it is always in Chinese or some dialect you don’t know. For example, we use Saamlawnese in our lineage, which is also hard for many native Chinese speakers because it requires them to bypass their natural way of speaking in their native dialect, such as Cantonese. This is why you are here; we will quickly teach you how to learn so that you don’t need to learn how from scratch again.

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Step 1: Faith

Many people cannot do it because they lack faith in themselves. Faith is to believe without evidence or proof. Like a baby learns to walk, the parents show them and take their hand, then believe and do what their parents tell them. The baby never questions, hesitate or make excuses. They won’t say, “I can’t make that move,” or “It is hard.” The best way is to tell yourself, “I can do it; if I cannot, the gods will help me do it!” Have faith in the god, Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師. You have to tell yourself this whenever you have the idea of “it is hard,” “I cannot make that sound,” “I am new to this…I need time,” or anything like that. Cut yourself off and destroy that distraction by putting your faith in the god that will help you.

Step 2: Listen

You will have a recording of the spell in mp3 or request a demo if you don’t have any. Then you should listen to it, and I mean, don’t think about “how to do it,” but listen like you are listening to music. DO NOT Think!

Step 3: Output

Repeat the spell after the mp3, then try tag-along with it, do not THINK and tag along like a baby trying to sing along with adults. They don’t know the lyrics, but they try to make sounds. Remember, the key is not to think but to repeat the spells with your mouth, not your hands, not your head, no note-taking, no thinking, and no hesitation. It doesn’t matter if the sound is wrong or off. After about 13x repeats, send a recording to LINE and, let your uppers hear, ask for a check.

DO NOT fear being said you did wrong because you are supposed to be wrong. The uppers will tell you how to improve, and you will then repeat steps 1-3 after getting the corrections. Do not think, hesitate, doubt, make excuses, say you are feeling tired, or whine that it is hard. Just follow steps 1 to 3 again, and you will get the next round of corrections very soon.  After 3-4 rounds of interaction with your upper, you should have gotten much better, and you do the same thing until you get the approval from your upper, saying that your spell is good enough. After that, you can move on to the next set of methods.

After you have gotten it down, it’s time to do these.

Step 1 – Recite the spells many times, about 100x would be nice, then do a final recording (slow down a bit)

Step 2 – Listen to your recording and do not think

Step 3 – Listen again, and check what is wrong compared to the recording from your upper. After noting what is wrong, make corrections and repeat steps 1-3. After a few tries, you can send another audio for a quality check. If you are good and stable, then you can grind the spell daily for a while. While doing this, you do not think or process.

If you want to memorize it better, do the spell reciting practice at night because it will send the memory to your Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body) as the first thing it receives for that day, which puts it into the highest priority for tomorrow.

This is how you learn with the heart because you are not thinking. Thinking will use the soul, which means the heart will stop doing things for you immediately. To use the heart, you stop the soul. To use the soul, you stop the heart.

Tao is learned with the heart to be truthful, honest, and faithful. If you come to a point at which you are stuck or having trouble, open your mouth and tell your upper; help will be there shortly. Never hesitate to speak up; that is how you can learn well as a Taoist.