FU HEAD is Very Important

What is FU HEAD

FU HEAD (Fu Tau) 符頭, also known as a magical symbol, serves as the signature of a god or a specific preheaven entity like the Religious Court. The first FU HEAD you need to learn is the Saam Law Jo Si FU HEAD, as it represents your main god.

Imagine you want to infuse Saam Law Jo Si's power into your eyeglasses to improve your vision and decision-making. To achieve this, you must use the Sun Kuet of HS0 to release Saam Law Jo Si and transfer him to the exterior, then write the Saam Law Jo Si FU HEAD to mark the eyeglasses as his.

The Sun Kuet you perform will create a clone of Saam Law Jo Si in the eyeglasses. If this god depletes all its power, it will "die" and return to energy form, reuniting with the main god inside your body. Consequently, the eyeglasses will become powerless and empty since the god has departed. However, by signing the Saam Law Jo Si FU HEAD on the eyeglasses, your god inside the body can find its way back and create a new clone in the eyeglasses. This allows the magical power of the eyeglasses to last longer and be replenished repeatedly from the source.

Anything marked with a FU HEAD provides a connection point for the god to interact with it later. For example, you can invoke HS0 with your right sword-finger, then sign the FU HEAD over eight people or objects in the room. Afterward, you can perform the Sun Kuet of HS0 and release Saam Law Jo Si from your body. Since you marked eight subjects, the god inside your body will clone itself into eight copies and project them simultaneously to these subjects upon performing the Sun Kuet.

If you wish to help a friend and provide them with protection, you can use the Sun Kuet of HS0, HS1, and HS2 to channel gods and power into their body. Then, draw the Saam Law FU HEAD over their body to connect them to the source (the god in your body). This way, even if the gods and powers within your friend are depleted, the source can continually replenish and supply them.

To seal a person's body, you can sign the FU HEAD over specific spots: the top of their head, face, heart, tummy, palms, feet, and the middle and lower back from behind. These ten spots are marked for various purposes:

- Top of the head: prevents evil entities from entering and possessing

- Face: enhances clarity and awareness of vision

- Heart: boosts confidence, courage, and determination

- Tummy: empowers soul energy and enhances its capacity to contain energy, leading to improved intelligence and emotional control before taking action

- Palms: empowers actions being performed

- Feet: empowers and guides the person to the right places while avoiding danger

- Middle from behind: enhances the heart and provides support for magic power

- Lower back: boosts the soul and offers support for magic power

If this seems overwhelming, you can simply perform a single FU HEAD over the person's body as a whole, which is also effective!

Learning the FU HEAD

When you learn a FU HEAD, you should first learn to draw it by copying the strokes and make it look alike. After you have memorized it, then add the spell and say the spell of the FU HEAD at the end. Drill the FU HEAD zillion times until it become your second nature, then you can scribble and sign it while doing the spell in a flash.

Learning the FU HEAD of different gods can allow you to build a better connection with these gods in the lineage, which can lead to the increase of your potential growth in the future, and also impressing the gods so they could give you more guidance and help!

Consuming the FU HEAD

Every month, it is important for us to consume the sanctified FU HEADs from the Religious Court. This practice helps us establish a strong connection with the gods at the Religious Court and replenishes us with their magical powers. Consuming these FU HEADs acts as a way to replenish our own magical power and ensure our magic fuel is topped up for the month. Unlike drawing the FU HEADs with the sword finger, these FU HEADs are created on actual paper and sanctified at the altar of the Religious Court. To obtain these FU HEADs, it is necessary to request them from the headquarters and consume them accordingly.