When to Build Altar

When would you need to start building your altar, or WHY should you need an altar? After learning about the “Tin Dei Yunn” and “Heart Spell 103,” you should know what the lineage powers network is like. Building an altar is important, but you don’t need to wait for an altar to start cultivating or doing magic.

Many newbies have this same mindset, “Oh, I will start doing/learning once my altar is fired up” Let me tell you upfront here; it is nonsense, and you are just dragging and wasting your time being a snail. Even if you have an altar later, you won’t progress much given this kind of mindset you have inside you, which is TOXIC.

Magic can be done with the heart spells; you don’t need an altar to do magic in our lineage.

The Commitment

Building an altar is like building a family; it also requires more commitment and dedication (and money). If you are not ready, don’t do it yet; it’s okay!

Be warned – if you are doing it, then you MUST commit because if not, you will also face a big consequence.

The altar will be born, along with a new god that stays at the altar locally. This god will be helping you all the time, but it also learns from you all the time. The commitment is that if you don’t learn and cultivate your virtues well, this god will act like you with the same mindset. For example, if you betray the lineage and keep lying, the god will also do the same and betray you, which makes the god an evil god for you. You will be creating your virus and eating it yourself. It’s like giving birth to a child while you are an asshole, then the child learns from you and becomes an asshole to you later. Enjoy that.

A disciple who hosts an altar should strongly cultivate the virtues, know the commandments and be disciplined with their Tao-Heart and cultivation. I have witnessed how self-created evil gods screwed up people badly, and I don’t want to see this again from another rushing disciple who thinks they need a big fancy altar asap.

Purpose of an Altar

Having an altar is like having your own “crew” of gods at home, cultivating them and building your army. Because you have your crew, this crew stays at home and can look out for you locally, such as protecting you while you are in the house and repelling evils and bad guys from your home. The heart spell is personal; what if the evil crap comes to your house to attack your pet, spouse, or children? The local gods at the altar help you protect everyone in the house, simple?

The altar also serves as your local “office,” which allows the court and lineage side from the sky and ground to leave you things you need or request. It’s like having a postal box at home; then, you can have cheques delivered to your house.

The altar will also give birth to new gods, which people could cultivate together in the same house if they were all lineage disciples. Imagine a family of three in the house, the father, mother and son. Let’s say the father is the most hardcore learning guy, and the other two don’t learn or practice much because they are not as into these magic work things. Sure, but they cultivate the altar together, which means the god at the altar combines the effort of all three. If any of them needs help, they can all get the best power of the house instead of the mom and son using their “baby Jo Si power” in their own body. This will give access to much greater local power for everyone to use at home.

Most importantly, the altar allows you to have more powers and gods created and cultivated locally, like having a farm to grow your trees and veggies. It’s happy and nice when you see from the outside, but think about the work involved at the back when people are working hard to cultivate the farm. It’s not just about “building it” but about a lifetime of growing and living with it.

So many crappy parents know how to have sex and pop out children from their bodies. This is the same as crappy disciples building altars too. If you are not ready for it, cultivate until you are before going for it. It’s okay to wait. It is not a crime or bad thing to be cultivated without an altar. However, if you built an altar and did not commit to it, you are no different from those bad parents and will eventually eat the consequence later.

Money and Other Worries

Money is involved; like it or not, the altar needs money to operate. Incense, food, candles, magic tools, and statues cost money. If you are not ready to spend, save a fund before you start. Don’t whine and complain because your uppers and Cia Juan(s) all have to spend the same way to build their altar too. Investing is money, but you can learn to save and manage finances, adjust the pace, etc.

Burning incense is a must, which you need to consider before starting the altar. Don’t complain about this or freak out about the smoke later. Think about it before you start. Build the altar somewhere you can open windows and get the smoke out. There would be fire from the candle, and you would need to consider whether this is for you. Suppose you have a problem with a fire in the house; too bad. Overcome the fear and hurdle to get an altar started, or stick with no altar for now.

Having an Altar is NOT Better

Many people with BIG altars failed and got expelled or withdrawn due to hurdles and heart devils. I laugh at these people who look fancy but inside is all crappy.

Having an altar doesn’t mean you are better in any way. The altar gives you the potential to grow bigger than you could with your body, but many people also fail to commit or cultivate because of the greater commitment or maybe their heart is just lost to something else the mid-way. For example, this disciple got a girlfriend, then he suddenly thinks the girlfriend is more important than the Tao; the heart is distracted, and gone, then never shows up again.

Your body is already your first altar; learn to cultivate that first. An altar doesn’t make you better if you cannot get on track. Get yourself solid with the basics, like the five virtues, the ten commandments, etc. Be proactive in learning and communicate often.