Heart Spells and Powers

This lesson is written for the Saam Law Stage Disciples!

When you go through the initiation process, Cia Juan performs a ceremony for you and gives you a cloned copy of the main god, Saam Law Jo Si. This god resides within your heart and can be summoned when you use HS0. This is the first stage of learning, known as the "Small Stage 小教."

Saam Law the name, Jo Si is the title. The word “Jo Si” can also be translated as “ancestral master.” You can see it as the god that begin and “create” things in nature!

After you have been ordained, Cia Juan performs a ceremony for you again, connecting you to the power network of the lineage called the Religious Court. This is a place where all the gods reside, and it provides additional assistance if the god within your body is not strong enough.

You are given HS1, which enables you to communicate with the Religious Court. Within your body, a god is present and referred to as "Si Yeh." This god serves as a teacher, advisor, translator, communicator, and messenger. Si Yeh can relay messages to the court or any gods in the preheaven. Additionally, Si Yeh can help you obtain information and guidance from the court, similar to accessing the internet for help. You can also utilize this god for divination, opening up a world of practical magic for everyday life matters. Prayer submission, letter and forms submissions or even sending in wishes, you name it.  Si Yeh acts as a bridge between you and the court, hence we call this the "middle stage 中教."

HS2 grants you access to the power of the Religious Court, allowing you to channel that power for your daily life needs. Instead of relying solely on the power of the god within your body, you can tap into the power of the court, surpassing your personal limits and achieving better results. As the court's power is delivered to you to let you go beyond your limit and being bigger than you are, this stage is called the "big stage 大教."

One might question the need for HS0 if HS2 can provide access to the court's power. Consider it this way: the main god, Saam Law Jo Si, is akin to an actual person whom you invoke with HS0 to perform tasks. HS2 connects you to the court for assistance, but it adds power to a god rather than replacing the need for a god. Just as sauce complements food but cannot replace it, HS2 empowers and enhances your god's abilities. However, you still require an actual god to accomplish tasks, and that's where HS0 comes into play.

HS0 represents an active god, HS1 is an advisor or communicator that provides assistance and guidance, and HS2 is an empowerment without a god attached to it.

Now it's clear that in the Saam Law Stage, with HS0, HS1, and HS2, you are consistently utilizing ONE GOD—Saam Law Jo Si.

Saam Law Jo Si can transform into various gods, similar to how a person can take on different roles such as a police officer, artist, or chef. However, to transform your god into other gods, you must reach the Sun Lung Stage, which is the purpose of HS3.

With this understanding, when you construct an altar, it consists of two decks that are exact clones of your HS0 and HS1 gods placed outside your body. The top deck represents a clone of HS0's god, Saam Law Jo Si, while the bottom deck represents a clone of your HS1 god, Si Yeh. However, since these gods are external to your body, they are given new names to reflect their different roles.

The main god on the top deck is called Bagwa Jo Si, and the god on the bottom deck is referred to as the landlord deity or Toe Dei in Chinese. In short, they are often still referred to as Jo Si and Si Yeh. When the landlord deity assists you in an advisory capacity, it is still considered your Si Yeh, so that title remains accurate!

Master Spell

The Master Spell (MS) serves as a connection between a disciple and the Religious Court. However, the court only grants access to specific parts based on the disciple's level.

In the Tin Yat Stage, the disciple can use the MS to connect with the court and access the TYHQ (Headquarters altar). This allows them to request the court's presence and oversight while performing their magic locally.

In the Saam Law Stage, the disciple can use the MS to connect with the court and gain access to both the TYHQ and Saam Law Palace.

In the Sun Lung Stage, the disciple can access the entire structure of the court, including the Tin Yat Palace and Sun Lung Palace.

The MS is commonly used by disciples to open and set up their altars or request empowerments from the court.


Cultivating the heart spell is for building their powers for connectivity and channelling strength. There is only one goal: to memorize the spell by heart so you can say it without thinking about it.

The default way of cultivation is to recite the heart spell cleanly and slowly 108x reps for 108x days. Keep marking the days on a calendar or a chart to keep track of progress. Add 3 days if you missed one day, and reset the cycle if you missed 7 days.

  • 1 day – nothing
  • 2 days – nothing
  • 3 days – add 1 day
  • 4 days – add 1 day
  • 5 days – add 1 day
  • 6 days – add 2 days
  • 7 days – reset cycle

You can use any way to count the reps; more is fine, and less is not. If you want to use a timer method, you can also do a sample of 10x reps and see how much time it takes, then multiply that by 11 to get the time required for 110x reps. Set a timer and recite the spell until the timer rings. You can also do more if you feel the need to.

You can also use beads or other methods to count; it’s up to you. Beads can also become a magical charm after cultivating for a full cycle of 108+ days. You can cultivate a chain of beads for yourself or your relatives/friends as a magical protection charm. (cultivate one and then start another cycle with another chain of beads)

Another reason for this cultivating more is to show faith and commitment to the gods with your actions. This will leave the gods a better impression of you and encourage the gods to help you more.


The heart spells are not for you to “practice” only; it’s for you to use as the main purpose. The heart spell calls up the gods or the power, which you can use to talk to gods or use the god’s power.

For newbies, you should use HS0 most often for applying the magic and HS1 for giving feedback to the gods. Refer to the PDF you got when you ordained; I have included many examples for you to try.

The key point is not to be robotic about it. Get creative and discover more ways to use magical powers. The more you use it, the better it gets.


Heart spells are slowly recited for cultivation to build power or “gather” the powers. However, they are not recited like that when you are USING them.

Heart spells are “used in a flash.”

Try to think of your house in one second. BOOM! Done.

Do you remember your phone number? YUP, done.

Think of your car.  DONE!

One second, it is there. There is no need to slowly “draw” the picture and go into details or elaborate. Same with heart spells. Think of “HS0” or “HS1,” and that’s it. You don’t say it out like when you practice. That one flash of thought is enough and is the PreHeaven way of recalling the spell out of the memory. This is the right way to USE the heart spell.

When we USE the heart spell, it’s just that split second of thought that SPARKED and made the magic happen; it’s not the word-by-word reciting part that makes it happen.

When you use the heart spell to deploy the magic power in your everyday life, it’s often just a flash moment of thought, a symbolic “stomp” of the foot, and boom – magic is there.