Daily Rite's Secret Power

The “Daily Rite” is meant for you to cultivate daily, not once in a while or whenever you feel like it. A disciplined schedule of doing it once or twice a day would make it a physical commitment from you to the Tao and the gods, showing your heart and faith.

This article is on the SECRET power of the rite; surprised?

For all disciples in the Saam Law Stage or Tin Yat Stage, you won’t get to touch the celestial court’s power. Mostly, you are getting the power from the “ground zone,” as explained in the “Tin Dei Yunn” article.

However, when you do daily rites, that is the time when it is an exception. You beam up to the “ground,” and the sky connects from above, making it your only time to be in touch with the court’s power even if you are not supposed to at your level. This is because the court specially empowers the rite for the disciples who have the faith and commitment as a gift to award them with extra help and power from above.

If the court sense you are doing the rite, then the rite will channel powers from the above and down to you, clearing the pathways in between, which includes cleansing and purifying your energy body, soul body and even your Yuen Sun and ghost altar. It’s like a daily flush and cleanses, plus detoxing power from the court!  This is amazing because you could not even get the court’s power for doing exorcism in the early stages, but this is specially granted to you guys.

The more you learn and the better you do with the rite, the more powerful it gets. But the most important part is being consistent, faithful and truthful.

Consistent means to do it every day; even better is the same time slot or making a schedule and following it daily.

Faithful means you would believe without needing evidence or proof! Faith is demonstrated by physical action. As long as you do it and don’t doubt or question the power, it’s faithful.

Truthful is harder because you need to know about parts of the rite and why you are doing them. The more you know, the more truthful you are since you know the reason behind the rite. This, you need to learn over time, cannot be rushed. Yet, you should be proactive in learning, keep packing up your knowledge and upgrade your chanting as you go!

Forwarding the Powers

When you do the rite daily, you bring down all the powers to yourself, but you can also forward it to someone else who might need the help. For example, let’s say you have some candies and wish to bring the Tao’s power to the office for everyone. You can fire sun kuet into the candies and put them before you do the rite to get the power forward to here. After you finish the rite, you can take the candies and bow 3x, take it to work, distribute it to people, and the Tao’s power is there to help you with whatever magic you want. If you have a sick relative or friend, you can do the same to a fruit basket or water and forward them the rite’s power. Since this is power coming down from the court, and you are “spreading the Tao” for the lineage, it would be counted like civic-property magic, which means the court pays the bill and handle the aftermath, don’t worry about anything bad coming back to you.

Spreading the Tao

Even as “civilian” Taoists, meaning that you are not yet in Sun Lung Stage, you can still build good credit in the Tao’s system by helping it grow, spreading the Tao to others, helping the lineage out etc. When you build good credit, your rite will allow the court to beam you more goodies every time because they would see that you are a good disciple and worth helping. Building a good image of the Tao and lineage is very important, and your Cia Juan(s) are the judges who judge you and tell the court about you. Don’t just think that god knows everything; if you have done something good, show and tell your Cia Juan about it, and he could ensure this is being put on your record.

In other words, if the Cia Juan doesn't feel good about you, don't even think the gods would like you much. After all, the Cia Juan(s) is the representative in this world for the gods and the Tao; you can't just bypass them and suck up to the gods, right?

Imagine if you are one of those disciples who don’t show up or show up to “ching on” (fake ching-on) once in a while; how would god see you and like you? Even if you do the rite daily, the court won’t even care to connect with you, no matter your stage. A Saam Law Stage disciple doing good is better than a Sun Lung or Tin Ting stage disciple being useless and crappy. If you are one of those “fake” Ching-on disciples and you are in a higher stage, even if you have those heart spells, so what? The court doesn’t even care since you never did. However, if you are in the Saam Law stage and your heart is good, and action is good, the gods would not hold back from giving you extra help and bonus power at the back too.

If you are a good disciple, the gods will never put you in danger or let you be helpless and powerless. When it is needed, they will always give you extra help. Now the question is, are you a good disciple? Have you been doing what a good disciple should be doing?

You have been doing the rite daily; why not report it on LINE and make it a daily habit to report your rite too? Ensuring Cia Juan(s) sees it and knowing you are one of those daily chanting disciples would be nice!  Impress them! 

Go on LINE and post "BO, Daily Rite 1010,101" in 3LH, then everyone, including the Cia Juan(s), can see it. It's a small action, but it adds up over time.