Different Sky Different Purposes

Saam Law Sun Gung 三羅神功, the cultivation of gods in the Saam Law tradition, begins with receiving a god from the lineage, specifically Saam Law Jo Si. This god resides within us and remains ever-present, never dying. Similar to a character in a video game, the more we utilize this god's power, the stronger and more knowledgeable it becomes. It's akin to leveling up and upgrading in power through experience and points.

As we progress in our practice, we establish an altar where we clone the gods from within ourselves and place them outside. These gods are installed in the altar, allowing them to grow and develop outside of our bodies, much like planting a tree in a garden. With a larger space available, the gods can expand and receive external contributions. This includes other family members cultivating the same god together in the same house or peers in the lineage empowering your god with their powers.

The altar opens up new possibilities and potentials for growth. Additionally, we have the ability to transform Saam Law Jo Si into other statues, creating gods of our choice. Whether it's a god of wealth, the Monkey King, or even Superman and a Ninja Turtle, the transformed god takes on the desired form. Saam Law Jo Si remains the primary god but can manifest as anything, just as flour can be transformed into various delicious foods like bread, noodles, or pizza.

While your personal altar holds power, it is advantageous to aspire to reach the Religious Court, the ultimate source of power that transcends your own. This is where all disciples in the lineage derive their power. If you have applied your magic to a situation that partially resolved but requires further assistance, seeking help from the Religious Court is necessary. It possesses greater power and resources. Similarly, if your altar is under attack by malevolent forces, there is no need to struggle alone; turning to the court for aid is advised. The Religious Court serves as a mutual hub for disciples in the lineage to access their powers and is also a home for the lineage's gods.

Beyond the Religious Court, there exist the Celestial Court and the God's Court, higher courts that you will learn about in due course. The God's Court stands as the highest court, transmitting things from the ultimate source to the Celestial Court. The Celestial Court, in turn, powers the Religious Court, ensuring the system functions smoothly. The Religious Court, in its role, provides us humans with the powers and assistance we require. This multi-layered system functions in an organized and systematic manner, with each layer connected to the one above it, supplying power and support from the top to the bottom.