FU HEAD is Very Important

FU HEAD 符頭 is very important. You must first learn the Saam Law Jo Si FU HEAD, which links to Saam Law Jo Si, the god you call up with the heart spell HS0.

You know what a Yuen Sun is; it’s like the source of power for your life. Your signature is the personal FU HEAD that connects to your Yuen Sun. Anything you signed your name on, with the intention of “this is mine,” then your Yuen Sun knows to provide its power to these things. It’s like getting a cable from the main power center plugged into this object so that it can keep getting powered by the source.

The FU HEAD(s) is the signature of the gods, which means whatever you put a FU HEAD on, it is like telling the god to connect a line to this thing, give it power, etc.

You can use HS0 to do magic and put a god into things, but you are just cloning your god into things which have the power you cultivated. The god in the celestial court doesn’t connect to it. If you drew the FU HEAD, the gods in the “sky” can connect to it, and you have a power source backing you up.

Cultivate the FU HEAD

Learn the FU HEAD, practice it many times and get it memorized like it’s your ABC. That is the key; get it etched into your memory.

Using the FU HEAD

Using the FU HEAD more helps you memorize it better and build up the power as you use it repeatedly. Remember we said before, PreHeaven powers are not like battery or water; it’s like love and memory; the more you use, the more you have! Use it everywhere!

Imagine a kid loves a certain cartoon, like pokemon, then he would put a pokemon logo everywhere. That is very much what you should be doing with your FU HEAD, too; why not? Do you see those devoted Christians and Catholics? They need a cross everywhere because it symbolizes their god, and that’s their FU HEAD. What about you, Taoists?

Connecting the FU HEAD

You can have FU HEAD everything, from earrings to cups to shirts and even carpet, but they don’t work unless you officially connect the power to it. Like that Christian with the cross, their cross doesn’t have any power until they know how to connect it to their source, which might be their prayer, scripture, or whatever they use to connect things to their god.

What is your connection method?


FU HEAD uses HS2 to connect to the lineage’s HQ in the “ground” zone. That is what Saam Law disciple can do and the highest you can go.

If you are Sun Lung Stage, you can use HS4 to connect to the celestial court further away. However, is that more powerful? In a way, yes, but also no. Remember the civil vs civic?

The lineage power is for civil use, meaning that it is for personal use.

The court power is for civic use when you do the magic for other people on behalf of the lineage. You can also use this power if your civil power is insufficient, so you are calling the upper for extra help because the ordinary level is insufficient.

Using the right power for the right thing is the key; not more powerful, the better. Try to use a super strong spotlight to help you find a screw in the dark; it only blinds you, and overkilling with light doesn’t help you do better.

How Long Does it Last

You might ask if we drew the fu head on something, how long does it last? Again, this is magic, not mechanics and computers. Just like you have signed your name on something, how long does it last? LOL!

It last as long as the heart is there; once your heart decides to detach, then it no longer works. If you have done a FU HEAD on someone and you no longer want to help this person, then the FU HEAD will already deactivate because the heart is gone already.  The magic power is not a battery; it will keep working because the heart is there.

When to USE a FU HEAD

You can use a FU Head anytime for any magic; it strengthens the power because you get more power from the lineage or the court, depending on your HS.

Use your sword finger and scribble over things, then it is done. Don’t forget the spell that goes with the FU HEAD too. You can see the spells in the “FU HEAD Book.” However, here is one tip for you…

FU HEAD spells are all done in the heart with a “snap intention” and not done out loud like you are reading words out. As long as you have learned and practiced the spells, then all you need to do is scribble the fu head with the intention of that spell included, then it will work well. Don’t fall into the turtle mode and start reciting the spell word by word; that’s for PRACTICE time, not the actual application time.

As we say, practice like a turtle, and use it in a flash. After mastering this, FU HEAD is no longer hard to apply. FU HEADs are signed like a signature and not drawn slowly. The intention is there; the magic will work well all the time. God reads your intention, not the physical form. However, if you are drawing FU HEAD on paper, you must draw it nicely.

Go start using the Saam Law FU HEAD right away, empower your magic! Go!