When to Build Altar

Our practice, Saam Law Sun Gung 三羅神功, revolves around cultivating gods. We start with a main god, Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師, who is always the initial god in the process. However, you have the power to shape and transform this main god into various profiles, such as a god of wealth, Saam Ching, a guardian dragon, a ninja turtle, or even Superman!

Q: Can I create a cartoon character god like Goku in the Dragonballz?

A: Of course you can, it’s just another way to shape Saam Law Jo Si, as long as you know what this god is for, and the power you want it to have, then the god will shape into that as you cultivate it on the altar.

Q: What about if I have other statues at home that is not Taoism, maybe a Buddhist statue that my mom used to pray to?

A: You can purify the statue, and put a Saam Law Jo Si into it. The god will become the whatever god you want it to be but the most important thing is that it is no longer “that” Buddhism god or goddess. After Saam Law Jo Si is inside, it’s always a Saam Law Tao god.  However, to avoid confusion, we often tell people to not place these statues of other religious belief on the official altar, since they don’t match and could make people feel very confused when they look at your altar.

When you were initiated into the lineage, Saam Law Jo Si was sealed within you. This is why you have HS0, which allows you to invoke this god. Saam Law Jo Si can support you from within, influencing your thoughts, providing courage, aiding decision-making, and more. When brought outside through the Sun Kuet, the god can perform additional tasks, such as protecting you from danger, warding off evil magic, or safeguarding your home against negative spirits and energies.

Saam Law Jo Si serves as a base, like a naked person. By dressing it up as a soldier and equipping it with a gun, it can fight for you. Similarly, dressing it up as a chef with a wok enables it to cook for you. Shaping a clone of the god into a different profile allows for the creation of gods specialized in different tasks, such as studying, wealth, or house protection.

As a Saam Law Sun Gung practitioner, you can easily create a god using Saam Law Jo Si within yourself. Simply direct the Sun Kuet of HS0 into a god statue and draw the Saam Law Jo Si FU HEAD over it using your sword finger. When the god is sealed inside the statue, it is created.

A god created solely with HS0 can be placed in your home to provide blessings and protection, but you may not be able to communicate with it extensively. To enable communication, you can add HS1 to install the Si Yeh into the same god, allowing it to listen and understand your words. HS2 can be added for empowerment, making the god stronger.

This process establishes the first "god statue" for you, and when you gather these statues on a table, it becomes an altar. You can return to the altar to communicate with and seek help from the gods you have created. It serves as a meeting place with the gods and a source of assistance.

The first statue you should use is the lineage's Sun Paai, which you can print on red 11x8.5 paper. If desired, you can also create a smaller, portable version for travel. After printing, direct the Sun Kuet of HS0, HS1, and HS2 into the statue, and draw the Saam Law Jo Si FU HEAD over it using your right sword finger. This is sufficient for creating a local god.

Every day, begin and end your day by visiting your altar, greeting the gods, and saying good morning and good night. You can also communicate with them about your day or seek their help. This process of communication builds a relationship between you and the gods over time. It is the process of cultivating the gods.

Keep in mind that the gods you create are born from the god within you. Therefore, their "minds" reflect yours. If your mindset is positive and aligned with Taoist principles, the gods will treat you well. Conversely, if your mindset is negative or unfaithful, you will experience similar treatment. An ungrateful, unfaithful, and disloyal Taoist will eventually create "evil" gods that act in the same manner. Hence, virtue and morality play a crucial role in the art of god creation and cultivation. Strongly recommend you revisit: five virtues, ten commandments