Heart Spells and Powers

After knowing about “Tin Dei Yunn,” you can learn where your Heart Spells (HS) power comes from and their purpose.

HS0 – calls up “Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師” or your “Jo Si” in short. This is a god put into you when you ordain, and it follows you around, being part of you. It’s the god you can use for doing any magic with the power in your body.

After ordaining, you get 2 more HS. These 2 HS will help you communicate with the lineage’s power in the “ground” zone.

HS1 - Call up another god inside you, which you call Si Yeh 師爺. This is the “Yin” power from the lineage, which allows you to tell anything to the Si Yeh, and the Si Yeh will help you bring it up to the “ground.” It provides a way for you to communicate with the lineage’s power and give feedback or leave a note etc.

HS2 calls up Jo Si Yeh 祖師爺 meaning the “father of Jo Si.” Where did your Jo Si come from? The lineage! This spell connects up to the lineage’s “ground” zone for help, which gets you extra help from above if your local Jo Si is not strong enough, or if you need to call the higher power for extra help. This is the Yang power from the lineage’s power in the “ground” zone. It is responsible for “giving” you things from that level.

Think about it this way, you have some magic power in your body, like a wallet with cash. To use these powers, all you need is an HS0.

Sometimes you feel like something is super important and big, and you need to dump a big chunk of power on it instead of using your ordinary wallet; then it’s time to call up HS2 for the lineage to pay the bill with the bigger bank account above.

If you want to send messages or letters to the lineage above to give feedback, leave a note, or give details for something, you can use HS1 to do so.


HS1, and then tell the gods in the lineage in the “ground” zone that you have to go for an interview tomorrow, give details and ask for help. That will “open a file” for your case.

The next day, you can use HS2 and ask for help choosing the clothing and shoes to wear, what to bring, or empowerment to do better and get hired.

If you never did HS1, how can the court help you without knowing the details?

Sometimes the help given could not be as you wish, then you can also use HS1 to talk to the gods in the lineage to relay your message and say this is not what you wanted, you wanted XYZ instead etc. That way, you will let the gods know your preference better. As you do this more often, help for you will be more personalized, and they will get better and better.

Sun Lung Stage HS

After going to the Sun Lung stage, you get HS3, HS4, and HS5.

These 3 heart spells connect up to the celestial court (through the ground zone).

HS3 for communication with the court, like talking and leaving notes etc. HS4 for taking power from the court and deploying them to do work. HS5 is for using the Sun Lung network to send magic by distance. Anything related to distance magic sending will need HS5.

When would you use the court’s power instead of the lineage’s power?

When it’s a personal need, use the lineage power, which we call that civil power.

When it’s for other people, use the court’s power, we call that civic power because it is like you are doing it on behalf of the lineage and not yourself.

If you did magic to help someone outside exorcise evil and break curses using the HS0-HS2, then you are using civil power, which means if the evil thing comes back for revenge, it will come back to you.

Using HS3-HS5 will use the civic power, then if anything, the court will handle it for you, and you won’t get anything coming back at you. It’s like “company pays the bill,” not you paying with your wallet.

Using more civic powers from the court will also increase credit in your profile on the court’s side. This will help you earn your ticket to the after-death trip to Daai Law Tin and give the gods a better impression of you, leading to more help and blessings when you need help later. Helping people with civil power will not be “recorded on file.”

Again, personal things, HS0, HS1, and HS2.

For others, HS3, HS4, and HS5.

That is why we say if you want to help people, then go Sun Lung Stage, don’t wait in the Saam Law Stage like a snail. The lineage will back you up for the work and give you protection. If you use Saam Law Stage to “help” others and get some evil crap attacks and revenge from sorcerers, it’s all to be absorbed by yourself. You can still do magic to clean up and exorcise or fight back, but you will HAVE to fight. If you use civic power, the lineage blocks it all for you before they get to you. Sun Lung Stage’s greatest value is the distance magic and the ability to get power for magic and protection from the court!