Talking to the God in the FU Talisman

If you have gotten a FU talisman from us, you should learn from this lesson and utilize the help much more than just carrying the FU around like it is another piece of paper. Your FU Talisman (the paper) is a ticket, and a god is placed inside to stick to the ticket. This god is what helps you, not the paper!

Touching the FU allows you to connect with the god inside. Make sure you speak “internally” with your eyes closed and not using your mouth to speak aloud.

Clamp the FU in Your Palms

This allows you to connect to god and communicate in real-time. You can use this method to call the god and get its attention.

Touch the FU with Left Hand

This allows you to relay a message to the god-like you are just dropping a note; nothing will be done on the god’s side. This is good to do to update your god from time to time about things you need the god to know.

Touch the FU with Right Hand

This allows you to tell the god a message and have it output its power immediately.

Example – Job Interview

Hold the FU with both hands, close your eyes, and tell the god, “I have a job interview tomorrow at 4 pm; please help me get the job!”

Then while you are doing your studying and prepping, you can hold the FU with your left hand and tell the gods about the things related to the interview.

When you are about to pick your clothing in the morning, you can hold the FU in your right hand and tell the god to help you pick which one to wear for better results.

When you arrive at the interview, you can hold the FU with both hands to request help to be given immediately. During the interview, you can touch the FU with your right hand if you want help or a boost.

Treat the god like a human being; when would you leave them information, when would you need immediate attention, when would you need them to output power and do things for you? It is not hard to understand.  Once you get the logic, you can use the FU to build a relationship with the god through these interactions.

Thanking the God

You got help from god; that’s great!  But don’t forget to thank god for giving feedback and show your appreciation! When you finish the interview, you should hold the FU with both hands and call the god to talk, thank you for helping, etc. If you feel the help was super helpful, you could thank god by putting the FU on the table and offering some food to thank god too. The god doesn’t eat the FU physically, but you intend that they are received. If you are outside, you can buy a sandwich and put it there for the god for 5mins or so. Put the FU on the table near the food offering, and then speak in your heart with your eyes closed. After the timer is up, you can take the food and consume it yourself to receive blessings from god too.

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Your faith in god is what is most important for god. The best way to give back is to keep faith in god and use its power more and more. By knowing how to talk to the god, you can utilize his power more and not waste the god’s power by just letting it sit in the FU doing nothing.

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If you need a FU, please check out our FU page on the shop. Need help in using the FU better for your situation? E-mail me and ask; I would happily teach you more if you want to learn!  Ordain today to learn to make FU yourself too!