Magic Money 101 and Making

If you cannot purchase the default magic money offerings yet, this is the way to make your own using very simple tools as a substitute. Remember the original default design is more preferred by the gods. Contact Beh Cia Juan to purchase your supplies and keep an eye on your inventory at all times just like the incense and other consumables.

Kai Cheen / Ki Chiaan 溪錢

kai cheen

Take a piece of yellow FU paper and cut it in half. That's it. These do not need to be stamped or chicked.

Yuen Bo / Xuan Bwa 元寶 and Clothings

yuen bo 1

Take the A4 yellow paper we use for printing the letters to the gods. These are light weight paper, they burn fast and are very smokeless. Fold a triangle and cut, now you have a big square and a long piece.

yuen bo 2

Take the long piece and measure that in the big square, cut. Now you have 2 piece of long piece, fold in half and cut again. Now you have 1 piece that is like the one on the left which represent the Yuen Bo / Xuan Bwa, the brown pages for the "postage." The ones on the right are now the gold and silver, which are differentiated by the word you write on them. In the example I wrote 1000 in Chinese, and the bottom word is Yuen for the silver and Gum for the gold. You can use English to, intention matters and not the form much.

For the 5 elements clothing papers, you can cut the Yuen Bo (big piece) a bit shorter and write the color on top like the gold and silver.

Boosters Luk Ma


Take 2 pieces of red or green fu paper and glue them together to form a super long piece. There goes your booster paper. You can fold it when burning in the bucket.


Remember to learn about them from the E-BOOKS in the download page. Ask questions on LINE and confirm before you execute the magic.

Everyone should learn about this as it is essential to pay your troops properly when sending them to work (when you use any magic or troops). The court pays the troops and so you must stamp the gold, silver or clothings with Saam Law Stamp and chick them accordingly.

When thanking the gods at the end of a case or end of the month, we burn these to give back with our own energy, then we do not stamp the papers, no need to chick. However, you are thanking the court, so you must also burn incense to connect to the court first (master spell) and then circle the offerings over incense 3x CW to connect, then burn.

For magic, you CAN also fund the troops with your own resources (without stamping) too, it's not a problem to do so, but it is better when the court pays them.