Building Your Army 101

Once you have established an altar, there is a god present that was created by firing a Sun Kuet of HS0. This god, like a person, resides at the altar, with the Sun Paai representing its body.

Every day, visit your altar and fire another HS0 Sun Kuet. This creates another Saam Law Jo Si and pushes it into the altar, as if another person has entered the same house. By doing this daily, you can accumulate seven gods in seven days, forming an army of gods that work together as a team.

When these gods are put to work, we refer to them as troops, similar to soldiers who serve us. When a team of troops is formed, it becomes an army, and the place where the army resides is called a camp. The altar itself is a large camp, and every object on it also represents a camp.

The Sun Kuets you fire at the altar are solely for daily cultivation and not intended to be utilized immediately. Therefore, the gods are created and stored within the altar. The more troops you accumulate at the altar, the more individuals (gods) you have there. They can assist in protecting the altar and be assigned to help others or perform tasks as instructed using magical methods such as FUs and spells.

As a common practice, we fire all our Sun Kuets into the altar daily after performing our daily greetings. This helps build the army over time by recruiting troops into the altar (camp). It is the initial step in building your local army, which is crucial for enhancing your defense power.

One may question whether they can quickly build 1000 troops by performing 1000 Sun Kuets a day. The truth is, each Sun Kuet requires energy and heart essence to create, and continuously doing so will eventually drain and exhaust you. Moreover, solely focusing on quantity rather than quality leads to rushed results, resulting in weak and inefficient troops. While you can create more than one troop a day, aiming for 1000 is excessive. For daily cultivation, 1-10 troops a day are more than sufficient. Remember, more does not always equate to better. It's about the quality, not the quantity. To provide some perspective, your Cia Juan only performs the Sun Kuet to the altar once a day, gradually accumulating troops. There is no need to rush for quantity since power is not acquired through sheer numbers. Your troops become more powerful as you learn to cultivate and connect with the court for advanced training, rather than simply mass-producing troops.

Focus on the discipline perspective and keep up your Sun Kuet daily, you also “practice” as you brew up more troops daily!  This process of brewing up more troops at the altar is called “Troop Recruiting”!